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DTH Chapter 247 – The Little White Beast

Edited by: PZ/Nico Natsuki

Chapter 247 – The Little White Beast

Qian Doudou leaped forward and landed lightly in front of the little white beast. 

“Yi! Yi!” It jumped, startled, as it widened its eyes, which were welling up with tears. It suddenly slipped away like lightning, and Qian Doudou was unable to catch it. She turned around and said accusingly, “Stupid Xuanyuan! Look how scared it is. It won’t hurt us!” 

Xuanyuan felt that he was wrongly accused. Discomfort oozed out from the little beast. “Wukong explained that no beast would climb the mountain. I don’t feel comfortable with a beast appearing now…”

“I won’t hear from you! If the little beast dies, I won’t ever talk to you!” she snapped. Xuanyuan jumped towards the blood, and discovered that it was full of incredible life essence, which could even stimulate his own Qi!

“What an amazing life essence! It’s not blood from the little beast. This is blood from the ancient Black Dragon.” the pig-headed emperor said, as it absorbed the blood at once.

“Quick, let’s go after it!” Xuanyuan was shocked. “Looks like the beast went inside the mountain. Maybe it found the Source Energy of a Dragon’s Heart…”

Xuanyuan was holding a block of pure source energy which had the Soul-Searching Disposition carved onto it. It helped in the search for the beast as it ran higher and higher.

“If my feelings are correct, it’s a baby of an important species in the Land of Darkness. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be able to get into the mountain. All the beasts are intimidated and respectful of this place.” the pig-headed emperor said, appearing to have the same thoughts as Xuanyuan.

“We have to find it. It must know how to find the Source Energy of a Dragon’s Heart!” Xuanyuan couldn’t contain his excitement. He was one step away from saving Yin Zhenluo’s father and stopping the forced marriage!

The clouds grew thicker and thicker, and affected by the Qi on the Mountain, they started to take the shape of dragons. 

There was no disposition on the Black Dragon Mountain; only a mysterious sense lingered about in the minds of the climbers. The mountain, by itself, was a giant disposition. On the mountaintop, the Qi became so dense that it formed crystals that seemed to decorate the route. 

When they were climbing, the Qi of Darkness suddenly disappeared and was replaced with a sense of terror. The mountain shook with thunder and the skies lit up with lightning, and the entire mountain was covered by an indescribable force. 

“Damn it, the Flood of Darkness ended. The power of dispositions in the land has come back with full force! The mountain is in a lockdown.” the pig-headed emperor said, thoroughly frightened. 

“What?!” Xuanyuan cried. “We’re never going to get out?”

“Not unless we find the exit. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to bring you across all those techniques and dispositions. My strength is not at its peak.” The pig-headed emperor was serious. 

“It’s all right. I still have many strength-replenishing pills. We should search for the Source Energy of a Dragon’s Heart first. We’ll deal with how to get out later.” Xuanyuan didn’t have the energy to be upset anymore. He kept searching for the little beast with his Soul-Searching Disposition, and it continued to point even higher, where the Qi became unbelievably dense. The stone crystals they walked on, and the rivers they saw, were all formed by the condensation of Qi. They were literally in an ocean of Qi. And it was extremely pure since the Qi was produced in the Dragon’s Vein. 

The pig-headed emperor jumped around as if it was its birthday, devouring a large amount of pure Qi. Its body became a giant black hole, and the markings on its body had all lit up. Xuanyuan understood that the pig-headed emperor’s strength was recovering. 

“We should practice here first. If we are more powerful, we’ll have a better chance of finding the Source Energy of a Dragon’s Heart.” Xuanyuan suggested. 

“I agree. Let’s see if I can break through to the Xian realm.” Qian Doudou nodded approvingly and sat down. The elixir inside her stomach was activated, and Qi started to rush into her body.

Xuanyuan followed suit, reciting the Asura Blood Technique. Blood mist surrounded him as the shadow of an Asura Demon manifested. He felt that the blood of the Heavenly Dragon was boiling, being distilled. 

Half a month quickly went by. In Xuanyuan’s mind, an Asura Demon, fully armed, was roaring frantically at Xuanyuan, marching towards his soul. However, his soul stood tall, as if there were nothing he couldn’t break. He crashed with the Asura Demon’s armor. 

The demon screamed in pain. Xuanyuan’s mind was solid and tough. His Qi boiled—three-quarters of his blood had been distilled. His strength surged to seven thousand and two hundred dragons, and behind him stood an Asura Demon, which now appeared to be an invincible demon. It was the God of Blood, created by Xuanyuan’s blood mist.  

His eyelashes trembled as his eyes opened. In front of him was Qian Doudou, who emitted the light of a Xian—it was as if she could break through the barrier of gravity and ascend into the heavenly realm. She still had her eyes closed, and was clearly digesting the wonder of the xian realm. 

To his side stood the pig-headed emperor. The markings on its body had become golden and bright—it had entered the emperor realm and was now a third rank Emperor class fighter. It needed to reach the realm of a seventh rank Emperor. 

Seeing that both of them were practicing, Xuanyuan closed his eyes again. A force in the darkness was communicating with his body. 

A wondrous spiritual light flashed through his mind once again. He tried concentrating on catching it, but was unable to; however, Xuanyuan was not disappointed. He could perceive that he was closer to it than before. 

Xuanyuan was pondering many things about the outside world while he was practicing. 

“I wonder what happened outside. The humans must have lost. How many survived? Will anyone survive? Will they come to the Mountain to search for the medicine?”

“What happened to Yin Zhenluo? Is she still searching for something? Where is Yan Ziyun? Bai must still be managing Taibai. Will Shiguan run into danger when she’s in the Land of the North? Is Mochou crying in the Sect of Linglong? Is Zhixuan comforting her?”

Memories flashed through his mind as he steadily grew peaceful. 

A little white beast poked its head out. Its eyes, filled with curiosity, were fixed upon Xuanyuan. It took a few experimental steps before extending its little arm and poking Xuanyuan on the side of his body with its little finger. 

Xuanyuan didn’t seem to feel it, so the little white beast called out, “Yi! Yi!”

Xuanyuan still didn’t hear anything. He remembered the warmth from his life during his times with the old beggar, and tears slowly dropped from his eyes. 

The little white beast cried out a few more times before it decided to jump between Xuanyuan’s legs. It closed its eyes and quickly fell asleep. 


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