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DTH Chapter 228 – The Power of Money

DTH Chapter 228 – The Power of Money
The ground shook. The noise from the gorilla’s footsteps were deafening and with each step trees were plucked out from their roots or completely shattered.
One, two, three, four golden gorilla kings came towards them. Their eyes were as big as buckets, glaring at Xuanyuan and his companions.
“Ohohohhoho…..” One of them screamed. It seemed to be questioning Xuanyuan’s arrival at their forest.
“Each one of them has at least five thousand dragons of strength. Be careful.” Greed warned him.
“Ohhaaaa……” Qian Doudou also screamed, as if she was angry at them for attacking them, but Xuanyuan thought she was making fun of them and so did the gorilla kings, since she provoked one of them to punch a giant fist at her.
The pig rushed to Doudou’s side and summoned a ten meter big black hole. The gorilla’s arm punched right into it, costing the beast its forearm. The gorilla screamed, and the others marched at them.
Youxue was extremely quick. He flew to the sky and released thousands of dragon scales, cutting into one of the gorillas. But none of them pierced through as the gorillas’ skins were extremely thick. But despite failing to kill it, the gorilla hissed in pain.
Another gorilla targeted Xuanyuan but he did not run away, instead, he held his Devouring Sword in one hand and the five elements roulette in the other. The moment the gorilla’s fist reached him, his armour activated and he was hit by the incredible force. A huge amount of Qi was used up to protect him but he was not worried. He threw the sword like a spear and it thrust into the gorilla king’s abdomen.
The power of devouring was released. Black threads were planted inside the animal, absorbing its life essence at an alarming speed.
Xuanyuan looked at Qian Doudou. He wasn’t worrying about her, since she was also incredibly powerful, but he didn’t trust her.
She was jumping in all directions like a little rabbit. The gorilla targeting her chased her around the place, punching the ground. It was increasingly frustrated and kept screaming and jumping. Eventually, she had fooled around enough and threw a bag towards the gorilla.
It looked at the bag with confusion, when suddenly Qian Doudou made a mudra with her hands and cried, “Explode!”
A pillar made of golden light shone towards the sky, covering ten square metres of the ground. It was a destructive and formidable force. The explosion evaporated the gorilla without leaving even its bones behind.
Xuanyuan trembled. Qian Doudou was absolutely terrifying! Especially as she didn’t show any emotions during the slaughter. A smile was still on her face, as if she’s been to many battles and loved every second of it. Xuanyuan knew he must be wary of such a girl.
She looked above at Youxue, who was fighting one of the gorillas. Even though he wouldn’t be hurt by the animal, he was unable to kill it either.
“Dragons are cool! Let me help you!” Qian Doudou took out another bag full of mysterious markings and threw it towards the gorilla Youxue was fighting.
“Boom!” Another exploding sound that could numb one’s mind burst towards the gorilla’s head. The golden light was blinding, combining the Qi from Gold and Earth, it obliterated the gorilla.
Xuanyuan inhaled nervously. These powerful gorillas were no threat to her!
Youxue saw that all the gorilla kings were killed and he relaxed since his duty was to protect Xuanyuan. Then he began to absorb the gorilla king’s life essence.
“Nice! Nice! It would be nice if I can find my Origins of Memories. Then I can recover my power much quicker.” Greed chuckled.  
“Well, let’s see if we’re lucky.” Xuanyuan sighed. They’ve found two Origins of Memories so far, which was beyond fortunate.
All those gorillas following their kings saw the result of the battle and ran away in shock!
“They’re just little monkeys. They should send more for us to kill!” The pig yelled arrogantly, causing Xuanyuan to rolled his eyes. Then it asked something that Xuanyuan was curious of as well. “Little girl! You said you don’t have the Xian Method of Gathering Gold? Tell me at once, who are you?”
“Why should I tell you?” If I tell you, piggy, can you pay me? But if you take me to the Mountain of Black Dragon, I can give you lots of money!” Qian Doudou grinned.
The pig looked away, “Don’t tell then.”
Xuanyuan sighed. Every woman he met was much stronger than him. The only one he had the power of protect, he failed to do so. He wondered where Yan Ziyun was now….
“Let’s go.” Xuanyuan looked at Qian Doudou one more time before he ran forward, “Follow me closely, don’t get into any bad dispositions by accident. Come on now, stupid pig! You can warn me if there’s any curse or tricks.”
“Whoof! You’re disrespecting me again!” The pig yelled.
“Don’t you forget who’s the master! Who gave you all those crystals and energy source so you can hatch!” Xuanyuan glared.
The pig went silent. Qian Doudou jumping around speedily and Youxue followed closely behind to keep an eye out.
“Piggy’s afraid!” Doudou smiled.
“I’m not! He helped me once and I owe him. I simply don’t want to argue with him.”
“Miss Qian, what’s in the bag you threw?” Xuanyuan asked curiously.
“Money! They’re kingly coins.” She answered.
Xuanyuan almost fainted. Who said coin-minters couldn’t fight? She looked innocent enough, but could kill without blinking.
“That’s not surprising. Coins are made by treasures in the world with Qi. Coins of lower class don’t have much power. I have some emperor coins! But I’m afraid that they’ll be too powerful and disturb some mysterious beings in the Land of Darkness. I don’t care if I die, but it’s not nice to bring harm to all of you.” Qian Doudou explained patiently.  “Not only they could be used to kill, coins can also be used to provide Qi if you don’t have enough to activate your instruments.”
“Can this be?” Xuanyuan asked Greed.
“Of course. You’ve earned enough kingly coins to do that. I can even use them to activate a couple of curses I don’t yet have enough power to activate. I already have two blocks of Origins of Memories, and piggy helped me repair the Devouring Sword. I only need more Qi to activate the curses.”
“Really?” Xuanyuan was excited. “How many curses can the Devouring Sword do? Tell me!”
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