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DTH Chapter 241 – Enemy

DTH Chapter 241 – Enemy
Outside the cave, Wukong, the Vajrapani Monkey, was soaring through the air. By converting the cold, powerful Qi into its own fighting Qi, it was not only accelerating the speed of healing, but also enhancing its strength by the second. Multiple beasts howled, warning it to stay away, but it paid no heed. It continuously swallowed the Qi for its own use, leaving nothing for those beasts nearby.
Beside him, the pig’s torso resembled a giant vortex as it absorbed the infinite Qi from the Flood of Darkness. The pig’s face was beaming with ecstasy, giving Xuanyuan the urge to kick it.
“Let’s go somewhere further away. I want to absorb the Qi from the Flood to practice!” Xuanyuan suggested to Qian Doudou.
“How about there?” She pointed at a nearby forest. It was under the control of the Vajrapani Monkey, so it was safe from the harassment of the beasts.
The Qi slowly concentrated onto Xuanyuan’s skin, covering him with a faint, five-coloured spiritual light, and making him seem like a fairy from a faraway land. Qian Doudou was staring in awe at the scene. “Wow, Xuanyuan. You look so beautiful!”
Xuanyuan had no idea how to react. “Let’s go. We should use this half month to strengthen ourselves.”
They didn’t stop advancing until they were ten miles away from the cave. Xuanyuan settled down and activated his special physique, allowing him to sense the Qi from the Flood of Darkness, which he realized was much denser than that from the Energy Source of the Red Lotus.
He activated the Devouring Technique of the Body of All Creations. His skin, muscles, bones, veins, and organs all turned into a vortex that started to frantically suck in Qi. He only felt coldness draw into him. It would hurt ordinary people, but Xuanyuan was able to utilize everything; for him, the more, the better.
The coldness filled him with strength, which dripped into his boiling blood. He was covered with the blood mist once more, but with the help of the Qi of Darkness, he refined the blood ten times faster than before.
“Miss Qian, please look out for me. I have to concentrate on practicing.” Xuanyuan asked for help.
She nodded. “No problem. Anyways, the Qi is not suitable for me to practice.”
Xuanyuan closed his eyes and started to refine drop after drop of his blood. The faces of demons and ghosts danced about his mind, but this time, their faces were numerous and fouler — it was the effect of the Flood. His soul, however, stood upright and alone in his mind, gazing at the demons fearlessly. He did not hesitate, and his soul marched towards the demons.
The demons couldn’t bear the strength of Xuanyuan’s will and disintegrated, leaving only the Asura behind. It roared, before violently crashing with Xuanyuan’s soul.
However, it was not equal to Xuanyuan. The Asura crumbled, bit by bit. Nevertheless, Xuanyuan understood that the further he studied the Asura Blood Technique, the more powerful the demons would become, so he didn’t relax.
Within minutes, the demon was destroyed, and half of Xuanyuan’s blood had been refined. His strength was enhanced from five thousand six hundred dragons to six thousand four hundred dragons. Since his body was strengthened by the Qi, his body had become much tougher, now comparable to that of a normal third rank emperor class fighter.
Qian Doudou also caught a glimpse of the venomous Asura’s shadow.
Suddenly, Qian Doudou felt the approach of a few powerful individuals and warned loudly, “Xuanxuan, careful!”
Xuanyuan’s opened his eyes and saw four xian class fighters.
“This is him. Xuanyuan,” said one of the old men, grinning viciously.
“He lived till now. Did you see? There was a shadow of an Asura Demon behind him; he’s practicing the Asura Blood Technique. He must be a spy from the Mo. We should kill him for this reason alone!” another man said, completely ignoring Xuanyuan.
“Who are you?” Xuanyuan asked coldly.
“I’m from the Nu Family. You really shouldn’t have blackmailed us because now, we won’t let you leave without a scratch.”
“And I’m from the Lie Family. Shouldn’t you know what have you done?”
“So you want to kill me while you outnumber me?” Xuanyuan asked disdainfully.
“So what? You can kill us if you’re strong enough.”
“Miss Qian, do you think you can kill them?” Xuanyaun asked her through a mental message, preventing their enemies from hearing.
“Of course. Do you think I’m not powerful enough? They stepped into the xian class recently, easy-peasy.”
“Great. Then when you see me attack, lend me your strength and kill one of them,” Xuanyuan replied. Then, out loud, he yelled, “You scumbags! You can fight me one on one.”
“Haha! You are out of your depth. We’ll let you see the power of a xian class fighter!” An old man stepped out, but his force made Xuanyuan feel very uncomfortable. “You must pay for what you did to my family. Which limb should I take first?”
“All of you are evil!” Qian Doudou screamed.
“The little girl is pretty nice. I’ll take you after we take care of the boy. She seems to be quite powerful, I’ll suck her dry afterward.” Another old man gave Qian Doudou a disgusting smile.
“Haha! You are always full of dirty thoughts. You can take her.” Another man chuckled. They thought it was a joke, as if Xuanyuan and Qian Doudou were not worth their full attention!
When the man approached Xuanyuan, Xuanyuan suddenly pointed behind them and shouted, “You again, the Vajrapani Monkey!”
The tactic worked. All of them panicked. Taking the opportunity, Xuanyuan threw two of Zhixuan’s talismans at one of the men.
A giant pillar of fire struck the old man. Gusts of wind swirled about, making the fire burn even hotter and more violently. The forest turned into a hell on earth.
Qian Doudou produced a large bag of emperor coins, which she hurled at the man. “Explode!”
The bag, which was covered with golden markings, combined the power of gold and the earth. The shadow of the Treasure Emperor appeared and began attacking the man.
The explosions continued as a big cloud of smoke rose to the sky. Xuanyuan wanted to give a final kick, so he summoned the Five Elements Emperor – The Gold of Dark Pheonix, The Dragon-Taming Wood, The Water of Heaven, The Fire of the Red Lotus and The Vajrapani Earth. Their powers merged into one as the Five Elements Roulette formed, and with it, Xuanyuan crushed onto the xian class fighter of the Nu Family…
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