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DTH Chapter 232 – Grandmaster

DTH Chapter 232 – Grandmaster
At this point, Xuanyuan was using the Nightmare Talisman along with the White Bones Disposition to observe the entire region. In his mind, Xuanyuan was looking at a series of images displaying  the area where numerous White Bone beasts dwelled. On the ground, the beasts were roaring, and in the sky, countless Ghost Dragons flew around, each of them possessing a strength of at least six thousand dragons. The White Bone Tigers had claws like sharp blades that boasted five thousand dragons of strength each.
“Xuanxuan, what kind of great treasure is that?” Qian Doudou jumped lightly.
“I don’t know either. It’s just a feeling. Normally, an emperor class disposition would have great treasures hiding somewhere,” Xuanyuan answered. “And there will be powerful beasts guarding around it. Be on your guard. It’ll be dangerous.”
That location harbored hundreds of dragons and tigers, and these types of beasts usually guarded great treasures.
“Woof! Don’t worry! Since I’m here, no danger will come to any of you!” The pig boasted yet again, causing Xuanyuan to roll his eyes.
Xuanyuan led them toward the location.
“Do it!” The Dark Phoenix’s shadow opened its eyes as its gold feathers simultaneously sharpened.
“Sixty-Four Thousand Deicide Swords!”
Even though it was called ‘sixty-four thousand swords’, only seven hundred were revealed, slicing through the air and charging in the direction of the Ghost Dragons. The dragons were unable to defend against the power of the Dark Phoenix, resulting in many of them being chopped in half. The tigers roared, now provoked by Xuanyuan’s attack.
Youxue also struck, turning his dragon scales into thousands of blades that soared toward the tigers and decimated countless beasts.
Qian Doudou produced a bunch of emperor class coins and threw them at the remaining few dragons. When her hands formed a mudra, the Qi concentrated, and the coins connected with each other by golden threads, creating a net which then exploded. Three thousand square miles of airspace was set on fire, causing even more dragons to be burned to ashes.
The pig dove into the area where the tigers were roaming. A few moments later, black holes could be seen swallowing the tigers.  
Xuanyuan’s face was pale; his Qi had been sucked dry by the usage of the Deicide Swords.
“Don’t worry. When you reach the grandmaster realm, you’ll have a transformation,” Greed said, chuckling lightly. The shadows of the five elements hovered above Xuanyuan, creating a golden light that protected him. He started to absorb some power from the crystals to restore his strength.
A Ghost Dragon suddenly dove at Xuanyuan, prompting him to roll around and strike it with the Five Elements Roulette.
The dragon’s body was ripped open, but at the same time, Xuanyuan was also hit with six thousand dragons of strength. Although he was quite powerful, his hands still became numb due to the force.
Youxue transformed his Qi into a giant sword and cut a dragon in half. With a thought, the sword exploded in a blinding light and started to destroy other Ghost Dragons.
“Youxue, don’t help me! I want to take this opportunity to break through to the grandmaster realm!” Xuanyuan’s five organs were running at maximum power as he charged toward the tigers and threw the roulette at them. Even though he only had two thousand and six hundred dragons of strength, his attack was still able to fatally harm the tigers. At the same time, Xuanyuan tried to save himself from the tigers’ attacks.
His Qi was running out quickly, and he kept absorbing the Qi from the crystals in his ring to support himself.
Suddenly, his heart began to thud frantically, and his blood started to warm his five organs. He felt a sense of wholeness, and his blood seemed to have an incredible power, connecting every corner of his body. His strength started to surge.
“Two thousand and eight hundred dragons.”
“Three thousand and one hundred dragons.”
“Three thousand and five hundred dragons.”
“Four thousand and one hundred dragons.”
Although the growth rate of his strength now started to slow down, he knew that he had finally broken into the grandmaster realm. Now, as he was a grandmaster, he would have to refine his blood.
He took out the Heavenly Dragon Elixir and gulped it down. A cool force sipped into his bone marrow, making him feel as if dragons were racing around inside of him. In the end, he could feel that in the deepest part of his body, dragon’s blood was running in his veins.
“Heavenly Dragon Elixir!” Qian Doudou cried, “The blood of the Heavenly Dragon is extremely violent. Ordinary people cannot stand its power!”
Xuanyuan’s heart beat faster as his own blood began to boil away and turn into the wild dragon’s blood. The moment he completed changing all his blood, his strength surged yet again.
“Four thousand and three hundred dragons.”
“Four thousand and five hundred dragons.”
“Four thousand and seven hundred dragons.”
“Four thousand and nine hundred dragons.”
“How is this possible? A new grandmaster has four thousand and one hundred dragons of strength?” Qian Doudou was shocked once again.
However, Xuanyuan didn’t hear her. The moment he had broken through, the Devouring Technique transformed and devoured the gods of the five elements; he could even sense that they were being melded together and becoming one whole. The Emperor of Five Elements appeared behind Xuanyuan as his five organs became a black hole that could devour and transform everything. The dragon’s blood was boiling, full of life.
The Devouring Technique had stepped up from the black class to the earth class.
His body strengthened, his Qi concentrated, and the power of the Body of All Creations was slowly revealed.
With a completely transformed aura, he opened his eyes.
The entire transformation had only taken a few minutes.
A few tigers lunged at Xuanyuan, and he willed the Emperor of Five Elements to release the terrifying Five Elements Qi, completely shattering the tigers.
Xuanyuan clasped his hands together.
“Sixty-Four Thousand Deicide Swords!” This time, sixty-four hundred swords were formed, obliterating every single Ghost Dragon and White Bones Tiger within the region.
The pig smirked. Xuanyuan’s power was about to be revealed.
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