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DTH Chapter 234 – What is the Flood of Darkness?

DTH Chapter 234 – What is the Flood of Darkness?
“Who do you think I am?” Xuanyuan said in a calm voice. A halo manifested behind his head, and a zen aura oozed out of him.
“Your aura is attracting master’s sarira. It seems so similar to the Vajrapani King. Who are you? A reincarnation from our temple?” the shadow asked.
“No.” Xuanyuan smiled faintly and behind him, the Vajrapani Earth appeared.
The shadow of the glaring monk trembled and knelt down as soon as it saw the image of the Vajrapani King. “Greetings to the Vajrapani King…”
“The Vajrapani King had met his demise, but he left me his fighting earth. His mind emerged with the Earth. Perhaps that’s the reason why it attracts your master’s sarira,” Xuanyuan said.
“I understand. Please bring us with you,” said the glaring monk. It was an instrument, but that did not mean it was satisfied with staying in the Land of Darkness till the end of time.
“How did you end up here?” Xuanyuan was in no rush and decided to have some of his questions cleared.
“Master used himself to suppress this xian class disposition into an emperor class. If his golden skeleton leaves, it’ll resume its xian class power again,” the shadow explained. “Master exhausted his last breath, and he could no longer leave. He stayed here so that people who accidentally came into this disposition would be left with a chance to escape. I have no idea how much time has passed, but it’s time Master’s body left here. Since the Vajrapani King trusts you, I’ll give you my trust as well.”
Xuanyuan nodded. “Good. I’ll put your Master’s golden skeleton into my ring.”
“Please. If you encounter any danger, you can summon the golden skeleton. I shall help you as well.” The shadow returned to the Seven Bodhi Beads. Xuanyuan took everything and deposited them into his ring. The pig, who was staring at him, started to burn with jealousy. Xuanyuan had grabbed all the great things they had come across, while it did not even get what it deserved!
“Woof! Give me half of the pure source energy you found!” The pig gritted its teeth.
“Off.” Xuanyuan chuckled.
The moment the skeleton safely settled inside Xuanyuan’s ring, an enormous amount of fiendish Qi emerged under his feet, along with layers and layers of evil aura.
“Use your technique and transport us out of here! God! Three xian class cursed dispositions combined with eighteen emperor class ones. No wonder the monk was trapped here!” Xuanyuan cried. The pig also knew the seriousness of the situation and did not complain.
On its skin, markings appeared and seemed to swim and dance, before finally forming a giant door which covered all of them.
They only saw a blinding light before space warped. When the light faded, the group realized that they were surrounded by greenery — they had returned to the forest.
“Let’s get out of here first,” Xuanyuan said. For once, the pig was silent.
“I can feel it. The golden skeleton was so powerful!” Qian Doudou sighed with satisfaction. “It was a good call to come to the Land of Darkness. I’ve learned so many things.”
“Indeed. He was a xian class fighter and a powerful monk, yet he still died. If we’re not careful, we won’t be able to get out,” Xuanyuan said.
“Woof! What’re you afraid of? If I took every step correctly, you would not have been able to get a breakthrough. There’s always a silver lining!” The pig walked to the front and snorted.
“You stupid pig. Be careful. Don’t drag us into deep water.” Xuanyuan rolled his eyes. He would be grateful if he could get out of there in once piece.
“Whoof! You do not have the right to doubt me!” The pig led the way, grumbling to itself. “I set the date just right. The Flood of Darkness is approaching. All the techniques will weaken. That’s why I have the chance to bring you here. My power hasn’t resumed to what is was in the old times. Before then, we’ll have to take some risks….”
Xuanyuan had excellent aural skills, and hearing the excuse of the pig, which was uncertain about itself, he felt like strangling it then and there. However, the secret was out, and he was unable to do anything other than proceed to obtain the Source Energy of the Dragon Heart.
“Xuanyuan, if I’m right, the Flood of Darkness will attract even more beasts. You must be careful,” Greed reminded him.
Xuanyuan’s heart jumped. Many of the beasts were in the emperor realm, but here, there were many xian class beasts as well.
“So it’s useful to have the golden skeleton. The monk’s dead, but his mind is still there. The sarira was his life’s work, and it’s powerful enough to kill some xian class beasts,” Greed said.
“Naturally. The instruments itself are powerful. The skeleton cooperates with the sariras, and they work together.” Xuanyuan’s stomach was full of butterflies. The Land of Darkness was famous for its high casualty rate — many people come in, but never leave. “One more thing. The Flood of Darkness is coming. Beasts will come out, but that’s okay. We can get around that. But if you meet enemies from other families, you won’t get out so easily. The Eastern Dynasty, the Fighting Dragons Sect and many caves around them are sending out assassins and explorers. Even people from the North, the South, the Xi and Zhong all want to find ways to prolong their life.”
Xuanyuan slightly panicked. “Then I won’t stand a chance if they come!”
“Don’t worry. Devour has its consideration. It won’t let us get killed.” Greed chuckled.
Xuanyuan led the way as he talked to Greed. He suddenly had a strange hunch and yelled, “Wait! Don’t go forward. There’s a cursed disposition ahead of us!”
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