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DTH Chapter 223 – Fire in the Ocean

DTH Chapter 223 – Fire in the Ocean
Black light pierced outwards in every direction, but Xuanyuan was unharmed, simply held in awe at the suppressive force from the black cocoon.
The light dispersed as quickly as it emerged revealing a black sword that laid quietly on the ground. It was plain, without any decorative feature. Yet once all the rust disappeared, it displayed a fearsome devouring aura.
“Haha, success! You stepped into the emperor class and transformed the dagger into the Devouring Sword!” The pig squealed happily. Even Greed chuckled with delight. The sword was much more powerful than the dagger and even looking at it filled Xuanyuan with pride.
“Great, then we have a better chance when we are in the Land of Darkness.” He hid the sword in his ring and left the grave. He wanted to check if there were any crystal mines or source energies supporting this disposition. But in the end, he realized it was supported by the force of the universe that had accumulated for millenniums. So the most urgent task now was to go to Black Dragon Mountain in the Land of Darkness and get the Dragon Heart’s Source Energy. The sooner he could cure Yin Zhenluo’s father’s disease, the better.
“Quick, transport us to the Land of Darkness.” Xuanyuan rode on Youxue’s Dragon form and ordered the pig.
“Whoof, don’t even think about it. I finally came back to life. I’ll take my time to see some of the sights.” The pig said sourly.
“Damn it, you stupid pig. We’ll fly there then.” Xuanyuan rolled his eyes.
“You’re insulting me again! I’ll transport you into the Hai Family!”
“Do it then! I don’t believe you can do it!” Xuanyuan screamed.
“You wait and see. You wait and see!” The pig activated its tricks and its body was covered with markings. A light shone on everyone.
Xuanyuan screamed. The next moment, he stood in the middle of an expensive-looking flower garden. A pavilion in the centre made from crystals and jade demonstrated artistry and delicate craftsmanship. The Hai Family even hired an expert in dispositions to set up thirty-six blessed dispositions that must have cost them at least million jin of pure source energy to built it.
“They are rich.” Xuanyuan floated in mid-air. “Pig! You want energy source, right? There are at least three hundred thousand jins of pure energy source supporting the dispositions. Eat everything!”
The pig brightened up when it heard that. Its tongue stuck out and drool dripped from its mouth. Black lights exploded from its body and thrust into the ground. Within seconds, the ground and pavilion lost its colours, becoming dull and ultimately exploding into a fine powder akin to ash.
Xuanyuan summoned the Fire Dragon behind him.
“Fire of the Red Lotus, burn this place for me!” Xuanyuan laughed. The flower of flames burst in the enormous garden. Within the blink of an eye, a blindingly crimson fire could be seen from miles away. “Haiya, you and your family framed me. Take this as part of the punishment! When I come back to the Eastern Dynasty, I’ll finish you!”
“Someone’s attacking us! In the garden! Be careful of the fire!”
Almost no one dared to go into the garden because of the Fire of the Red Lotus. However, a few xians approached, summoning the power of water Qi and managing to slowly put out the Fire of Red Lotus.
“This person has the Fire of the Red Lotus! How can he enter our family without anyone noticing? Quick, let’s go and kill him!”
Xuanyuan heard their plan and turned to the pig, “Quick, they sent out the xian class fighters!”
“Wait, there are still a few hundred thousand jins of pure energy source. No need to rush.” The pig was enjoying itself.
“Quick! They are coming. I shouldn’t have told you about the energy sources! We’ll be killed when they come in!” Xuanyuan wanted to strangle the pig again.
“Don’t worry.” The pig accelerated. However, seven streams of aura approached them and terrified Xuanyuan, despite Youxue guarding him.
“Who are you? You dare to come into the Hai Family and destroy our property.” Xuanyuan sensed the aura and felt slightly suffocated. The power of the Fire diminished because of the xians power.
“Who…who am I? I’m me! Who else can it be?” Xuanyuan panicked and babbled nonsense.
A xian class fighter raised his hand, intending to crush Xuanyuan with just his Qi. Yet before the Qi touched him, a black light expanded from Xuanyuan’s torso and turned the garden into an inky sea. The Devouring Qi swung out and destroyed the garden’s architecture while simultaneously throwing the xian class fighters out, breaking their bones and causing their blood to soak into the ground.
It was Greed. The xian class fighters felt fear in their throat.
The pig laughed happily. The familiar markings appeared on its body, “Wonderful, wonderful! Let’s go. We’ve finished playing here.”
“Not so fast!” The xians yelled while locking the space with various techniques.
“You think your petty tricks can stop me?” The pig screamed as they disappeared, leaving the xian class fighters terrified.
“What was that pig? It overpowered our locking techniques?”
“Being alongside a pig and the Heavenly Dragon Guard. It’s Xuanyuan!”
“Impossible, isn’t he in the veldt? Many people are fighting him.”
“No one should know about this except us. The seven of us let them slip through our fingers. It’s shameful!”

They were back in the veldt. Xuanyuan was breathing heavily. He glared at the satisfied pig in anger and formed the five elements roulette in his hand.
“Stupid pig! You almost killed us!” He struck out at the the pig, catching it by surprise and managing to hurt it.
“You are out of line, boy!” It screamed. A set of horns appeared on its forehead as it marched and attacked Xuanyuan.
Xuanyuan screamed and hit the horns with the roulette. However the mysterious markings on the horns turned into a mysterious force that overpowerd Xuanyuan’s power of the five elements and threw him a few metres.
“Fuck, you evolved?” Xuanyuan cried.
“Of course. I was only a step away from entering the emperor class. That’s why I need more pure energy sources!”
“Alright. If you want more energy sources, behave! Or don’t even think about it.” Xuanyuan snorted.
“Whoof! Since you let me have some dessert, I’ll bring you to the Land of Darkness.” The pig smirked activating his technique. Light shone only to reveal a door that sent everyone to the most forbidden place in the Land of the East.
The Land of Darkness.
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