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DTH Chapter 233 – Golden Skeleton

DTH Chapter 233 – Golden Skeleton
Tianji was the name of an ancient, mysterious organization. Three of its members were currently gathered on the astronomy tower beneath the full moon and the countless stars. A man with a long, white beard sat on a stone, circling his Qi and creating a faint halo behind him. A boy and a girl also sat across from him, listening to the old man’s lecture with lowered heads.
“The heaven has its own design, and the two of you have a physique that can sense it. You should concentrate on grasping that feeling. All the great and wise figures had walked their way to greatness from humble beginnings. They sensed the universe and created their own ways to cooperate with nature. In the future, the two of you will inherit my position.”
“We understand,” the boy and the girl answered together.
“The Land of the East, nowadays, is full of talented young men and women. Who do you think is the most impressive?” the old man asked.
The pair looked at each other.
“I think Yin Zhenluo has great potential. With the Heavenly Dragon Body, her talent is incomparable to others. I calculated and found that she entered the Heartland of the North. She’s training herself in the worst of lands. I expect that she’ll come back a much  more powerful fighter,” the boy answered.
“I think the crown prince of the Eastern Dynasty will be the best of them all. He doesn’t draw attention to himself, but with his intellect and talent, he will dominate the East one day…”
“How about the Lady Saint of Linglong? She’s extremely powerful, but she doesn’t impose any threats to other people. That’s her biggest advantage.”
“No one knows where the Saint of the Fighting Dragon is. I calculated that he’s in the South right now…”
“Fung Lie. He took over the scene like a lightning bolt. Stepping into the realm of imperial fighters and already possessing the strength of a royal dragon, he surpasses ordinary emperor class fighters. I think he’ll soon surpass Jiang Yitian.”
“Hmm….” The old man raised his eyebrows. “What do you think about the boy who has stirred a storm over the entire East? Xuanyuan?”
“Xuanyuan. He reached a strength of two thousand six hundred dragons when he was only a king realm fighter! If he’s able to nurture his talent, he might become as powerful as the crown prince of Eastern Dynasty.”
“I’m not sure. The East is full of geniuses. Many of them hide their true skills with Great Techniques so we can’t detect them.” The boy sounded slightly dismayed.
The three people were seated around a piece of paper. Suddenly, the paper shook and a name burst out.
“The List of Grandmasters. First. Xuanyuan. Four Thousand Nine Hundred Dragons.”
The boy and the girl’s brains went blank. The old man’s breath also stopped for a moment.
“The two of you, quick! Calculate his whereabouts!”
They finally regained their senses and picked up the dried tortoise shell to calculate, sending their Qi into the shell to tangle with the markings. The calculation took them an entire hour.
The girl suddenly screamed, “He’s in the Land of Darkness! He met someone, and that’s why he had such a major breakthrough. Was it an encounter with the Xians?”
The old man concentrated and said shakily, “The Flood of Darkness which happens once every five hundred years is coming! Many of the powerful techniques in the Land of Darkness will weaken during it. Many terrifying forces will proceed there. The Land of Darkness will be tainted red.”

“Xuanyuan, you’re so impressive! Four thousand nine hundred dragons as a grandmaster?” Qian Doudou widened her eyes in awe.
“Haha! I got lucky. Perhaps it’s because of my Body of Five Elements,” Xuanyuan modestly said. It was not exactly a lie. He had made such an impressive breakthrough because of the Fighting Elements, after all.
“Boy, you have me to thank. If I didn’t step onto that technique, you wouldn’t be able to transfer to the disposition, and there would’ve been no breakthrough for you. Give me half of your pure source energy as a gift!” The pig tried to rob him.
“Get lost, you stupid pig! A great treasure is ahead of you, anyway. Don’t try to steal anything from me,” Xuanyuan said, annoyed. The pig hissed at the blatant insult, but it rushed straight to the area that was protected by many Ghost Dragons and White Bone Tigers, trying to get its paws on the great treasure first. Seeing this, Xuanyuan yelled, “Damn it! Stand still, you stupid pig!”
They passed through lands covered with bones before arriving at the place the beasts were protecting.
In front of them was a golden skeleton emitting a gentle aura; a monk’s kasaya still hanging on its bones. Next to the skeleton was a piece of rotten iron.
“Seriously? We found your Origin of Memory here?” The pig screamed incredulously. Xuanyuan immediately recognized the piece of iron and put it in his ring at once.
“Wonderful! If I can use it to enter the xian realm, I can practice the Great Technique to search for the rest of my Origin of Memories!” Greed was excited.
Qian Doudou, who was unable to hear their exchange, approached the golden skeleton. “Isn’t this a monk from the West? It should have been at least a xian class fighter for its skeleton to turn golden.”
“That’s right. You know quite a lot, little girl.” The pig licked its lips greedily. It noticed a sarira pearl sitting quietly in the skeleton’s palm. “That contains the essence of the xian’s lifelong knowledge! Haha! It’s mine!”
Moments before the pig’s paw reached the sarira pearl, the pearl floated toward Xuanyuan and landed on his palm.
“Damn it, boy! You took my thing again?” The pig howled.
“Bullshit. I don’t need to take your things. Besides, it landed in my hand.” Xuanyuan could feel the warmth from the pearl bringing calmness and peace to his mind, soothing some of the hatred and anger in his heart. The sarira pearl resonated with the Vajrapani Earth in him.
“Looks like it was summoned by the Vajrapani. The monk here should have come from the same school as the Vajrapani King,” Greed said.
“What’s this?” Xuanyuan asked. A beaded bracelet was hanging on the right bone of the skeleton.
“It’s the Seven Bodhi Beads! They are said to possess the ability to suppress the evilest of beings. An extraordinary instrument for protection.” Greed was amused. “This should be a lower rank xian class instrument, as is the kasaya robe the skeleton is wearing. The Warrior Kasaya!”
The pig could not help but reach for the beads. Suddenly, a shadow of a monk with an angry glare appeared and whipped the pig with overwhelming force.
“State who you are, to disturb my master’s golden skeleton!” The monk glared at the pig.
“Woof! You’re only the shadow of a lower rank xian class instrument. Do you think you can stop me?” the pig screamed.
Xuanyuan smiled gently. “We just arrived at the Land of Darkness and came here by mistake. We are all just curious about the golden skeleton.”
The shadow turned to Xuanyuan and was shocked by the sight. “How come master’s sarira is in your hand?”  
“It came to me. Since this is the resting place of an honorable monk, we should not disturb anything. I’ll return the sarira pearl,” Xuanyuan said, and put the pearl back in the palm of the skeleton. But when he left it, the pearl flew back into his hand, shocking the shadow even more.
“Who are you?”
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