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DTH Chapter 229 – Curses Inside!

DTH Chapter 229 – Curses Inside!
“The Devouring Sword has nine curses it can activate.” Greed explained slowly. “The first one, is ‘Devour’. You’re already familiar with it. It devours all creatures’ life essence and turns it into Qi. It can also heal your wounds and restore your strength.”
“The second one is called ‘Dispersion’. When you summon the Kingdom of Dispersion, you can nullify any attack!”
“The third one is call ‘Time’. As long as you have enough Qi from crystals, sources and coins, you can go into the ‘Time’ to practice. One year in there equals a day out in the real world!”
“I can’t remember the others. My power is not fully restored, nor my memories. But Devouring would know” Greed said.
“That’s enough.” He was blown away by the power of the Devouring Sword. “Did the pig create all these curses?”
“Yes, it and the Devouring Emperor and the heir of the Treasures Emperor created me!” Greed said.
“Looks like the stupid pig will be quite strong if he restores all its power.” Xuanyuan was in fact quite impressed by the pig.
“You don’t say. My curses and techniques are the best in the world!” The pig’s voice chimed in. However, it suddenly stopped its footsteps and announced, “Everyone, stop.”
“Piggy, what happened?” Qian Doudou asked.
“There’s a hidden trick in front of us. I’ll lead the way. You follow me. We’ll circle around it.” The pig said.
“Wow, that’s impressive. I haven’t sensed any techniques.” Qian Doudou said admiringly.
“Haha, of course. In this world, no one can beat me with the power of curses and tricks!” The pig led the way. Around them were still large patches of green woods, no differences from before. Xuanyuan told Youxue and Qian Doudou to stay ten metres away from the pig, in case it made a mistake and killed them accidentally. This infuriated the pig.
“Whoof! How dare you doubt me?”
“I do. Show me your power then.” Xuanyuan replied.
“Alright. I’ll show you.” The pig step forwards. A light appeared from the ground to the sky, summoning a lightning. It hit straight at the pig. Its entire body was charred.
In the midst of the pig’s scream, Xuanyuan scolded it, “Of course I can’t trust you!” The lightning had at least eight hundred dragons of strength. They must be careful.
“Whoof! It’s just a mistake. Follow me.” The pig wailed. “There’s a safe path through this trick. I can sense it.”
“Are you alright, piggy? I think you’re cooked. I can smell barbeque.” Qian Doudou asked.
“This little trick can’t hurt me.” As it finished its sentence, a golden light shone under it. A few thousand swords sliced through the air and pierced towards the pig, cutting off its charred black skin. A new layer of white skin appeared again. “Fuck, what happened this time?”
“Why should we trust you? You stupid pig. Are you lying to us?” Xuanyuan stomped his feet in anger.
“What do you know, boy? Stop insulting me. Or I’ll throw you to the front to test the path. You have to test it to break the tricks.” The pig said furiously. It observed the ground and saw many hidden tricks. They were like hidden dispositions, it’s difficult to find out.
“Piggy’s right. My grandpa said tricks have millions of combinations. He said in the ancient time, there were trick masters, but the line was cut off and replaced by stone masters. Only some of the ordinary tricks were left and being incorporated into treasures.” Qian Doudou said, “Stone masters can see dispositions. Dispositions are powerful. Under comparisons, trick masters are less powerful. After all, a human cannot compete with nature.”
“Your grandpa’s half right. There was a huge civil war among the trick masters. Many of them died. And their tricks died with them. The study of stone and the study of tricks are equally powerful. Tricks are more flexible and need much less crystals and energy sources to activate.” The pig explained.
“Wow, piggy knows so much!” Qian Doudou was surprised again.
They walked a long way without any problem, so Xuanyuan was slightly more reassured at the pig’s ability.
“Well, I’ve walked every inch of this world, I know everything there is to know. You don’t have to worry about the tricks……” The pig couldn’t finish its sentence when flames were shot out at its torso. The next moment, a black hole appeared and devoured all the flames. However, the pig was completely charred and everyone could smell barbeque again.
“Damn it. It hurts! I won’t talk to you anymore. It distracts me!”
“What? Are you insane? You’re still alive?” Xuanyuan cried. How could the pig survived lightning strike, sword attack and burnt?
“Whoof, do you want me dead? You won’t be able to go out if I’m dead!” The pig sneered at Xuanyuan.
“Show us how useful you’re then. Can’t you bring us straight to the Mountain?” Xuanyuan rolled his eyes.
“Nonsense! You know nothing. Just follow me.” The pig shook its body, shaking off the black charcoal and revealing the smooth skin underneath.
No more accident happened for another few hours. Qian Doudou giggled, “I’d say, piggy is really powerful. Don’t you worry, Xuanxuan!”
Xuanyuan looked at her in disbelief, “Xuan…xuan?”
“Yes! It’s a great nickname! You don’t like it? I’ll call you Yuanyuan!” She grinned.
“Whatever…” Xuanyuan had decided to ignore that.
Suddenly, a giant stone fell down. It was eight metres wide. Luckily, Xuanyuan was careful and stayed out of ten metres radius of the pig. He was unharmed.
“The pig should die, right? It’s definitely crushed!” Xuanyuan thought.
But he was wrong, the giant stone was kicked out and the pig climbed up again.
“I’m not dead!”
“What are you? How did you survive all that?” Xuanyuan couldn’t help but opened his mouth widely.
“Yes, piggy is like magic!” Qian Doudou commented.
“You mortals cannot understand my true power!” The pig raised its head proudly. “Follow me.”
Looking at the deep hole made by the stone, Xuanyuan slowed down his pace. From now on, he’d keep a distance of twenty meters between him and the pig!
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