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DTH Chapter 226 – The Xian Method of Gathering Gold

DTH Chapter 226 – The Xian Method of Gathering Gold
Xuanyuan, the pig, Youxue, and Qian Doudou entered the Land of Darkness. All they saw was a thick, green forest with every tree at least a hundred meters tall blocking the sky from their sight. In such a large forest hid many dangerous beasts.
“Boy, people seldom travel to the Land of Darkness. It’s too dangerous yet a woman appeared like that? It’s very suspicious so be careful. All the bells she carries are top rank heaven class instruments, the Bells of Chaos. Don’t underestimate her. She’s already an emperor class fighter.” Greed warned Xuanyuan.
“I understand. But she doesn’t seem to be hostile to me. Otherwise, she could’ve killed me long ago.” Xuanyuan replied.
Qian Doudou’s entire outfit was mixed with golden threads. She jumped around happily like little rabbit, ringing the bells on her body which emit a melodic sound. She didn’t seem to worry about the danger here.
“Boy, this girl’s rich. All her clothes are made from gold threads with extremely good protective power. She’s no ordinary girl.” The pig chimed into Greed and Xuanyuan’s conversation.
“Stop being so greedy, pig!” Xuanyuan rolled his eyes and scolded in his mind.
“You won’t get anything if you don’t try. What do you know, boy?” The pig was dismayed.

“By the way, what’s your name? You haven’t told me!” Qian Doudou turned around and asked.
“What? You’re the one with the Immortality Technique! You’re really famous!” She was in awe. “Then do you have the Technique? Can I see it? People say you came to the Land of Darkness to seek the Secret of Immortality. Is the Source Energy of the Dragon’s Heart related to that?”
“None of it is true. I need the Energy Source of Dragon Heart to save a man’s life.”
Qian Doudou became very sad immediately, “So it’s all lie. I knew that already, but I’m still disappointed. I really wanted to see the Immortality Technique.”
“You only want to see? Don’t you want to possess anything?” Xuanyuan couldn’t keep himself from asking.
“Of course I want to have it! But I can’t take away other people’s stuff. I can buy my own.” Qian Doudou smiled brightly. Even though she was a bit rash, she seemed honest. “You have Fighting Earth and Gold, right? They say you have Vajrapani Earth. Then what’s the Gold?”
“How did you know I have Fighting Gold?” Xuanyuan frowned. It’s not strange for others to know he owned Vajrapani Gold, but no one except those in the Linglong Sect would know and they would never leak the information.
“Because I also have Fighting Gold! Yours gives a lot of pressure on mine. So it should be stronger.” She grinned.
“Oh, I see. It’s the Dark Phoenix of Gold.” Xuanyuan answered. Her mouth formed an ‘o’ in surprised.
“That’s extremely powerful! Did you go to the Mountain of the Dark Phoenix inside the Linglong Sect to get it?” Her eyes kept blinking in excitement while Xuanyuan jumped at her question. How did she know about that?
“Yes, that’s right.”
“That’s so cool! My Fighting Gold and Earth aren’t so useful. The Treasure Gathering Earth ranks fifty four and Collecting Gold ranks fifty eight.” She shrugged, slightly saddened.
“What? They can gather treasures and gold!” The pig screamed with excitement. “Haha, you’re rich. You’ll have infinite amount of money for the rest of your life. Are you a coin minter? What kind of minting Knowledge do you have?”
“Yes. When I’m bored, I’ll mint a bunch of coins to buy something to play with. I can’t tell you what technique I study, however.” She giggled.
“That’s besides the point anyway. I’ll give you a new Technique. When you mint coins, give me a portion of it. How about that?” The pig’s eyes was so bright, Xuanyuan could see light from them.
“What knowledge?” She was curious.
“The Xian Method of Gathering Gold.” The pig answered.
“Where did you get that?” She cried with disbelief.
“No need to concern yourself. Your Fighting Gold was created by a treasure taoist from the West. He was a great master of minting coins and instruments. Many great emperors and xians asked him for help. He created the Xian Method of Gathering Gold. He was called the Treasures Emperor. How about that, little girl? It’s a good trade.” The pig lured. Qian Doudou’s Fighting Gold and Earth are not suited for battles but they were extremely useful. They could help gathering wealth, instruments, and other treasures that could help one’s practice.
“Well, we can talk about that later.” After a while of pondering, she gave a nonchalant answer.
“Alright, we’ll talk lat…..” A cold spike aimed at Qian Doudou and cut through the air mid-sentence. She didn’t know what happened, but her armour activated automatically and protected her.
Xuanyuan looked at where the spike came from and saw a giant, golden gorilla stood on a tree. It leaped to the sky and caught the spike that was pushed back.
“It’s just a monkey.” The pig snorted. It moved swiftly to the gorilla and a black hole swallowed it. The gorilla with two thousand and five hundred dragons of strength was devoured by the pig.
“Oh this spike is an upper rank heaven class instrument. Looks like many people still tried their luck in the Land of Darkness but were lost to it in the end.”
“Alright, Qian Doudou, stay close. You’re an easy target.” Xuanyuan said.
“No, it’s fun! They can’t hurt me.” She shook her head.
“If you do that, I won’t bring you in.” Xuanyuan threatened.
“If you won’t bring me, I’ll go in myself!”
“Good, do what you like. I would’ve let you take a look at the Dragon Heart Source Energy, but since you want to go alone, then go ahead.” Xuanyuan said flatly.
“You! I hate you!” She pointed a finger at him, but he was unmoved. “Alright. I’ll listen to you.”
“Let’s go.” Xuanyuan looked to the front. He sensed a terrifying aura in the forest, like they were being targeted.
Youxue was guarding Xuanyuan, the pig checked if there’re any tricks, and Xuanyuan observed the disposition. Each of them had their own duty, while Qian Doudou was just grumbling.
“They all say the Land of Darkness is very dangerous. I don’t see the danger! It’s just a little monkey.”
However, suddenly, Xuanyuan looked up. Within the hundreds of trees, many golden gorillas stood and glared at them.
“Be careful.” Xuanyuan knew it would be a bloody battle.
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