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DTH Chapter 222 – Total Obliteration!

DTH Chapter 222 – Total Obliteration!
“In this world, aside from crystals and source energy, this emperor class elixir is the best thing to aid you in your practice. It has the essence of that emperor class fighter’s life and techniques. You should keep it.” The man was obliterated by Greed with only ashes, a ring, and a red elixir remaining. “Emperor class fighters’ power is divided into seven ranks — red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue and purple. The highest is purple, and that man was the weakest of the emperor class, the red rank.”
“But he still had six thousand dragons of strength!” Xuanyuan cried.
“That’s not out of the ordinary. Emperor class fighters seldom transform into beast form. They can easily control the power of their elixirs so they turn the beast elixir into their own emperor class elixir. You will undergo a great transformation when you reach the emperor class!”
“I see. So emperor class fighters must refine elixirs, and imperial fighters must merge the mind of the beast into their own minds in order to reach the emperor class.” Xuanyuan comprehended.
“Exactly. Imperial fighters risk having their own mind destroyed by the minds of the beasts. Taking the beast elixir is a double edge sword. It can aid you or kill you,” Greed said. “But when you refine it into your mind, it seldom rebels, unless of course, if it’s the elixir of a xian class or divine class beast. They would not easily submit to humans. However, the stronger the beast elixir, the stronger you become when you advance to an emperor class fighter.”
The implication was clear. Despite the risk, Xuanyuan must refine a xian or god class beast’s elixir. He would definitely not allow his own potential to be limited.
“I get it. But I’m not even a grandmaster yet, so there’s no need to worry about that,” said Xuanyuan
“Haha, only a reminder!” Greed chirped. It had not had a feast like this in a long time. “I almost reached the class of a top imperial fighter. Go find more prey, boy.”
His next target was in the Cannibal Ghosts Disposition. Inside, there were a large number of ghosts with the power of the Five Elements that were killing, drowning, burning, and crushing the various fighters. Even many of the emperor class fighters could not survive the disposition. All of which benefitted Xuanyuan, who resumed his old profession of taking money from the dead. This time however, he was the one responsible for their deaths. When the news about this eventually broke out, the entire Land of the East would be shocked.
He put in all his strength to sustain the disposition, helping the pig devour one emperor class fighter after the other. Even though Xuanyuan hated the pig’s guts, it was admittedly extremely useful and a good deal stronger than Greed.
Xuanyuan, the pig, and Youxue met up again after the massacre was over. When Youxue offered the countless number of rings and instruments he had gathered to Xuanyuan, the pig’s eyes sparkled with greed.
“Quick! Give me the pure source energies!” The pig squealed, but Xuanyuan paid no attention. He gave everything to Greed instead.
“No way. Don’t even think about it.”
“You lied to me?” The pig’s fat chin was trembling.
“Lying? You devoured everything that you came across! Many of them were even emperor class fighters. You’ve got your share!” Xuanyaun scorned the avarice of the pig.
“That’s the price for my hard work! If I hadn’t transported them in, you wouldn’t have all this wealth!” The pig screamed.
“If I didn’t set up the Disposition of Cannibal Ghosts, you wouldn’t be able to kill all those emperor class fighters! You can’t do that and expect to have a share of my energy sources! Especially not when you’re still inside the disposition!” Xuanyuan shouted back.
“Whoof…” The pig was skittish when it thought of Xuanyuan’s disposition. “Alright, I’m unlucky this time, but I won’t help you anymore!”
Xuanyuan had a strong desire to kick the pig. It killed nine emperor class fighters, and each of them had more than all those imperial fighters he killed. Nevertheless, he still managed to acquire a considerable amount. Apart from the instruments and medicines, he gathered two hundred and seventy thousand jin of pure source energy and eight hundred billion king coins.
Since Greed had devoured much of the precious items found in the rings, it was approaching the strength of a top imperial fighter. The dagger was covered in a cocoon of black threads from which Greed’s mind spoke to him.
“Boy, I shall try to reach the emperor class. If I succeed, we will be safer in the Land of Darkness.”
The pig was excited. “Greed, do it quickly! If your memories return, you might remember where our master hid his treasure!”
Xuanyuan was speechless over the pig’s own greed.
He put down his dagger. On the surface of the black threads of the cocoon, golden markings had started to appear. They were swimming back and forth like golden tadpoles. Suddenly, a black wave expanded out with an aura that suppressed even that of the disposition.
“Pig, let me ask you one thing. If I’m satisfied with your answer, I can give all the pure source energy to you,” Xuanyuan said, tempting the pig.
“Really?” The pig started to drool. “Ask away! I know everything!”
Xuanyuan nodded. “Was the Devouring Emperor once deceived by a woman?”
“……” The pig was silent for a while. “I don’t know. Do you think we could ask about his romance? Like you and Yin Zhenluo, Bai Yunniang, Shiguan, Mochou, and Zhixuan, we don’t know how you feel about them.”
“You don’t have to know what he thought, but you should be aware of whether he was deceived. He must have been!” Xuanyuan kept tempting the pig. “I have hundreds of thousands jin of pure source energy. Do you want them? Tell me…”
“Get lost. I don’t know any of that. I won’t take your deal.” The pig walked away.
Xuanyuan sighed. He really wanted to know, but the only witnesses would not talk to him about it.
Suddenly, the golden markings on the black cocoon vanished, and the cocoon expanded, firing a towering black light towards the sky. All of a sudden, it exploded.
“What’s going on?” Xuanyuan yelled.
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