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DTH Chapter 249: The Blood Pond

Edited: Nico Natsuki

Chapter 249: The Blood Pond


Ahead of them, a vast green and luxuriant expanse spread out.

It seemed like the dragons carved into the green walls were alive. They looked vivid and the area was filled with vitality and Qi. The flowers and trees stretched out into the distance, undulating constantly. It appeared that the forest went on endlessly, intertwining like dragons.


Each flower, each tree seemed filled with vitality and resembled a dragon. This place gave people the feeling that they were in a dragon’s world. Each living creature had a mystical energy, and the world was filled with incredible treasures.


“Ahhhh….”. Seeing the vast expanse of treasures, the pig-headed emperor started drooling. He greedily looked around and shouted “So many treasures! Mine, they are all mine!”


Yiyi seemed angry and started screeching at him.


“Yiyi, yiyiyiyi”


“You damn pig, you’re not allowed to touch those, we just came for the Source Energy of the Dragon’s Heart, that’s all.” said Xuanyuan firmly.


How could the pig-headed emperor ignore all those treasures? Ignoring Xuanyuan, he jumped onto a mysterious flower. However, at that very moment, a terrifying, suffocating strength rolled in waves from the skies. A water jar containing a lightning bolt appeared in the sky. The bolt roared and crashed onto the pig-headed emperor’s body, charring his flesh. He shouted out in pain, “Celestial Dragon Lightning?!”


Xuanyuan rolled his eyes. It would have been more peaceful without the pig-headed emperor.


When Yiyi saw that, he burst out into laughter, “Yiyiyi”


Both Qian Doudou and Xuanyuan were amused at the fate of the pig-headed emperor. That was the result of the pig-headed emperor’s karma.


“Argh, keep laughing!” he shouted infuriated. A singed smell came off his body, and his skin was blackened. He was foaming at the mouth from the pain, looking both confused and disoriented. That was clearly Celestial Dragon Lightning. The pig-headed emperor was terrified thinking back to what he just saw.


“Yiyiyiyi” Yiyi looked at the pig-headed emperor, who was trembling, and couldn’t stop laughing.


The pig-headed emperor rolled his eyes and ignored Yiyi. He couldn’t say anything, as Yiyi was the only one who could guide them.


“There are no warning signs present. Could it be that we are inside the dragon’s body? It must be! The dragon obviously does not want us to pick up the treasures within his body. The Medicine of the black dragon must be even deeper inside”, thought the pig-headed emperor dispiritedly.


The pig-headed emperor kept looking around. It was like a Shangri-La for him, with an abundance of treasures, and yet he wasn’t allowed to take them. How pitiful. He wanted to die.  

Xuanyuan smiled wryly at Yiyi, “Yiyi, let’s ignore him. Bring us to the source.”


Yiyi smiled and kept walking forwards. Obviously Yiyi hadn’t spent only one or two days there, it was very familiar with the surroundings.


No other incidents occurred on the way.

 The air was filled with an extremely dense dragon energy. Cultivating in here would lead to double the result in half the time.


The Qi was too enticing to the pig-headed emperor and Xuanyuan, they had to try absorbing a little. Luckily, as they both sucked in a little Qi, nothing happened. They hadn’t incurred the wrath of lightning like before, leaving Xuanyuan to breathe a sigh of relief.


Yiyi was leading the way. The path in front of them kept undulating, resembling the appearance of a dragon.


Although the scenery was exquisite, filled with plants and trees everywhere, apart from Xuanyuan and his companions, there were no other living creatures. It was very calm and nothing obstructed their way. Nothing could prevent them from walking forwards anyway because they were with Yiyi.


Yiyi walked confidently, but Qian Doudou was crying internally at her misfortune. Why was Yiyi only attached to Xuanyuan? Each time she thought about it, Qian Doudou was dealt another mental blow.

Unaware of Qian Doudou’s mental anguish, the others walked for a long time. As they proceeded further and further, the trees continued to grow more sparse. They felt an incredible energy in the distance, and they saw some silhouettes appear. It seemed like they were greeting Yiyi. Yiyi stopped and greeted them in return.


“Yiyi, yiyi, yiyiyiyi”


After that, Yiyi continued leading the way, they left the green and luxuriant nature behind and were now led into an ominous-looking desert.


They were uneasy at the ominous feeling, but Yiyi didn’t fear the ominous energy and kept walking naturally.


They kept walking for what seemed like forever. Eventually, there was nothing left in their surroundings, possibly due to the ominous energy in the air eroding anything that had previously resided here.


Finally, Yiyi stopped in front of a pond which appeared to levitate several feet in the air.


The pond was filled with vital energy so strong that it was suffocating.


“That’s the pond of the Ancient Dragon’s blood. It’s here! It’s here! If we absorb it, our strength will increase tenfold!” thought the pig-headed emperor greedily. He was drooling, but he had learned his lesson and he didn’t dare jump in. 


“Stupid pig, can you stop drooling? All we need is the Source Energy of the Dragon’s Heart. We didn’t come for the rest. Don’t cause us any more unnecessary problems.” said Xuanyuan, rolling his eyes again. He felt like their predicament wasn’t great, being stuck inside the dragon’s body, but he was convinced that once they found the source, they would find a way out.


“Argh, what do you understand? That blood dates back to ancient times and belongs to the dragon. It is imperial blood. Each drop is a treasure. If we leave it here, it will eventually evaporate and be a complete waste. How can you resist bathing in it and changing your blood?” said the pig-headed emperor firmly.


Xuanyuan was dumbfounded, “What? Haven’t I already refined my blood? Why would you make me change it?”


“That is irrelevant. This blood is far purer and a million times more powerful. Try bathing in it, and you’ll see what I’m talking about.” said the pig-headed emperor, this time rolling his eyes at Xuanyuan.


After considering what the pig said, Xuanyuan decided to use his Heavenly Dragon Technique. But suddenly, an explosive force shook Xuanyuan’s body. He felt paralysed beneath the pressure.

Fighting the insane pressure, Xuanyuan shouted with determination, “How can I prostrate myself in front of other people?! I won’t bow to anyone!”


Xuanyuan gritted his teeth and forcefully dispersed the force!


“Do you now realise? You practice the Heavenly Dragon Technique, which means you have some ancient blood power in you. However, you are still unable to compare to the ancient dragon’s blood. Even your Heavenly Dragon Technique is being consumed. I will erase everything you have learned, and you will start again from scratch using this dragon’s blood.” said the pig-headed emperor as he began pouring his power into Xuanyuan’s body. A force spread through his body, and his blood came spilling out. Xuanyuan’s strength fell from 7200 dragons all the way down to 4900 dragons. 


Xuanyuan felt like he was dying as the pig drained more and more of his strength. The pig-headed emperor slyly smiled and said, “Not bad, your fighting Qi is very pure. You even use the ‘Asura blood technique’. I suppose it’s not surprising seeing how you helped me break through to the fourth level of the emperor class.”


“You damn pig!” shouted Xuanyuan furiously, pointing at the pig-headed emperor.


“Don’t point your fingers at me. I did this for your own well-being. I want you to become stronger. Because the Qi in your body is now useless for you, instead of wasting it, it’s better that I use it.” said the pig-headed emperor who was smiling happily at Xuanyan’s misfortune.


Xuanyuan knew the pig was right so he turned back and looked at the pond, thinking about what he would soon have.


“Yiyi, yiyiyiyi” Yiyi jumped on Xuanyuan and pointed to the pond.


“Do you want me to bring you inside as well?” asked Xuanyuan.


Yiyi nodded and smiled.


“Yiyi, yiyiyiyi”


“I know why Yiyi likes you now. It’s because he can sense that you have the Heavenly Dragon in you. Take him in with you as well and let him receive a part of the power too.” said the pig-headed emperor.


“So that’s why… I was wondering why Yiyi wasn’t wouldn’t befriend me earlier.” Qian Doudou was relieved. 


Xuanyuan smiled and rose to the pond. As he gazed at the pond, he could sense the incredible vitality emerging from it, making his muscles, blood and flesh shiver with anticipation.


This would be an enourmous boon to his Body of All Creations!

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      There is no editor for DTH chapters anymore, the next several chapters are going to have several problems, especially referring to names of things.

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      Why does nobody read the posts I make… There is no editor for DTH chapters anymore, the next several chapters are going to have several problems, especially referring to names of things.

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