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DTH Chapter 231 – Testing

DTH Chapter 231 – Testing
“That’s normal. The Deicide Sword is a grand xian class technique. Anyone who is less than a xian class fighter is unable to fully release its power. You were able to use one percent of its power because the Dark Phoenix allowed that. The stronger you are, the more you can do with the Deicide Sword,” Greed said, with great satisfaction. It had watched Xuanyuan grow from the very first day. He showed great talent and a sharp mind.
“Well, I’ll have to work harder. I wonder if the Nightmare Talisman will work here.” When Xuanyuan absorbed the Qi from the crystals in his ring and took up the talisman, a light flew into it from his palm. “It worked! I became part of the disposition! I can see the entire landscape here.”
In his mind, he saw numerous beasts roaming around. There were dragons, tigers, lions… Many of them had a strength beyond five thousand dragons. He even saw the pig. It was incredibly powerful, gulping down dozens of White Bone Tigers. When no one was looking, the pig revealed its power, but Xuanyuan was sure that the power shown was not its peak.
“Damn it. My connection with the kid is broken! That kid cannot die!” The pig was running around frantically.
He soon saw Youxue, who was being chased by a large number of Ghost Dragons. A few of his scales were broken and he was bleeding. A Ghost Dragon marched towards him and opened its giant mouth, prepared to take a bite. Youxue turned around and attacked, with the mind to kill his enemy by sacrificing himself.
Suddenly, his strength surged from four thousand dragons to six thousand dragons of while his scales were repaired, becoming even fuller and sharper.
The two dragons’ claws clashed, and the Ghost Dragon was immediately shattered.
“Youxue entered the emperor class in the moment of life and death,” Xuanyuan admired. After his transformation, Youxue was able to easily slaughter a dozen of dragons.
At this moment, Youxue and the pig encountered each other, so Xuanyuan turned his attention to Qian Doudou. Although she looked as if she was petrified, her moves were quick. She threw a coin from time to time, which would pierce through the head of a White Bone Tiger; she was definitely a sharpshooter.
Xuanyuan ran towards Qian Doudou. This was the perfect time to test if she had a plot against him. Along the way, none of the beasts attacked him.
“Xuanxuan! You’re here finally!” Qian Doudou said excitedly. “I thought you’d be dead. Looks like you’re okay, though.”
“I was almost killed. Quick, cover for me and I’ll heal my wounds.” Xuanyuan spat out a mouthful blood, his face turning pale.
“Are you alright? I have some medicine. Take them!” Qian Doudou took out some fragrant bottles that refreshed Xuanyuan just by the smell of them.
“There’s no need. I’ll heal myself with the Water of Heaven. Xuanyuan sat cross-legged and closed his eyes. Qian Doudou expertly tossed a bunch of coins around them on the ground, forming a shield.
“Xuanxuan, don’t worry. I won’t charge you. I have a lot of medicines and can cure myself when I need to. It’s not a waste since you can show me many funny things! I have given you money instead! Don’t die! I want to see the Source Energy of the Dragon Heart!” As Qian Doudou comforted him, Xuanyuan thought that she was actually a benign person.
The Lady of Heaven appeared behind him. Faint fog was released by Xuanyuan’s helmet and dripped into his and Qian Doudou’s bodies. Both of them felt incredibly relaxed. At the same time, Xuanyuan was stealthily putting poison into her body, so in case she betrayed him, he would be able to easily kill her. She might be hiding her real intention after all, but his suspicion had lessened.
Half a day past. Xuanyuan knew that Youxue would be safe with the pig and he was hence not worried.
“I feel much better.” Xuanyuan sighed. Qian Doudou was still harmless.
“Oh, that’s nice! Just rest for a while more before we find Piggy and Dragon. Will they be okay?” Worry flashed through her face.
“Don’t worry. The pig can’t die, and Youxue is a skilled killer.” Xuanyuan smiled.
She giggled. “That’s right! Piggy survived all those terrible things! It’ll be fine.”
“Qian Doudou’s carefree. Even if she’s upset, she never shows it. She might be a bit unreasonable at times, but is still quite easy-going.” Xuanyuan pondered to himself. He did not feel right suspecting her, but it was a necessary protective measure. If in the end, the suspicions were proven inaccurate, then he would simply purge all the poison from her body.
“Miss Qian, can you tell me where you come from?” Xuanyuan asked.
“No. Grandpa said I can’t tell anyone.” She shook her head. “Apart from that, you can ask whatever you want.”
“Why did you come to the Land of Darkness? If you never came across us, you’d be alone here.” Xuanyuan changed the topic.
“I’m just traveling around the world. I’ve always been looking forward to coming to the Land of Darkness. I would come in anyway, but I heard your conversation with Piggy. You sounded super powerful, so I guess it’d be safer with you. Grandpa said being alive is the most important thing. I have to be able to go back.” She smiled brightly.
“Are you always alone?”
“Yes. It’s quite nice. In fact, I want to find someone!” Qian Doudou said.
“A very important person. He saved my life once and gave me to my grandpa.” Her voice softened. “But then he left. I was very young. Now that I’m older, I want to find him. Grandpa said he might be dead, so I should try by best; if I don’t, then I’ll have lots of regrets.”
“Your grandpa sounds nice.” Xuanyuan chuckled.
“Of course! Grandpa is very, very nice! He shaped my life. If you can bring me to see many interesting things, I might be able to let you visit Grandpa.”
“Sounds great!” Xuanyuan was actually very curious about Qian Doudou’s grandfather and also desired to meet him. However, a shout instantly cut off his thoughts.
“Damn it, boy! You are here chatting with a pretty girl when we’re looking for you, fighting all the beasts! We risked our lives….” The pig started to accuse Xuanyuan, before proceeding to grumble for another ten minutes about its bravery and the danger it faced. Youxue was standing behind the pig. “Alright. Since we’re all here, I’ll use the transportation technique and send us to our destination.”
“Wait. I think there is something more to this White Bones Disposition. There might be a great treasure hidden here.” A place heavily guarded by many of the White Bone beasts came to Xuanyuan’s mind.
When the pig heard that there might be a great treasure, its eyes sparkled. “Great! Let’s go and see…..”
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