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DTH Chapter 239 – Asura Blood

DTH Chapter 239 – Asura Blood
In the heart of the Land of Darkness, there was a cave which once belonged to the Vajrapani Monkey. Currently, it was lit brightly with a Light Disposition, which was naturally set up by Xuanyuan. The pig huddled next to Qian Doudou, while Youxue was still guarding Xuanyuan nearby.
Xuanyuan had his closed eyes as he recited the Asura Blood Technique. Red mist steamed off his body, indicating that his blood was boiling inside him. Each drop of his blood had become incredibly violent. Although his blood had reacted violently after he had consumed the Heavenly Dragon Elixir, it could not compare to the Asura Blood. He felt as if his body was on the brink of explosion; in fact, it would have already occurred if he was an ordinary person.  
Practitioners needed to merge fighting Qi with every single drop of blood to refine it. When he would reach the stage where even his blood could be used to kill, the process could be said to be completed. However, more importantly, he had to open his acupuncture points by boiling his blood, which was necessary to prepare for the imperial realm.
For every drop of blood he refined, he had to endure an enormous amount of pain. Xuanyuan, however, did not cry out. As the mist of blood gushed into the cave and dripped onto his skin, shadows of Asura Demons appeared in his mind. They dived at Xuanyuan and started to tear at and chew his body. It was only at the last second that he realized that his mind was delusional and pulled his thoughts together. He broke out into a cold sweat; it was only now that he realized the danger Shiguan had mentioned about practicing the Asura Blood Technique.
He was fearless, however. The shadow of the King of Vajrapani was summoned, and nailed the vile faces of the Asura Demons onto the back of his mind — his mind was now tough, not susceptible to any temptation.
As time crept by, Xuanyuan became completely soaked with sweat, as a quarter of his blood was refined. His strength was surging throughout the process, increasing from four thousand nine hundred dragons to five thousand six hundred dragons.
Both Qian Doudou and the pig stared at him with disbelief.
“Xuanyuan is so impressive! Is he the legendary Saint Body? Only a few extraordinary physiques can achieve this,” she grumbled to herself. The pig kept silent. It could not risk having the information about Xuanyuan’s real physique leaking out. Otherwise, Xuanyuan would surely meet his demise.
The war that was waged on the Devouring Emperor was a game of chess played by many powerful individuals. The Fighting Dragons Sect did not participate in the fateful battle that eventually claimed the Emperor’s life, but they were, in fact, partly responsible. Like many others, they had used the hands of other people to slay the Emperor. Similarly, they had also destroyed many Sects and Schools through the Emperor’s hand.
Xuanyuan opened his eyes, his breathing hard and deep. “This Asura Blood Technique is not for everyone. Even I had thought my veins were going to burst. Luckily, the Fire of the Red Lotus expanded my veins, or I wouldn’t have survived.”
“Oh, so the rumor was true! You and Princess Shiguan have a history,” Qian Doudou said.
Xuanyuan did not know whether he should laugh or cry. “It’s not that complicated. I forced her to give me the technique. But I wonder how I can refine my blood so quickly.”
“Well, that’s something you don’t know, boy. In blood techniques, those of the Mo race are the most speedy, but also the most dangerous. People who have weak minds, well, they’d go insane. This was why Shiguan refused to let you have it. But your mind is strong, so there’s nothing to worry about.” The pig chuckled.
“Devour is right. That was why I wanted you to study the Asura Blood Technique. If you have a strong mind and will, you can face anything,” Greed told him.
“I see. Then the next time I practice, I won’t use the power of the Vajrapani Earth to steady myself. I will conquer the demons with my mind only,” Xuanyuan replied. After the practice, he could feel the strain on his spirit being soothed. He stood up and stretched.
The cave where the Vajrapani Monkey had once lived was three meters high. It looked plain and unremarkable but gave out a sense of gentleness.
Was there a treasure hidden inside? Xuanyuan was musing to himself when suddenly, someone entered the cave while cursing.
“Bad luck! Bad luck! Got transported by a pig and was bullied by a bunch of old men. If me had weapons, me would kick their ass!” When they heard the voice, Xuanyuan’s heart jumped, and the pig’s face turned green.
It was too late, though — the monkey entered the brightly lit cave and noticed the occupants. However, it was wounded, and golden blood dripped from its wounds.
“Such rich life essence! Don’t waste it!” The pig screamed and ran towards the dripping blood. Xuanyuan shook his head in disbelief. He really had not thought that the pig would have the guts to pretend that it was best friends with the monkey. “I say, Mr. Monkey, are you alright? You got hurt? Let us treat you first.”
The Misty Wood Helmet on Xuanyuan’s head activated, and the power of the Water of Heaven healed the monkey while simultaneously poisoning it. Xuanyuan was extremely careful and covert. The monkey, however, was surprised by Xuanyuan’s kindness and stared questioningly at the blue mist in the air.
“Is this the legendary fighting water?”
“Indeed.” Xuanyuan smiled.
“Good. You ain’t ordinary. You have treasure from the Vajrapani line? Me feel a pulling from you.”
“I do. But Mr. Monkey, what happened? You’re so powerful. Who could’ve hurt you?” Xuanyuan knew that the monkey liked to be praised.
“People from outside. The Flood of Darkness will begin very soon. They come here to take treasure. Me don’t have instruments. If Me has instrument? They ain’t gonna hurt me.” The monkey explained angrily. Xuanyuan also understood the importance of an instrument. He also wanted to recruit the monkey, in case those ‘outside people’ came in and endangered them.
“Mr. Monkey, how about this: you come with us to Black Dragon Mountain, and we’ll give you an instrument and treasure. You can then take revenge on them! How about that?” Xuanyuan was confident that the monkey would be a better guide than the pig around the Land of Darkness.
The monkey was moved.
“What you want to do at the Mountain? The Mountain is dangerous for outsiders. Me can’t bring you unless you tell me why.”
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