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DTH Chapter 244 – The Bloodbath Begins

DTH Chapter 244 – The Bloodbath Begins
In the Land of Darkness, no one was more respected than the Vajrapani Monkey. On the way to the Mountain, the monkey began to shout to the beasts on their way in an undecipherable language. The beasts were enraged and yelled back, jumping towards the xian class fighters and marking the beginning of a bloodbath.
Wukong covered Xuanyuan and his party with the kasaya, and Xuanyuan saw that a crocodile covered with rough scales sliced three of the xian class fighters into pieces. Another beast, with a snake head and a human body, was breathing out a colourful air which quickly covered four of the fighters. All of them disappeared within seconds without even their possessions remaining.
A giant bird flew into a black cloud, causing chaos. An old man who led the Yao Race in the expedition was furious. He was called the Lightning King, since his true form was that of a Lightning Eagle which was fast as lightning. At this moment, he was covered in magical markings which allowed him to communicate with the universe. He called for a dark cloud which covered the sky and growled with thunder and lightning. The lightning then turned into numerous giant snakes and attacked the beasts below them, burning many of the beasts and reducing them to dust.
“Hahaha, Lightning King. You are more powerful after all these years!” From the black cloud stepped a man covered with black spikes. Behind him, the dark cloud turned into something else as chilling laughter leaked out from it. Venomous faces appeared, twisting and turning making the cloud seem to be able to separate souls from the bodies.
“The Formation of Soul Catching? Soul Demon, you haven’t changed a bit. You don’t practice like everyone else. Do you want to live forever? Why don’t you join the Immortal?”
“Lightning King. What was that? The Mo Race has plenty of tricks to suck a soul. It doesn’t have to be related to the Immortal.” The dark cloud swallowed any beasts that came near. No one knew what happened inside, they only heard the Mo fighters laugh and scream with ecstasy.
The twelve ladies from the Linglong Sect arrived in peace. They were attacked less often in comparison to other people because of their aura. Even if they were attacked, the beasts were stopped by their Xian Dispersion Technique, which placated the beasts, turning them away from a violent course.
The Emperor of the Eastern Dynasty was ready for a great war. His twelve Kirin Horses were bursting with fighting Qi. Each hop could destroy a mountain, and kill a xian class beast while even their howl killed some of those weaker beasts. The Emperor himself was also skilled in fighting, fighting and defeating the crocodile without lifting his arms.
However, an even more powerful beast soon arrived. It was the Great Beast of the forest, that stood much larger than normal human beings. It marched at the Kirin. Half of its body was torn apart by the Kirin on approach, but half of the dozen Kirin lost their heads, ending the fight within seconds.
The Emperor felt fury at the loss of his beasts. He raised one arm and used his Qi to destroy the Great Beast.
The Master of the Fighting Dragons Sect was in combat as well. His punches were extremely effective against the Great Beasts. Using only brute force, the Beasts were laying on the ground trembling.
That’s all Xuanyuan could see through the Kasaya….
“Wukong, what did you tell the beast?” His heart was racing. It was terrifying. The beasts could eliminate xian class fighters easily. They could even pick up fights with the Emperor of the East and Master of Fighting Dragon.
“Me told them someone wanted to take the Medicine of Black Dragon. Me going to the mountain to protect it and they should help fend off the humans.” Wukong smiled innocently. Xuanyuan thought the monkey was even crueller than he was. A bloodbath was caused right at the very beginning and there were still many beasts that hadn’t arrived yet.
Xuanyuan suddenly felt that his horizon had expanded. He no longer thought the fight between Jiang Yitian and himself to be of any importance other than personal vengeance. There were beings more powerful than Jiang Yitian.
“Go, go, go! They should all die! Monkey, let me down, I’ll collect all that life essence.” The pig was excited at the prospect of all those dying xian class fighters and beasts.
“If you want to die, I’ll throw you down. Think twice.” Wukong said.
“Well, the medicine of black dragon is much more important…” The pig thought. Then it told the monkey that it wanted to keep its life more.
“Ah! Dragon was still in the cave! Will he be alright?” Qian Doudou cried. Xuanyuan fell silent. Everything happened too quickly. Besides, it might not do Youxue any good to bring him.
“He should be fine. The battle is far away from there.” Xuanyuan comforted her.
“Don’t worry, I still control his mind. I know whether he’s alive or not. He’s safe for the moment.” Greed said, which calm Xuanyuan’s worries.
No one had any idea how much time had passed when the monkey finally stopped. “We’ve arrived at the Mountain of Black Dragon.”
They came out of the kasaya and Xuanyuan was stunned by the sight.
“Is…is this the Black Dragon Mountain?”
“Haha yes. This is it, boy. We’re here.” The pig was drooling from greed.
“Xuanyuan, me can’t go in. You have to do it on your own.” Wukong said.
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