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DTH Chapter 238 – The Flood Began!

DTH Chapter 238 – The Flood Began!
After the monkey left, the people’s face turned serious. It was merely the outer rim of the Land of Darkness and a strong beast like the Vajrapani Monkey appeared. It’d be increasingly more difficult when they entered the heart.
In the far side of the sky, a peaceful aura arrived with a soft light. People below felt that it was the one ruling over them. A bronze chariot led by twelve Kirins descended. Every single one of the Kirin was as strong as a xian class fighter. Behind the chariot, there were a few carts led by many precious and powerful beasts carrying many people from the royal family.
The lords of the Eastern Dynasty, men from the Yin and Hai Families bowed obediently at the chariot.
“Greetings to the Emperor!”
At the same time, twelve Seven-coloured Birds, each with a veiled woman riding on it, arrived at the scene. They were the older generation from the Linglong Sect.
“So many people arrived!” A Xian Dragon flew towards them. Its aura was also intimidating. Everyone from the Fighting Dragons Sect bowed.
“Greetings to the Master of the Fighting Dragons Sect!”
They were the elites among the older generation. Though they were not as powerful as the legendary Emperors and Xians but they were still the leaders of the East.
“Eastern Emperor, shouldn’t you be dead sixty years ago? Looks like the royal family is doing the best to lengthen your life. This is what you’ve been waiting for, right?”
“So are you! You were supposed to die a century ago. You are not dead so I can’t go first.”
They both laughed while releasing their Qi and clashed together.
“Stop. The two of you. The Flood of Darkness is about to begin. We all gathered here for the xian medicine. To do that, we need to cooperate. If we fight here, we’ll be weakened. There’s no way we can fend off all the beasts in the Land.” A fighter from the Linglong Sect said. The Seven-coloured Birds they were riding were all stronger than a xian class fighter. Bai Yunniang also got her bird from the Linglong Sect.
“Hahaha, the lady from the Linglong Sect was right. You can’t have all the fun without us!” A chaotic Mo Qi danced everywhere.
“Demons from the Mo Land. Did you come here to be killed?” A man from the Fighting Dragons Sect shouted.
“Oh, what are you so angry about? Didn’t the lady say we all came here for the xian medicine? We should cooperate.”
The Master of the Fighting Dragons Sect chuckled at the dark clouds, “You Mo race hid in the Eastern Lands and created so much chaos for us but we will let you into the team this time. We need to cooperate against the Yao here but if we’re going to find the medicine, it all depends on our own ability.”
“Haha, since you have said so then we Yao race will join as well.” Ten thousand animals flew from another side of the sky. The noise was deafening and the shaking was violent.
“Friends from across the realms and races all gather here. The two sects seem to be very kind to the Mo and Yao. You allow them to dwell in your lands but my men from the Eastern Dynasty are brave. We won’t let the devils and animals into our country.” The Eastern Emperor opened his mouth. The Eastern Dynasty was always at war. Unlike them, the Fighting Dragons Sect and Linglong Sect were more tolerant. As long as the Mo and Yao were not making much trouble for humans, they wouldn’t start the fight.
Yin Tianshang, Yin Zhenluo’s elder brother, was in one of those war. Because of the ongoing war, the Eastern Dynasty had the most organized and toughest army in the East.
“Haha, we all know about the blood-thirst of the Eastern Dynasty but if you are truly powerful, why don’t you flatten the Land of Darkness? If you can do that, the Mo race shall never step into your land again.”
The Mo and Yao fighters laughed.  
The Eastern Dynasty did try to break the Land of Darkness once. They sent eight million men into the heart and numerous treasures were collected but men were lost giving the Mo and the Yao a chance to slip into the Dynasty. They never left since.
The Mo and the Yao kept badgering the Emperor so he said, “We fought all our lives against each other. None of us want to die here today. Let’s stop fighting in the Land of Darkness. We’ll take what we find. The only enemy is the beasts from the Land of Darkness. What say you?”
“How nice you are. We all want the xian medicine but it’ll be a bloody battle. Many fighters will sacrifice their lives. We will cooperate with you and fight those beasts during the Flood!” A beast fighter said.
“I’ve heard of a boy named Xuanyuan. He has the Immortality Technique? He came to the Land of Darkness to search for something related to it, right?” An old Mo asked.
“Well, you should ask your little princess, Shiguan. Princess Shiguan fought with our Princess Pingyao for Xuanyuan. Didn’t you know? We have no information about Xuanyuan. Did the Mo send him as a spy? And the Fighting Dragons Sect keeps this bastard. Are you challenging us?” A man from the Hai Family accused.
“Don’t you point fingers at the Fighting Dragons Sect!” The Master of the Fighting Dragons Sect was provoked. He nibbled his fingers and leapt. His power suffocated the xian class fighter from the Hai Family. The Eastern Emperor summoned nine golden dragons in his palm and defended the attack. The weaker beasts from the hundred miles forest all died.
“Shut up!” The Emperor shouted at the man from the Hai Family. “You’re still hot-tempered. So many have years passed and your strength is strong but your temper didn’t improve one bit.”
“Kettle and pot.” The Master of the Fighting Dragons Sect smirked.
They sensed the force rising from the Land of Darkness and went quiet.
Inside the Land of Darkness, a mysterious force was circling upwards.
The Flood of Darkness was about to begin.
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