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DTH Chapter 237 – The Strong Gathered

DTH Chapter 237 – The Strong Gathered
Without them knowing, Xuanyuan and his companions had entered the Land of Darkness for a month already.
In the Eastern Lands, a news broke out. The strong, powerful and the old gathered at the Land of Darkness suddenly – The Flood of Darkness, which happened every five hundred years would soon come again. The techniques inside the Land would weaken. The beasts would come out and attack but anything was better than dealing with the dispositions and techniques.
The first comer was the Nu, the Lie, the Lu, the Xie, the Hu, the Fang and the Fung Families of the Fighting Dragons Sect. From the Eastern Dynasty, many lords and princes arrived. Many from the Linglong Sect also arrived. The weakest among them were seven rank Emperor Realm Fighters and the stronger ones being xian class.
“The Flood hasn’t started yet. We can only wait.” An old man from the Fung Family said. “I wonder how that young boy, Xuanyuan, is doing in the Land of Darkness.”
“Young people are fearless. We old men only dare to come here during the Flood.” An old man from the Hu Family sighed.
“Heroes are born young.” A member of the Fang Family said.
“That’s ignorance.” A xian class fighter from the Lu Family said viciously. The young master of his family was killed by Xuanyuan. He swore to do the same to the boy should he meet him.
“That’s right. I think he’ll definitely die in the Land of Darkness. I’ll go and claim his body and throw it in the dirt!” An old man from the Xie family cursed. His face was twisted in anger. Xie Wuhen, the young master of Xie Family was also killed by Xuanyuan.
“Xuanyuan is despicable. He thought he could kill my young master and get away because he’s the Body of Five Elements?” A man from the Nu Family was also furious.
“He blackmailed my family. I’ll make him pay!” A man from the Lie Family said in fury.
The men from Fung, Hu and Fang Families looked at each other and said nothing. Xuanyuan had good relationships with their young masters. They were ordered by Fung Lie, Hu Xuan and Fang Yuyou to bring Xuanyuan out of the Land of Darkness if they met him.  
“Looks like that boy is making everyone angry. He framed us Hai Family some days ago. We swore to kill him.” A dozen old men landed outside of the Land of Darkness. The lords from the Eastern Dynasty smiled when they saw them since the Hai Family was very powerful. They could use some allies to get the treasure to lengthen their lives.
“Haha, old friends. How are you?” The xian class fighter from the Lu Family greeted them.
“Brother Lu! You’re still alive after two thousand years! I missed that fight we fought.” A man from the Hai Family chuckled.
“Me too. We should resume the fight if the opportunity arises.”
Suddenly, a few heavenly dragons arrived from far away at an alarming speed. They were from the Yin Family of the Eastern Dynasty. “Our family must protect Xuanyuan. Should anyone hurt him, we shall kill them.” The dragon in the lead transformed into a stern-faced man. His aura was extremely intimidating. Many seven rank emperor class fighters shrieked as if their bodies were about to crack under the pressure. Only xian class fighters could withstand the aura.
“Oh, that’s a bold statement. We all want him dead. What are you going to do?” The xian class fighter from the Nu Family smirked. The man of the Yin Family glared at him and  clapped his hands together releasing the force of heavenly dragons at the old man.
The Nu Family man raised his palm and two forces clashed. He was unable to take the hit and was thrown away. His bones shattered.
“You think you can attack the men from the Fighting Dragons Sect?” An extravagant cart led by twelve fighting dragons formed a giant palm which attacked the old man from the Yin Family. He was not shaken and only raised his fist. His attack was extremely simple. A punch here, a slap there and everything he hit was broken. Numerous strong men were spitting their blood and being forced to step down.
When the two sides were glaring at each other, a voice suddenly approached.
“Bad luck. Me is angry! That pig tricked me!” The golden monkey appeared from thin air. All the fighters from the Lie Family smiled.
“A Vajrapani Monkey! It’s very powerful. Let us conquer it and open the way into the Land of Darkness for us!” An old man laughed and marched at the monkey. His Qi swiped away, flattening the forest. The monkey jumped angrily at the raid. Its eyes lit up with golden fire.
The old man from the Lie Family was thrown out with his bones turned to powder and his blood spilled everywhere.
“You fight me? Come, come, come! Attack together. Me not afraid of you.” The monkey said. It was lightning fast and approached the man who attacked it and obliterated him.
Another old man from the Lie Family was furious. He summoned the fiery Qi and burnt the monkey.
“Oh… nice…” The monkey was not afraid. It only smoothed its golden fur which turned shinier under the fire.
“Its me turn!” The monkey grinned. It suddenly appeared right in front of the old man. With just a nib, the man’s top rank heaven class instrument was completely destroyed.
“Monkey! You shall surrender to us!” The men from the Lu and the Xie Families shouted. However, they were in fact quite intimidated. After all, the monkey destroyed a piece of instrument with its bare hands.
But they used the tactics of number. A few dozens of swords were pulled and pointed at the monkey. It screamed at the pain.
“Me angry! You outnumber me!” the monkey knew it was unable to fight off everyone so it retreated. However, the men wouldn’t let it go. The attacks destroyed miles and miles of forest.
The monkey was bleeding golden blood. It didn’t dare to stay for long. A golden light shone and it flew into the Heart of the Land of Darkness.
“Remember! Me will come back!”
The Vajrapani Monkey always remembered its hatred. The men could only stare at it. The Flood of Darkness has yet to begin so they couldn’t follow it.
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