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DTH Chapter 224 – Bai’s Trick!

DTH Chapter 224 – Bai’s Trick!
The Fighting Dragon Sect was shaken by a devastating revelation. Everyone sent by the two major families and eight caves were all dead as indicated by the destruction of their Life Signs. No one knew what happened.
“How can this be? Xuanyuan is not strong enough to escape! There were a few hundred imperial fighters and ten of the emperor class! How did he kill them?”
“It must be the Immortality Technique!”
Every major power was investigating and purchasing information. Even buying one pertinent piece of information from Taibai Trading.
“Xuanyuan has the Nightmare Talisman. He is able to summon the Nightmare Ghost three times! Because he saved the ghost and conquered the Vajrapani Earth, this was his reward. Those people must have been killed by the Ghost!”
Then another bit of information spread as well – Xuanyuan was going to destroy all the powers that chased after him.
This piece of knowledge frightened many of them. If Xuanyuan had decided to kill them all with the talisman, no one could escape.  The Nightmare Ghost was a name that haunted the great legends of the world.
All this information was in fact leaked by Bai Yunniang. She pushed the majority of the blame onto Haiya from the Hai Family.
“Will Xuanyuan kill us? We were only following what the Hai Family told us to do!”
“Haiya framed us! His family didn’t even send anyone to chase after Xuanyuan. He wanted us dead!”
“The Hai Family lied to us! I knew it. If the Immortality Technique really exists, why has no one from the Eastern Dynasty done anything? It’s only rumours!”
“Haiya wants to weaken us!”
“Or he’s using us to use up the three wishes granted by the Ghost and take away the Technique!”
“That’s disgusting. From this moment, we are at war with the Hai Family!”
“We’ll fight back!”
The Five major families and the eight caves united and swept through the entire thirty million square miles of land under the Fighting Dragons Sect. They looked for spies working for the Eastern Dynasty in every city, county, and family which led to the discovery of six hundred thousand people. This caused significant damage to the surveillance department of the Eastern Dynasty.
Haiya’s heart was bleeding. A hundred thousand people were killed before and this time six hundred thousand people were lost. They spent thousands of coins to train them yet that was only the monetary loss. He couldn’t find replacement in a short time since new people needed to be trained again. Families of the dead had to be comforted and compensated. When Haiya took over the surveillance department, he would need numerous years to rebuild the lost force.
The Emperor was furious at Haiya for costing them their men and reputation. He was punished for two hundred strikes. His family was also blaming him for his recklessness. The Hai Family lost their money and reputation all at once!
Not only that, Xuanyuan dared to come into his family and destroy his garden. The fact that Xuanyuan possessed the Fire of the Red Lotus made him burn with jealousy.
“Xuanyuan, I’ll kill you!” Haiya sneered as he was laying on his bed.

Yin Qianxun went to the Mountain of Five Elements with the Wind Spirit. He invited the Five Xians to the Yin Family in secret.
“Thank you, Xians of the Five Elements, for helping us.” A stern looking man sitting next to Yin Qianxun said.
“Of course! Of course! Our apprentice took a liking to your daughter. We would of course help you!” The Xian of Gold chuckled.
“Yes. He even gave his Wind Spirit to Qianxun. We won’t disappoint him. I wonder what do you want us to help with?”
Yin Qianxun gave them the list given by the pig. As their gaze reached the far end of the list, their faces tightened up.
“Five Xian Defense Spiritual Talisman! We might be able to do it, but we need more of the ingredients. Is the General’s illness based in your five organs?”
General Yin nodded. “We should not hide it from the Five Xians. Qianxun, tell them what happened.”
Yin Qianxun spilled the beans, without skipping any information.
“What? Xuanyuan went to the Land of Darkness? I thought he was just saying to deceive those people!”
“We’ll have to get him back here. How many strong men had died in there? We won’t even survive the Land of Darkness!” The Xian of Earth jumped up.
“Earth, calm down. Xuanyuan must have a plan. He even has the Nightmare Talisman. The Ghost will help him should anything happen.” The Xian of Wood said.
“That’s right. Since Xuanyuan asked Qianxun to look for us, he must have thought it through. We should concentrate on making the Talisman. If we succeed, our strength would improve as well!” The Xian of Water said.
“That’s right. Prepare the ingredients and a secret chamber for us. We’ll need at least half a year to make the Talisman, given we succeed the first time!” The Xian of Fire declared.
“Thank you, Five Xians!” The General bowed at them. “Qianxun, bring the Five Xians to the Land of the Heavenly Dragon!”
“Isn’t that the forbidden place of the Yin Family?” The Xian of Gold frowned.
“It is, but don’t worry. We will aid you as much as possible. Staying in the Land of the Heavenly Dragon can prolong one’s life and enhance one’s strength!” General Yin answered.
“Then we shall go there. We can’t promise success, but we shall do our best.”
Xuanyuan knew nothing of this. He was accompanied by Youxue and the pig, as he stepped into the Land of Darkness!
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