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DTH Chapter 242 – An Eye for an Eye

DTH Chapter 242 – An Eye for an Eye
Ahh… An anguished scream sounded out from underneath the Five Elements Roulette.
“Let’s go!” Xuanyuan yelled at Qian Doudou. She nodded, and they both started to flee. After moving a distance, they turned around and saw that the man’s instruments were shattered and tainted with blood, forming a gruesome scene. However, he wasn’t dead yet, despite the fact that his body was entirely charred. His bloody eyes glared at them, full of hatred. “What? He’s still alive? Is that the actual power of a xian class fighter?”
“I used five thousand emperor coins. Should’ve used ten thousand…” As Qian Doudou mumbled out loud, Xuanyuan rolled his eyes; he should’ve told her not to save her strength.
Even though the man was still alive, he was gravely injured, and the other three were also hurt. They had been tricked by Xuanyuan, which they regarded as great humiliation.
“Follow him! I have to skin the boy alive!” The charred man gritted his teeth. He took out a bottle of medicine and gulped it down, and his wounds started to heal at a visible speed. The blackened skin was shed and replaced by skin that was as soft as a baby’s. “I only had a hundred years left to live. Now I have only one year left! I have to kill him!”
“Go to hell!” The man flicked his fingers and a giant urn, filled with the power of a Xian, manifested in the sky, before beginning to plummet towards the two. The force waves it generated caused Xuanyuan to spit blood, and Qian Doudou’s face also became quite pale. She pulled out and activated a xian class protective talisman, and a Xian’s shadow ascended and protected Xuanyuan and Qian Doudou from the four old men.
The urn clashed with the protective screen and was forcefully knocked away. Until the other three xian class fighters combined their attacks, the screen would hold up pretty strongly. As it was stalling their enemies and buying them some time to escape, they ran frantically back to the cave.
“You bastard! I’ll chop you into pieces of meat! I can’t let the girl run away either. She’ll have to taste every man in the family before we kill her!”
“You still want to run? Don’t you know you can’t outrun a xian class fighter? Kneel down and beg us. Give us all your money and treasures, and maybe we’ll kill you quickly.”
The four men struck at the protective screen together, causing it to shake and crack like an eggshell. The force waves from the attack hit Xuanyuan and Qian Doudou, throwing them forward. They both spit out blood again.
“Let’s see where are you going to run.” The men steadily approached them. However, when Xuanyuan raised his head, he realized that they were back near the cave’s entrance, where Wukong was in mid-air, absorbing the Qi from the Flood. Xuanyuan smiled coldly.
“Wukong, kill them! These four men attacked us!” Even without Xuanyuan’s reminder, the monkey had recognized the old men. It furiously hissed and let out a pressure that terrified the xian class fighters.
“It’s the Vajrapani Monkey! Run!”
“Run? You want to run after you hurt Xuanyuan? Not so easy! Stay here!” Wukong’s kasaya flew out and transformed into a huge net, covering the entire area. Xuanyuan took a breath — he did not think that the kasaya could be used in this way. The men tried to slice the golden net, only to have their attacks returned to them.
“Were you the one who want to skin Xuanyuan alive?” The man who had previously said that started to tremble in fear. Wukong smirked, and slapped the man through the net — the difference in power was evident. The man’s skin disappeared completely, and soon, he stopped breathing. Wukong casually tossed the man’s corpse to the pig, which squealed happily at the life essence it was about to get.
“And you said you want to have all the men of your family rape Miss Qian?” Wukong pointed at the fighter from the Lie Family.
“No! No! It’s not me!” He panicked.
“You denied? Me recognize your voice.” The monkey’s eyes turned golden and shot out a light at the man, which emptied the man’s power and burnt his clothes. Wukong then threw him to a place a few miles away, where many lustful beasts were dwelling. Hair-raising screams echoed back, causing Xuanyuan to cry out in shock. He was imagining what was happening to the man. He had not thought that Wukong would do something like that.
“Haha, boy. An eye for an eye. I like the monkey’s tactic!” the pig said.
“And you want Xuanyuan and Miss Qian to give you all their money and treasure?” Wukong pointed at the remaining two men.
“No! No! It’s the men you already killed!” They knelt down nonetheless.
“Why don’t you give all your possessions and beg us. Maybe then we can let you go,” the pig demanded, and the two old men immediately turned over their instruments and rings.
“Please, let us go. We won’t do it again. Let us go….” they begged.
Qian Doudou was inherently kind-hearted and felt that the men were punished enough. “Xuanyuan, maybe we should let them go. They seem so pitiful. We aren’t hurt, are we?”
Xuanyuan only smirked but said nothing. His smile provoked the men, and they fumed inside. “What a humiliation! If I can get out, I’m going to bring all the best fighters from the five major houses to destroy you!”
Except it was no longer a private thought, and was projected aloud; everyone at the scene could hear it loud and clear.
The man’s heart sank. What was this technique? It could protect people’s thoughts?
“Me knew you are no good!” Wukong was furious. And with only one slap, they didn’t even have time to scream before they were killed and absorbed by the pig.
Wukong retrieved its kasaya and grinned at Xuanyuan. “Not bad. Instruments are good. Xuanyuan, you are good people. You gave me good instruments. Take these.”
Xuanyuan accepted everything graciously. Two sets of top rank heaven class instruments and four rings were now in his possession. He gave Greed all the instruments and medicine, causing Greed to yell out with excitement.
Afterward, he took a look at the stock. The four men had about a million jin of pure source energy and nine hundred billion king coins! These four men were much richer than every other person he had ever robbed combined.
“Hahaha, you’re rich, boy. Quick, give me half of the pure source energy!” The pig was drooling as it laughed.
Xuanyuan gave it a harsh kick. “You devoured life essence of the four men’s, and now you want more? Don’t even think about it.”
Suddenly, the group felt the rapid approach of an even more terrifying aura.
“Be careful! People are coming, and they are even more powerful!” Xuanyuan warned.  
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