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DTH Chapter 230 – The Disposition of White Bones

DTH Chapter 230 – The Disposition of White Bones
After everything that happened on the road, Xuanyuan had decided that keeping twenty meters distance from the pig was the best decision he’d ever made in his life. The pig was struck by giant wood, cut by wind blades, and frozen by ice, yet it was like a cockroach. You could never kill it. Finally, they almost reached the end of the path where the tricks were hidden.
“Whoof! All of you are untrustworthy!” The pig glared at the three people who now followed thirty meters behind him.
“You shouldn’t drag us into all those disasters you triggered!” Xuanyuan yelled, “You stupid pig. Since you can’t die, I’ll call you the Immortal Pig.”
Xuanyuan was quite impressed by the strength of the pig. He had never seen anyone who could endure all that and survive. Even if everyone else died here, the pig would surely be fine. When the Devouring Emperor was killed by many other powerful emperors, it could still activate a trick and escape. It showed how strong it was.
“How long is this road? We’ve walked for almost half a day!” Xuanyuan said impatiently.
“It’s almost the end.” The pig turned around and scolded. Suddenly, it stepped on a place and activated the grey talismans planted there. A force of space spread out rapidly and the pig screamed, “Damn it, it’s a transportation trick! Be careful!”
A grey light shone on everyone, including Xuanyuan who was thirty meters away. He saw the scenery around him disappear and be replaced by blackness. He didn’t know how much time had passed until he suddenly found himself in a desolate land.
He looked around. It was all grey. Graves scattered around the place. The dirt on the ground would move when people were not looking. In a word, eerie.
On the leafless, thin trees, there were murders of crows sitting. Their entire bodies were made of white bones and their eyes were replaced by two blue ghost fires. They all glared at Xuanyuan. Each of the crows had at least one thousand two hundreds dragons of strength. Xuanyuan’s heart sank.
Qian Doudou, Youxue, and the pig were gone. He was alone. This was the moment he sensed the terror of the Land of Darkness. He didn’t move, only observing and recalling the Book of Acquisition in his brain. His heart sank even deeper.
“This is the Disposition of White Bones! An emperor class cursed disposition!”
Xuanyuan was scratching his mind raw to think of a way to escape, when the white bone crows spread their wings. They gazed straight at Xuanyuan. He frowned, but couldn’t think of a way to leave.
The crows cawed loudly as hundreds of them dove towards Xuanyuan. He grit his teeth. Between his palms, he summoned the five elements roulette and five shadows stood behind him.
The crows at the very front were destroyed by the roulette. The power of gold, wood, water, fire, and earth echoed each other and crushed the crows into ashes.
“The others should be in this disposition.” Xuanyuan thought. He melded the roulette into his armour, so that it was equipped with the power of thefive elements. Behind Xuanyuan, the Fire Dragon opened its eyes. Red lotuses fell from the sky. When the crows crashed into the lotus, they were burnt to death.
Nothing could stop Xuanyuan. Even though his Qi was running out fast, the crystals and source energy he gathered previously could sustain him for a long while.
“Greed, can you sense where the pig is?” Xuanyuan asked.
“No. The disposition disturbs all communication. You have to destroy it.” Greed replied.
“Alright. I’ll see what I can do!” Xuanyuan kept running and observed the landscape.
Those crows had no concept of fear. They were like bugs flying towards light. They wouldn’t stop their attacks on Xuanyuan, and of course, all of them turned into shattered bits. They didn’t understand evasion and only knew slaughters. So was the power of the dispositions. It induced never-ending slaughter!
In front of Xuanyuan, many human shaped skeletons approached. They were wearing different styles of clothing.
“These were all imperial fighters before they died! Looks like they wanted to find treasures from the Land of Darkness but were unlucky. They died inside this disposition.” Xuanyuan guessed.
“You’re right. Even though the Land of Darkness was a land of the dead, people still come here to try their luck. Especially those who knew they were dying.” Greed said.
“The Book of Acquisition said, these skeletons are called the White Bone Guards….” He couldn’t know how many of them were here.
A skeleton marched at Xuanyuan and attempted to punch him. Its attack was extremely powerful, boasting at least two thousand dragons of strength. Xuanyuan let the fist hit its target and saw the bones being grinded into powder by the five elements roulette. He took out his Devouring Sword and dismantled the skeleton.
A few hundred of them ran at Xuanyuan. The roulette showed its power through his armour. With the power of the roulette and the sword, Xuanyuan was able to shatter one  White Bone Guard after another.
However, it wasn’t easy. The protective armour cost him a lot of Qi in order to protect him. The Qi inside him was boiling and rolling uncomfortably. Xuanyuan was getting annoyed; he needed a way out of here. Behind him the eyes of the Dark Phoenix opened.
The phoenix was covered by golden feathers. Xuanyuan activated it with his Qi and screamed, “Sixty Four Thousand Deicide Blades!”
The golden feathers turned into numerous sharp blades. The forces would be suffocating to real human much less the corpses that were the White Bone Guards. they were wholly unable to fight against such power.
After the attack, the ground was covered with the white color of shattered bones.
Xuanyuan was breathing heavily. “If I was able to fully demonstrate the power of the Deicide Swords, it would be unimaginably powerful. I only used one hundredth of its power and all my Qi was emptied!”
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