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DTH Chapter 248: Yiyi

DTH Chapter 248: Yiyi

It was unknown how much time had passed.

Rumbling sounds spread through the air as a celestial light invaded the atmosphere. An extremely dark strength appeared and rippled. The pig opened his eyes and looked at Qian Duo Duo.

“Good! You surprisingly broke through to the Dou Xian Realm!” said the pig-headed emperor with admiration. Such skilled people as Qian Duo Duo were indeed really rare.

Qian Duo Duo opened her eyes and felt very good. She saw Xuanyuan who had his eyes firmly closed. He was sitting cross-legged. On his leg, there was a white-furred beast crawling. Qian Duo Duo was pleasantly surprised and stretched her hands forwards. She wanted to hug the white-furred beast but the pig-headed emperor prevented her from doing so.

“Don’t. You may scare that beast away, trust me. That beast has a complex background. It doesn’t belong to the Mo race or the beast race. It is a race which dates back to the remote antiquity. It has a noble blood flowing in its veins. It is as noble as green dragons. It can even play in the mountain of the green dragons.” said the pig-headed emperor.

Qian Duo Duo was stupefied and envious. She looked at the white-furred beast, she couldn’t help, she just wanted to hug it. Surprisingly, it was quite close to the pig-headed emperor and on top of that she could see Xuanyuan in a way she had never seen him.

“Chou Xuanyuan is really lucky but it’s fine that way as well. I will show him if the beast which he strives to protect and which gets so close to him won’t feel ashamed.” muttered Qian Duo Duo.

“You have been out for such a long time, have you never been fooled?” Xuanyuan, since his birth, has always only believed in his own instinct. When he believes that things can get dangerous, he doesn’t get close. He doesn’t trust anyone else. Don’t you admire him? Why like this and like that?” said the pig-headed emperor in a low voice while smiling.

“Well, that’s how, back then I thought that that beast was injured, how could I not save a dying beast.” refuted Qian Duo Duo: “ those are two different things.”

While Qian Duo Duo and the pig-headed emperor were arguing, Xuanyuan opened his eyes and exhaled. He was feeling extremely very well.

Nowadays, his Qi had reached a third-quarter, one more step and he would master the magic power of the Mo clan. It was extremely powerful and very dangerous. Nobody would be able to stop him. Thinking about that made him remember a few things which made him feel relieved.

The fact that Xuanyuan woke up influenced the white beast which opened its mouth and yawned voraciously exposing its sharp teeth. Some tears even appeared in its eyes. Qian Duo Duo found it extremely cute and couldn’t help but stretch her hands towards it, she wanted to hug it.

The beast suddenly looked alarmed, glanced at Qian Duo Duo and immediately went deeper in Xuanyuan’s arms. Qian Duo Duo was furious. She was breathing loudly and cried angrily:

“Why don’t you let me hug you but you hug Chou Xuanyuan? Can’t you see that I like you?”

Xuanyuan was amused and laughed:

“Didn’t you say that I stink?”

“Yiyiyiyiyi, yiyiyiyi……” the beast showed its teeth and claws to Qian Duo Duo while looking at her with its big eyes.


Qian Duo Duo felt desperate. She said to Xuanyuan:

“Xuan Xuan, let me hug it, okay?”

Xuanyuan laughed and said:

“What’s wrong? Don’t you think that I stink?”

“You don’t stink at all, you smell so good! Let me hug it.” said Qian Duo Duo trying to look cute. She liked the white beast so much.

Xuanyuan looked at the white beast and asked:

“Yiyi, don’t you want to hug her?”

Xuanyuan talked while pushing the white beast towards Qian Duo Duo. The white beast immediately turned around and dove into Xuanyuan’s bosom. Qian Duo Duo could only see its white bottom stick out. She felt hurt and sad, she almost cried.

“Why don’t you want to hug me?” said Qian Duo Duo while pouting.

Xuanyuan shrugged and said, seemingly amused:

“I have no idea but maybe that it has to do with you as a person.”

Qian Duo Duo was infuriated. She seemed like she was going to kill Xuanyuan with her eyes:

“You surprisingly dare say that I am a bad person. I will eat you!”

“I didn’t say that, I only said that it might have to do with you. It has nothing to do with me.” said Xuanyuan while smiling.

Qian Duo Duo felt like she had lost. She smiled at Xuanyuan in a cute and nice way and grabbed his forearm while shaking it:

“Xuan Xuan, you are the best, let me hug it.”

Xuanyuan had the feeling his forearm was going to get crushed and tears almost flowed on his cheeks. He replied:

“If it wants to hug you, it will hug you, if it doesn’t hug you, I have no way to force it.”

“Alright, stop talking nonsense. Make it show us the way to the dragon mountain. It probably knows how to access its depths.” said the pig-headed emperor while looking at the white beast. He was convinced that the white beast had great powers. The more a beast seemed to be docile and friendly to humans, the more it was powerful.

“Zhu Zhu, what do you think Yiyi is? If it doesn’t want to show you the way, it certainly won’t. If you act like that, you will scare it away and I will be merciless.” said Qian Duo Duo on whose nose wrinkles appeared.

The pig-headed emperor was speechless.

“Yiyi…. Hm… okay, we’ll call it Yiyi from now on.” said Xuanyuan while nodding. A moment before, he had called it Yiyi just like that without thinking but when Qian Duo Duo called it that as well, he decided it was a good name.

Xuanyuan looked at the vast and boundless dragon mountain and sighed, he looked at Yiyi’s eyes and asked:

“Yiyi, what are you doing there?”

Yiyi’s big eyes started twinkling, it opened its mouth, its sharp teeth appeared and it started calling:

“Yiyi, yiyi, yiyiyiyi”

Xuanyuan started sweating. He had heard that half a day and didn’t know what it meant. At that moment, the pig-headed emperor said to Yiyi:

“Yiyi, you definitely know where the green dragon medicine is, right?”

Yiyi looked febrile and nodded:


Xuanyuan and Qian Duo Duo were stupefied. The pig-headed emperor almost took off the ground and shouted fiercely:

“Then hurry up and tell us where it is!”

Yiyi showed its teeth, closed its eyes and shook its head:


Xuanyuan shouted:

“Yiyi can understand what we say!”

“Yiyi, don’t listen to him. Bring us to the green dragon source or do you know how to get there?” asked Xuanyuan to Yiyi.

Yiyi looked at Xuanyuan and noticed that he looked like he was in trouble. He then looked at Qian Duo Duo and the pig-headed emperor, Qian Duo Duo looked at it in a magnificent and resplendent way:

“Yiyi, don’t look at me that way, I’m not like Zhu Zhu, I don’t care about the green dragon godly medicine, I’m just interested in seeing the source, that’s all.”

“Yes, Yiyi, bring us to where the source might be, that’ll be enough. We’ll see if we’re lucky there. I need the green dragon source to save someone!” said Xuanyuan. He was in a hurry to get it because of Yin Zhen Luo’s father.

Yiyi seemed pensive half a day. Its claws were on Xuanyuan’s chest. Yiyi looked very perplex. A long time passed and Yiyi finally nodded:

“Yiyi, yiyi, yiyiyiyi……”

Xuanyuan seemingly understood and said:

“Don’t worry, we won’t cause any trouble.”

Yiyi nodded and jumped off Xuanyuan’s chest. It landed on the ground and walked forwards. Xuanyuan looked extremely satisfied. He had used the spiritual seeking force in the past but hadn’t found anything which had made him feel desperate but now Yiyi was leading the way and he would probably be able to find the source. Of course, Xuanyuan was very happy about that.

The pig-headed emperor’s head was hanging dispiritedly. He was really longing for the godly dragon medicine and he hadn’t thought that Yiyi knew its whereabouts. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t tell him. The pig-headed emperor was completely dispirited and he was going up the mountain feeling as heavy as an anchor. His heart ached.

“No way, it had to bring me to the godly dragon medicine, if I can get it, my strength will recover and I will be back to my normal level. The pig-headed emperor was wild, the godly dragon medicine was extraordinary. It had been made with green dragon’s essence created by the earth and the sky themselves. In the Dou Qi continent, there weren’t many remedies as powerful as the godly dragon medicine. Even back then when the emperor had entered the green underworld, it was because of the godly dragon medicine. Now, he was already in the celestial dragon mountain, how could he return empty-handed?

Back on that day, the sky devouring emperor had undergone the tyranny of the underworld. The access to the celestial dragon mountain had been obstructed. In fact, the sky devouring emperor had wanted to take the godly dragon medicine to save someone. He had wanted to do that all on his own and oppose the countless number of ferocious beasts of the underworld. As one can well imagine, after neither side lost nor won, he escaped.

Yiyi wasn’t slow at all. It was running around in the mountains and seemed to know the region very well.

“Yiyi, yiyiyiyi”

“Are we there soon?” asked Xuanyuan.

“Yiyi” Yiyi nodded as to indicate to Xuanyuan and the others that they could get ready.

“Wow, Xuan Xuan, you’re so awesome! You can understand what it is thinking!” said Qian Duo Duo amazed.

“I look at his eyes and know what it means as if we were on the same wavelength.” said Xuanyuan getting ready. He moved closed to Yiyi while the pig-headed emperor and Qian Duo Duo moved even closer to it.

Yiyi started chanting something strange, a ray of light appeared but it fainted immediately after.

Yiyi rose up with its claws on its chest, it looked like it was in pain. It kept turning around. Xuanyuan and Qian Duo Duo looked overjoyed.

Yiyi’s Qi rose up again, made some gestures with its pays and started chanting again.

“……….Yiyi, yiyiyiyi”

Suddenly a ray of light appeared and a portal appeared. Yiyi’s eyes were twinkling with excitement as it jumped back to Xuanyuan. It then pointed to the golden lights of the portal with its paws.


“Let’s go in.” Xuanyuan was extremely happy. The pig-headed emperor and Qian Duo Duo gathered behind Xuanyuan and entered the portal.
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