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DTH Chapter 243 – Black Dragon Mountain

DTH Chapter 243 – Black Dragon Mountain
As six xian class fighters flew towards Xuanyuan and his companions, Xuanyuan recognized their clothing. Three of them were from the Lu Family and three were from the Xie Family. Their overall strength was a few folds more powerful than the previous fighters, making Xuanyuan feel suffocated through nothing but their glares..
“We sensed your location with the mudra. Are you Xuanyuan? Prepare for your death!” The man from Lu Family didn’t wait before attacking. His Qi crushed downwards, pressuring Xuanyuan and making it seems as if Xuanyuan’s chest was burning.
Wukong suddenly jumped up. The Seven Bohdi Beads balanced out the power of the fighters and turned into a crown. Not only did the beads destroy the man’s attack, it also then turned into a metal stick, locking the fighter in place.
“Western Sukhāvatī Temple!” The fighters said with disbelief. The Temple was one of the two major organizations in the west. Not even the Fighting Dragons Sect was as powerful.
“Tight, tight, tight, tight….” Wukong kept repeating the word, as if it was a curse from ancient times. The beads shrunk smaller and smaller locking the man up while he struggled to get out. Unfortunately for him, he had neither the time or power to do so as not only his body, but his Qi was also locked down. His face quickly lost its colour and Wukong raised its hand letting the man fall onto the ground.
“Xuanyuan, he’s all yours.” Wukong grinned.
“What are you going to do to me?” Despite his pale face, his tone was still stern. If an ordinary grandmaster swapped places with Xuanyuan, he’d be scared shitless. But it was useless to Xuanyuan. Without hesitation, Xuanyuan thrust the Devouring Sword into the man’s forehead.
Ah—– the man was desperate. The other five men wanted to help him, but the sight of the Vajrapani Monkey stopped them.
Meanwhile, Greed was rapidly devouring the man’s life essence. “Haha, great! I can finally taste such a powerful man’s life essence! He’s more powerful the those four men put together!”
“You really think you can do what you want with the power of Vajrapani Monkey?” One of the men shouted angrily.
“So you think you can do what you want with the support from the Lu and the Xie Families?” Xuanyuan retorted. Despite their anger, the men didn’t dare to move. They were waiting for the even more powerful beings to arrive.
Right in front of their eyes, the man who was trapped by the Seven-coloured beads slowly shrank and turned to dust with all of his life essence absorbed by Greed. Only a fighting ring was left. There must be a lot of money inside!
“Wukong, we should go to the Mountain of Darkness. More people like these are coming. You are strong, but they outnumber you.” Xuanyuan said slowly.
Wukong was also extremely smart. It pondered for a while and answered, “Alright, me listen to you.” Then he used the kasaya to wrap Xuanyuan and his companions, sending them towards the heartland of the Black Dragon Mountain and leaving the five xian class fighters behind. They wanted to chase after them, but thought better of it.
The moment Wukong left, numerous terrifyingly powerful people descended at the place. The Emperor of the East, his lords, people from the Yin and the Hai Familes, the Master of Fighting Dragon, men from the Hu, the Fang, the Fung, the Nu, the Lie and others all arrived.
“I’m quite impressed by Xuanyuan. He clearly has the Vajrapani Monkey to help him. He killed five xian class fighters already.” The Emperor of the East smiled.
“From this day onwards, no one is allowed to touch Xuanyuan. He had a three years deal with Jiang Yitian. If any attack him, I’ll make them pay.” The Master of Fighting Dragons Sect said. He clearly knew Xuanyuan’s potential.
People from the Lu, the Xie, the Nu and the Lie Families were silenced. They didn’t dare to say anything more.
“Your majesty. We of the Hai Family are Xuanyuan’s great enemy. I hope your majesty would permit me to retaliate against him!” A few men from the Hai Family asked. Their gaze turned to the Master of Fighting Dragons. They wanted to insult him.
“Haha, do what you want. Killing him might not be a bad thing.” The Emperor laughed, and ordered the twelve Kirin horses to head towards the heartland of the Land of Darkness. They faced many hostile beasts, but the power from the chariot protected them.
“Xuanyuan is extremely cunning. If the people from the Eastern Dynasty wanted to give him a chance to improve himself, I won’t stop them.” The Master of Fighting Dragon thought.
After everyone left, a black cloud gathered.
“So this is the boy. He owns the Fighting Elements! No wonder why the Princess like him so much.”
“I sensed that someone was practicing the Asura Blood Technique. Was it him? The Princess gave him that technique?”
Who cares. That technique is our best kept secret. An outsider cannot have it. We must report to our emperor.”
“Indeed. The princess is out of line this time.”
“If we come across the boy, we only need to erase the technique from his mind. We shouldn’t kill the Princess’ friend.”
Then the cloud flew towards the Mountain of Darkness.
A man who was surrounded by lightning stared at the direction where the monkey escaped.
“There must be something extraordinary about this Xuanyuan. He tamed the Vajrapani Monkey, but that monkey never submits to anything. Even I wouldn’t be able to do that.”
“Lightning King, you are too kind. I think the monkey might be lured by the rumours that he has the Immortality Technique.”
“Have you heard? He had all five Elements! Apart from the Vajrapani Earth, he probably has the Dark Phoenix of Gold as well.”
“Let’s go, if we catch him, we’ll find a way to tame him.”
Everyone was rushed towards the Black Dragon Mountain.  
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