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DTH Chapter 227 – The King of Golden Gorilla

DTH Chapter 227 – The King of Golden Gorilla
Gorillas. An innumerable amount of Gorillas were chanting. They jumped towards Xuanyuan and his party in an instant, but Xuanyuan saw their movement. The pig only opened its mouth and a five metre wide black hole swallowed a few of the approaching gorillas.
Behind Xuanyuan, five shadows appeared. He took the Devouring Sword and pierced through the gorilla right in front of him, immediately sucking its life essence dry.
“Greed, you became so powerful after you entered emperor class!” Xuanyuan inhaled deeply.
“That’s not incredible. When I recover all my power, you’ll know what’s powerful.” Greed said with pride. It regained its power much faster than originally assumed since Xuanyuan’s performance was beyond expectation.
Another weapon was thrown at Xuanyuan’s face, but he didn’t take a look at it and instead simply turned around and shielded himself with his five elements roulette. With another strike, a gorilla was killed.
More gorillas encircled them.
From behind Xuanyuan, dozens of golden lights cut through the air and pierced through the bodies of the gorillas. Xuanyuan took the opportunity to cut them with his sword, absorbing the life essence.
“Not bad. It’s that little girl.” Greed commented. Xuanyuan saw the golden coins that killed the gorillas. “She uses king coins as weapons. That’s what coin minters do.”
“No way. This is Coin Darts. It’s the basic from the Xian Method of Gathering Gold. Where did you learn that, little girl?” The pig asked.
“I won’t tell you!” Qian Doudou grinned, continuing her attacks.
“Haha, pig. You never thought there’s something you don’t know. Maybe she was the heir of the Treasures Emperor.” Xuanyuan smiled as he chopped five gorillas in a row.
“That’s not it. You had the Collecting Gold. Maybe it’s some broken pieces of the Method from the Gathering Gold Technique?” The pig kicked a gorilla, crushing its bones. Then it produced six black holes which swallowed eighteen gorillas at once. Xuanyuan saw the pig’s stomach swell up for a short while before it resumed its original size.
“What? Did it just swallow all of them?” Xuanyuan asked with disbelief.
“You guessed right. Otherwise why would we call it Devouring?” Greed laughed.
A few dozen gorillas attacked Xuanyuan. He faced them directly, throwing out a few imperial class talismans which exploded,destroying all the hostile gorillas with the Five Elements Qi.
Youxue saw that Xuanyuan was not in danger, so he transformed into a swimming dragon that twisted around and released a few thousand dragon scales that killed almost a hundred gorillas. Youxue was like a divine, terrifying beast.
“Ohohohohoh……..” The gorillas screamed. They sensed that they were outmatched and began to retreat when less than fifty of them were left alive. After few moments, they all disappeared.
“We should go or they’ll look for help.” Xuanyuan took a look at the corpses and took three gorilla elixirs with him. These gorillas were grumpy and forceful, but they were not smart enough to learn any Techniques.
“The gorillas were only one of the beasts dwelling in the outer edge of the forest. There will be beasts more powerful than this. But I’m here, so no one needs to worry. Rather, I want more of them, I’m hungry……” The pig mumbled.
Xuanyuan rolled his eyes. The pig was always hungry.
“It’s so much fun! It’s was the right decision to come here!” Qian Doudou said while she was jumping up and down. “You have to let me see the Source Energy of the Dragon’s Heart! I saved your life.”
“Of course, as long as you behave and were able to help me, I’ll let you take a look.” Xuanyuan thought the girl would be a useful force. Her attacks were effective and swift. “Stupid pig. Where’s the Black Dragon Mountain? How far from here?”
“Whoof! You insulted me again!” The pig screamed.
“You’re a pig. I’ll call you one!” Xuanyuan was not afraid. In fact, he was equally hostile.
“Alright, alright. Tell us how far the Mountain is piggy. I’ll give you some money.” Qian Doudou lured the pig.
“Oh, that? Still three hundred and sixty thousand miles.
“Fuck! Are you kidding me? When are we going to walk there? The gorillas that attacked us were the weakest creatures here. There will be much more powerful enemies! We’re going to die before we reach the Mountain!”
“Of course! What do you think the Land of Darkness is?” The pig said.
“Alright, piggy. Here’s ten thousand kingly coins for you.” She threw Xuanyuan’s a card with a hundred million coins on it.
The pig grinned at Xuanyuan evilly, “How about that? Are you jealous?” taunted the pig, grinning even more evilly.
Xuanyuan was upset that the money was earned so easily, it made him uncomfortable.
“Alright. Three hundred and sixty miles! Not very far away. But there are many tricks in the Land. There will be portal, but there are many other ones that would kill someone if they entered accidentally.
Qian Doudoud smiled while Xuanyuan sighed. He didn’t know how to describe this girl. Optimistic or naturally airheaded.
Qian Doudoud knew many things about politics so she should be from a great family.
Suddenly, they could feel the earth was shaking. The giant trees were crushed or pushed to the side as an extremely enormous gorilla marched out of the woods towards them.
“The King of the Golden Gorrillas!!” The pig screamed.
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