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DTH Chapter 24 – Fung Lie

DTH Chapter 24 – Fung Lie

There were three types of disciples within the School of Yuehua: Outer, inner and true disciples. Yueteng and Yan Ziyun were the best amongst the inner disciples. They would have to enter the wild realm in order to become true disciples of the school.
However, strength was not the only thing that made a great leader. It was more about charisma and the ability to lead.
The School of Yuehua wasn’t particularly big. There were a hundred thousand outer disciples, three thousand inner disciples and only ninety nine true disciples. The true disciples all trained behind closed doors. Not all of them were popular or had the necessary people skills. They were very useful in defending the city, but they would have ruined the School of Yuehua should they govern it.
Yueteng was no doubt very good at ruling. So was Yan Ziyun and she was also very charismatic. The school sent the best inner disciples to oversee the disciple selection, in order to test their ability to find disciples who could benefit the school.
The voice who stopped Sunwen belonged to Yuezen, also a member of the Yue family. He ranked eighty eighth amongst the true disciples. He was overwhelmingly more powerful than Xuanyuan.
“Sister Yan, you have great eyes for talents. This boy is ruthless, has great potential. Not bad.” Yuezen was emotionless. He turned and stared at Sunwen,
“Is that how you welcome your brother disciple? Get down and go face the wall of regrets everyday for three months. Within this time, you shall not collect your allowance.”
Sunwen didn’t dare to talk back. He stared at Xuanyuan evilly and walked away quickly.
True disciples were the ones who learnt many true techniques of the School of Yuehua. They had absolute power over all outer and inner disciples. They could punish or even kill them, if they saw fit.
“It is Xuanyuan, isn’t it? Even though Sunwen attacked you first, it doesn’t mean you should ruin his eye. Rules are rules. Kneel.” Yuezen ordered coldly. His overwhelming power almost forced Xuanyuan down to his knees.
His head was spinning, his bones shaking. Guxing was not as powerful as him and was scared by the terrifying force. Blood spilled from his mouth. Xuanyuan’s heart sank, but he only glared at Yuezen and uttered slowly,
“I won’t kneel. I was not in the wrong.”
Whispers spread among the on looking disciples.
“That boy has got some balls disobeying Brother Yuezen’s order. Almost suicidal.”
“Young kids these days are out of bounds. The kid’s going to learn a lesson, maybe he’ll get killed.”
“Not even the first sister could save his ass if Brother Yuezen decided to kill him.”
“He thought he could be so cocky because the first sister likes him?”
Yuezen put even more force onto Xuanyuan, “How dare you. Do you want to get killed?”
Yan Ziyun yelled desperately, “What are you doing, Brother Yuezen, he’s only a boy, only a warrior. It’s not appropriate for you to do that, is it?”
Yuezen smirked, “I could punish or kill any outer or inner disciple. This is my right as a true disciple of the School of Yuehua. Sister, are you going to disobey the rules?”
She couldn’t think of anything more to say. She only stood beside Xuanyuan and released her strength to remove part of the force from him.
Xuanyuan’s bones were shaking and were being slowly crushed. It was extremely painful. He would definitely be crushed into pieces if he didn’t own the Body of All Creation. Is this the strength possessed by the wild realm?
“If Sunwen didn’t come after me, I wouldn’t have taken his eye. It’s his fault! I shouldn’t be punished. It’s because you have grudges against me, isn’t it? You are from the Yue family. That’s why you want me to yield.”
Xuanyuan’s eyes grew blood red. His skin and flesh were all trembling. Without him realizing, he subconsciously recited “The Way to Refine Bones” and in an instance, his skin, flesh and bones connected.
Eighty one bulls!
Ninety bulls!
Ninety nine bulls!
He broke through to the master realm. Ordinary people only have forty eight bulls of strength when they entered the master realm and yet Xuanyuan already reach the peak strength of a master fighter. It was never heard of before.

All the surrounding disciples gasped.
“How could this possible? A master realm with ninety nine bulls of strength? This kid would be very powerful after practicing here.”
“Yes, I’ve never heard of such thing before. Could it be possible that he has a special physique?”
“No wonder he dared to challenge Brother Yuezen…”
Yuezen was surprised at Xuanyuan’s breakthrough, which was induced by his own force. He already possessed ninety nine bulls of strength. He could not cover up his surprise, and it only provoked him even more to destroy Xuanyuan before he could develop.
“Very well, a breakthrough under my pressure. I shall see how long you can stand.” Yuezen concentrated his strength onto a single point towards Xuanyuan. Yan Ziyun felt the pressure remove from her and realized the situation had grown worse. She was not fast enough to defend him.
His bones were shaking under the pressure. If not for the breakthrough, his bones would have been crushed already.
“Brother Yuezen, Xuanyuan is a very rare genius. Are you going to destroy the hope for the school? We haven’t had anyone summoned to the Fighting Dragons Sect for a long time!” Yan Ziyun screamed with fury. If she was strong enough, she would’ve fought back.
“He’s vile and blood thirsty. If I let him off the hook this time, he will destroy the school. Kneel!” Yuezen was jealous of Xuanyuan’s natural talent. He would’ve been summoned to the sect if only he had Xuanyuan’s talent.
Xuanyuan couldn’t stand any longer and kneeled with his left knee. Spider web-like cracks appeared on the ground.
His body was being pushed to the limit. He was almost crushed. Xuanyuan swore to himself, if he had the chance to practice, when he got stronger, he would kill Yuezen.
Suddenly, an even more powerful strength came from above to fend off Yuezen’s force. It was from an extraordinarily good-looking man on a dragon scale horse. The horse was covered with a dragon scale pattern, its colour was blood red. It was very powerful, also with a difficult temper, incredibly harder to tame. The man on it was much more powerful than Yuezen.
“I am the true disciple of the Fighting Dragon’s Sect, Fung Lie. The Fighting Dragons Sect demands all true disciples and inner disciple to gather up and ambush the evil nest of Mo near Brightsun. Brightsun City has been experiencing severe damage and casualties from them.”
Yuezen lowered his head in front of Fung Lie. Yan Ziyun bowed slightly. Only Xuanyuan straightened up and looked Fung Lie directly in the eyes, he was fearless.
A moonbeam shone out from the gate, a stern looking old man came out, he smiled at Fung Lie,
“The School of Yuehua shall obey.”
Fung Lie nodded at Xuanyuan and said in appreciation,
“Head Huatian, you’ve obtained another talent for the school. He’s only in the master realm and yet he shows such power and will. This is what practitioners of martial arts should be. You, if you can help with the ambush of the Mo race, then I will take you as an outer disciple of the Fighting Dragons Sect.”
He directed that last part to Xuanyuan. Then Fung Lie looked at Yuezen and said,
“Bullying those who are weaker, because of jealousy. You deserve to be punished. If there’s a next time, I will kill you.”
Fung Lie waved his hand and a gust of wind hit Yuezen’s face, distorting it. It swelled immediately and blood splashed all over his face. Yuezen didn’t dare to say anything.
Xuanyuan’s anger disappeared at once. He gestured “thank you” to Fung Lie,
“I appreciate your help, Brother Fung Lie!”
“Well,” Fung Lie smiled and turned to the old man, the grandmaster fighter and the Head of the School of Yuehua, “Head Huatian, I hope you don’t mind that I disciplined your unruly disciple?”
“Of course I don’t mind. Please rest assured, Master Fung Lie. The disciples of Yuehua will be able to leave soon.” Head Huatian was still smiling. If he had been annoyed with Fung Lie, he didn’t show it.
“Very well, I will head out first.” He then turned around and left on his horse.
Yan Ziyun was feeling great. She smiled and thought, “Smart boy, calling Fung Lie Brother already. It seems like he really belongs with the Fighting Dragons Sect.”

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