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DTH Chapter 236 – The Vajrapani Monkey

DTH Chapter 236 – The Vajrapani Monkey
On Xuanyuan’s call, the four of them broke through the air and ran towards the fourth road. The Maze activated as they took their first step. It tried to stop them and take them back to the starting point.
“Break!” Xuanyuan screamed. The Breaking Disposition activated and crashed with the Maze. His Qi was running out quickly. “Quick! I can’t hold on for very long.”
Youxue turned into a dragon and carried Xuanyuan, Qian Doudou and the pig out. Only a moment after and the source energy holding up the Breaking Disposition was almost gone. They got out just in time.
Xuanyuan let out a long breath but he wasn’t able to relax. A bright light covered them and the space warped again.
“Transportation Technique……” The pig screamed. Its voice twisted. Within a fraction of a second, the surroundings became colourful. Time seemed to pass. Many years were gone or was it only a few moments? They couldn’t tell the difference.  
When they woke up from the dream of time, they were surrounded by a mountain range.
“Haha, it’s the technique that transports people into the Heart of the Land of Darkness.” The pig turned to look at the place.
“We got lucky.” Xuanyuan rolled his eyes. He looked around as well, seeing that it was dust already. “I have no idea how much time has passed. I can’t feel the time. Well, anyway, we should find a safe place and get some rest.”
Even though the team was powerful, they were still exhausted after they went through technique after technique. Their bodies might be able to hold up but their minds were flattened.
“Alright! Xuanxuan is very considerate!” Qian Doudou jumped towards a cave near them.
“Miss Qian, stop!” Xuanyuan raised his hand hurriedly. “Don’t go. The pig will check the cave. Its only use is to test if there’s any technique.”
“Are you fuc…… How can you do this to me?” The pig screamed.
Xuanyuan lowered his head and concentrated. He smiled, “I sense that there’s a Great Treasure in the cave!”
The pig started drooling immediately. It leaped up and ran into the cave. Its speed surprised them all.
“See, that’s how to deal with the stupid pig.” Xuanyuan smiled at Qian Doudou. They all giggled at the joke. Suddenly a terrifying force rushed to their faces.
“Ah…………….” It was a pig’s scream. The pig was thrown out of the cave. It rolled around on the ground for a dozen times before stopping. The pig was trembling with white foam oozing out of its mouth. “You…… boy….. you tricked me…..”
Xuanyuan wanted to laugh but he thought of the power that could beat the pig so badly that the urge dissipated.
A human-sized monkey with sprawling golden fur came out. It hissed hostilely at them. It glared at the pig angrily. The force from the monkey suppressed Xuanyuan’s Qi. He felt like kneeling to the monkey.
Xian class power! Xuanyuan activated the Body of All Creations and softened the power.
“This is the Vajrapani Monkey! The only monkey that’s stronger was the Monkey King, Hanuman!” Qian Doudou widened her eyes.
Xuanyuan stiffened. He put on a frozen smile at the monkey, “Honourable Monkey, it’s the pig who offended you. It’s not our fault. We’re leaving! Farewell!”
The pig was rolling on the ground painfully. It suddenly stood up and pointed at Xuanyuan angrily. “You are an asshole! How come you’re my master! I …….”
“Stop. Me was sleeping. You woke me up! Who are you?” The furry monkey spoke.
“You speak the human language?” Xuanyuan blurted out.
“When me learn human, you ain’t no human yet.” The monkey scratched its ear and nodded at the pig. “You pig, me quite impressed. You ain’t die yet after a punch. You Highest Beast? But you too ugly to be that. Half pig half dog. The Highest Beast looked different in old days.”
“So you know who I am. This is only temporary. I’ll defeat you when I regain my power!” The pig screamed.
“Oh? Then we should fight.” The monkey stretched, getting ready for a fight.
“Whoof! I won’t fight with a monkey. Get lost!” The pig covered the monkey with a light, catching it off guard. The monkey was sent elsewhere.
“Pig! You tricked me. You wait! Me come back and kill you!” the monkey screamed before it disappeared.
The pig smiled victoriously and came next to Xuanyuan. It opened its mouth and bit Xuanyuan’s calf. “You lied to me!”
Xuanyuan’s body was much tougher but he screamed in pain nonetheless. He kept punching the pig but the pig wouldn’t budge. Xuanyuan hissed at the pain. Then turned to the last resort – he took out the Devouring Sword and pointed it at the pig.
The pig released him at once. “Are you serious?”
“So you’re afraid of this!” Xuanyuan laughed and swung the sword towards the pig a few times. “Let’s go. We should go into the cave and rest for the night.”
Qian Doudou blushed. “Grandpa said I can’t stay in a room with strange men.”
Xuanyuan rolled his eyes. “Well, no beast is going to come near here when it’s still full of the monkey’s aura. You can stay outside if you want but don’t blame me if you get eaten.”
Then he entered the cave. Qian Doudou struggled for a while. “Alright. Anything is better than being eaten.”
When the pig saw them going in, its face turned green. “You don’t want to live? The monkey’s gonna come back soon! It’s too strong. It’s going to kill you!”
“You’re the one who got on its wrong side. I’m not afraid.” Xuanyuan replied.
“If the monkey came back, I’ll transport it to the Southern Lands…” The pig mumbled. Then it entered the cave as well.
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