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DTH Chapter 225 – Qian Doudou

DTH Chapter 225 – Qian Doudou
The sky above the Land of Darkness was midnight blue and seemingly low, as if a castle in the sky was hovering above. Gold and silver lights circled and flashed about akin to the sun and the moon appearing in the sky at the same time.
Xuanyuan was shaking.
“It’s a Heavenly Disposition! No wonder this is regarded as the most dangerous place in the entire Land of the East. This Heavenly Disposition is the Sky Castle!”
“Sky Castle?” The pig screamed. “The Devouring Emperor didn’t see it. How did you know?”
“The Emperor of Acquisition only wrote about the Sky Castle at the end of his life. It’s written: The Darkness was vast. Sun and moon shine together. A castle buit in the sky. This is it, the Heaven Sky Castle Disposition!” Xuanyuan exhaled heavily.
“What can the Sky Castle do?” The pig asked, sniffing everywhere.
“The Xian of all Xians, the God of all Gods dwells in the Sky Castle. Judgements shall be imposed on the sinner. Eight hundred billion golden soldiers shall not defeat it!” Xuanyuan repeated what the Book of Acquisition said.
“Well, nothing seemed to happened when the Devouring Emperor went into the Land of Darkness.” The pig was sceptical.
“I don’t know what it does. The power of the Heavenly Disposition cannot be grasped by any of us. I don’t feel any repulsion from it.” Xuanyuan inherited the Book of Acquisition. He could feel if a disposition was harmful to him.
“Then we’ll go in!” The pig was fearless, but Xuanyuan hesitated. He only flew on the outer edge of the disposition. Under its influence, the place was full of greenery and the forest danced as the wind blew. Xuanyuan couldn’t see the end of it, except for the neverending mountain range. It was full of life and at the same time, full of danger.
“The Land of Darkness is extraordinary. Half of the land was blessed, half of it cursed. We must be careful.” Xuanyuan frowned.
“We’ve been there before; plus, I’m here. What are you afraid of?” The pig was full of confidence.
“No sane person can trust you.” Xuanyuan smirked.
“You insult me again!” The pig was angry. “Without me, you won’t be able to walk far in this Land of Darkness!”
Suddenly, they heard a bell clinging. Xuanyuan turned around and saw a woman in golden dress strolling casually. Golden bells were tied to her wrists and ankles. Her face delicate and lovely.
“Who are you?” Xuanyuan raised his sword and pointed at the woman.
“Wow, scary,” the girl said, “Are you going into the Land of Darkness?”
“Of course. Who are you?” Xuanyuan nodded.
“My name in Qian Doudou. Bring me in?” She grinned. Her smiled relaxed Xuanyuan. He put down his sword.
“It’s too dangerous. Go back home.”
“No. My home is too far away and I came all this way. I’ve got to go in and see. You want money, right? If you bring me in, I’ll give you these.” She pouted. “Here’s ten billion king coins. Enough? I can give you more.”
Qian Doudod was true to her name, having “much money” indeed. (ED: Her name literally means “much money”)
“Do you have pure source energy? If you do, I’ll bring you in.” The pig was glaring at the money.
“No. I only have money.” She looked at the pig curiously.
“Don’t worry about it. Give me the money. I’ll bring you in.” The pig said. The money could buy a lot of pure source energy.
“Alright!” She was excited. “Whenever I give people money, they always do what I ask!”
“Don’t promise her. The Land of Darkness is extremely dangerous. Here life will end up being the cost if you take her in.” Xuanyuan stopped the transaction. He frowned at the pig. Even though Xuanyuan liked to rob money off his enemies, but he had his own principles. There are some things he couldn’t take.
“Are you doubting my ability?” The pig screamed, but this time, not so confident.
“If you’re so powerful, go in there alone and take the Energy Source of Dragon Heart!” Xuanyuan argued.
“……” The pig couldn’t think of anything to say. “Screw it. I won’t take the money. Do what you want, girl.”
“The Energy Source of Dragon Heart? I’ve heard it contains the blood of the pure Dragon race. It’s extremely rare.” Qian Doudou’s eyes sparkled. She didn’t care about the danger. “Bring me in. I want to see! I’ll give you more money!”
“You should go back. I won’t bring you in.” Xuanyuan could not be convinced.
“What’s wrong with you? I can give you all the money you want!” She glared at Xuanyuan. “I only need a glimpse! You are annoying. I like the pig better.”
She was clearly a pampered rich child. Xuanyuan hated these types of people so said coldly, “There are some things that can’t be bought back by money once you’ve lost. I won’t bring you in. The pig won’t either.”
“I hate you! My great mood was destroyed. Everything can be bought with money!” She cried. “I’ll have to go in. Pig, bring me and I’ll give you a trillion kingly coin. How about that?”
“How about two trillion?” Xuanyuan could almost see the light shining from the pig’s eyes.
“If you bring me to the Source Energy of the Dragon Heart, I can give you twenty trillion.” Her words shocked Xuanyuan. Did she even know how much twenty trillion was?
“Alrig….” Before the pig could promise, Xuanyuan kicked the pig.
“If you say yes, then you can go with her alone and take out the Dragon Heart’s Source Energy for me.”
“You are annoying! How can you stop the piggy from bringing me?” Qian Doudou jumped up and down angrily, while the pig was speechless again. “Whatever. I won’t rely on any of you. I’ll go in alone.”
“Wait.” Xuanyuan stopped her.
“What do you want? I’m not asking you to go in with me. You can’t stop me.” She pouted.
Xuanyuan sighed. He never thought anyone would be so stupidly brave. “Go with us. At least you have a better chance to survive. I won’t take your money, but don’t blame me if you die.”
“I won’t!” Qian Doudou was still angry, but her face softened. She was thinking “If I knew that would work, I wouldn’t need to talk for so long. He’s not a bad person.”
Xuanyuan approached the entrance of the Land of Darkness and screamed at the pig. “Aren’t you coming?”
“Let’s go! Let’s go!” Qian Doudou chanted happily. She changed moods faster than changing clothes.
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