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DTH Chapter 235 – The Story of Qian Doudou

DTH Chapter 235 – The Story of Qian Doudou
Everyone was on their guard as they trudged through the green forest.
“Pig, are were out of the danger zone yet?” Xuanyuan asked.
“Not yet. There’s only a little left. Who set up this technique? It sent us into a disposition just before we’re almost out,” the pig said. Xuanyuan narrowed his eyes. The east was full of Yang Qi, while the west was cold. It was well-hidden, but he could still sense the foulness. He suddenly turned around and saw that the scenery behind him was the same as that ahead.
“We’re already in a disposition,” Xuanyuan announced.
“What?” The pig squealed. It had noticed nothing.
“I thought it was strange before. We never seem to find the end of it. The fact is, we’re already lost. This is an emperor class disposition – The Circling Maze. People in it can’t get out and will keep activating the techniques set up inside the disposition. It almost fooled me. I only detected it once my senses heightened after I stepped into the grandmaster realm. Otherwise, we would have never gotten out!” Xuanyuan glared at the pig.
“F**k. I was wondering why,” the pig cursed. “There were still a lot of techniques before us even though we kept walking to the end.”
“You stupid pig! Why didn’t you say something when you sensed something was wrong! You kept telling us it’s almost there, almost there!” Xuanyuan raised his voice. He ordered everyone to sit down.
“Well, I was testing you! I was the only one who detected the tricks. That’s too boring!” Looking at the paltry attempt of the pig to defend itself, Xuanyuan rolled his eyes with contempt.
Qian Doudou giggled with delight. “Piggy isn’t honest. What should we do?”
“Let me think. We can only break the disposition with another one. Pig, set up a few routes away from all the techniques,” Xuanyuan ordered, pointing angrily at the pig, while he took out block after block of source energy. The pig turned its head sideways guiltily and followed the order.
Xuanyuan lowered his head and recalled the teachings of the Book of Acquisition. This Maze Disposition was not particularly strong, but it was, indeed, a strange one. Although it was difficult to break, Xuanyuan wouldn’t give up – there would always be a way to break a disposition. Suddenly, a light flashed through his mind.
“That’s it!” Xuanyuan picked up a block of source energy and began drawing markings with his Qi. The team sat in silence; only Qian Doudou retained her high energy as she curiously observed Xuanyuan carving.
Two hours had passed before Xuanyuan let out a long breath. “Finally. Stupid pig, are you done?”
“Already done. Don’t worry.” The pig pointed out three ‘safe’ routes.
“Damn it, pig. You just pointed those out casually, right? Who knows if they’re safe?” Xuanyuan yelled.
“Well, we can only try.” The pig’s statement made everyone tremble. Even Qian Doudou, who was usually excited and energetic, whispered fearfully, “You should test it, Piggy. Our bodies are not as strong as yours.”
“Screw it. I knew we can’t rely on you. I’ve already set up a Compass Disposition.” A small block of source energy in Xuanyuan’s hand lit up, and a mysterious energy rose, circling around the three routes the pig drew before finally settling on a fourth one.
“What’s going on?” Xuanyuan looked pointedly at the pig. “See if the fourth route has any techniques!”
The pig followed the compass and scouted the route, repeatedly checking back and forth. Time passed, and it remained unharmed. The pig shouted, “Great killing techniques are set up on those other three routes! It almost fooled me!”  
Fury rose in Xuanyuan again. Fortunately, he had never planned to believe in the pig’s words. “Stupid pig! I won’t trust you again.”
“Piggy… I can’t help you this time.” Qian Doudou covered her mouth, hiding her grin.
“This disposition has the power to conceal its secrets. That’s why I was fooled. My power has not fully resumed and I only have one-ninth of my memories. Once I regain my power, none of these dispositions can trick me.” The pig looked sideways at Xuanyuan. In fact, Xuanyuan knew that the pig was incredibly strong, and the reason it kept making mistakes was because of its loss of memories.
“Be careful then. You have to keep everyone safe.” Xuanyuan told the pig before taking out an additional four hundred jins of source energy and carving yet another disposition. Since he broke through to the grandmaster realm, a much larger amount of Qi surged inside him, making it easier to carve an emperor class disposition. With the Body of All Creations, he was able to absorb the Qi around him and put it to use. It was enough to carve this disposition.
“Xuanxuan, I’m impressed. You know a lot at such a young age.” Qian Doudou sighed.
“You sound like you’re old,” the pig said.
“If I remember correctly, Grandpa said I was sealed in a spiritual ice ever since I was born for four thousand and nine hundred years. So I’m over four thousand and nine hundred years old.” Qian Doudou said, shocking everyone.
“What? Sealed in spiritual ice? Are you of the Ancient Race?” The pig was stunned.
“Well, I don’t know. Grandpa said no one knows exactly who I am. Only the man, who saved me when I was a baby, knows about my story. But that’s four thousand nine hundred years ago, and maybe he’s dead.” Qian Doudou sighed again.  
Girl, tell me where did you get your xian method of Gathering Gold. Perhaps I know who you are. The man you’re looking for is probably dead. Unless he reached the realm of Xian Emperor, otherwise he wouldn’t live for more than ten thousand years! Well, he can reincarnate, but the soul can’t reincarnate for more than three times. That’s where the legend of the Thrice-Born Stone came from. Also, whenever you reincarnate, the person’s memories get washed away. The only way to keep the memories and power is to use the Great Technique. Humans don’t live as long as we do. He’s probably dead. Tell me where you got your technique!” The pig kept luring Qian Doudou; it was evidently very curious about her story.
“Alright. It doesn’t matter if I tell you, actually,” Qian Doudou said.
“Great! Tell me! Tell me!” The pig squealed with excitement.
“I’ve known how to use it ever since I was born. It’s in my memory. But like you said, it’s not complete. I don’t know where it came from. Grandpa only told me to practice what’s inside my brain,” she said. On hearing her, the pig became speechless — her explanation did not really explain anything. The only thing that was certain was that the person who merged the technique into the spiritual ice was extraordinarily powerful.
Xuanyuan finally stood up. He separated the source energy and gave Qian Doudou, Youxue, and the pig a block each.
“I’ve carved the Breaking Disposition, and in a while, I’ll activate it. Don’t think, just run forward. That’s how we get out.”
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