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DTH Chapter 249: The Blood Pond

DTH Chapter 249: The Blood Pond

In front of their eyes, everything was green and luxuriant.

It seemed like dragons were carved in those green walls.

They looked  vivid and that area seemed full of vitality. There was an infinity of flowers and trees and at the same time undulating. The forest seemed boundless. It seemed like dragons were intertwining and it seemed like there were small dragons running over their bodies.

Each flower, each tree seemed filled with vitality and looked like a dragon. That place gave people the feeling that they were in a dragon world. Each living creature had a mystical energy. That world was filled with incredible earthly treasures.

“Ahhhh….” the pig-headed emperor was drooling. He was looking all around in a greedy way and shouted: “So many treasures, those, those, they’re all mine!”

Yiyi seemed angry and shouted at him:

“Yiyi, yiyiyiyi”

“You damn pig, you’re not allowed to touch those, we just came for the godly dragon source, that’s all.” said Xuanyuan firmly.

How could the pig-headed emperor ignore all those treasures? Like a greedy dog, he jumped on a mysterious flower. However, at that very moment, a terrifying strength rolled in waves in the atmosphere which became suffocative. A water jar appeared in the sky with a lightning bold inside which crashed onto the pig-headed emperor’s body with a roaring sound.

Xuanyuan rolled his eyes. It would have been better without the pig-headed emperor.

The gigantic lightning bold crashed on the pig-headed emperor’s body and crushed his flesh. He shouted with pain:

“Celestial dragon lightning!”

When Yiyi saw that, it burst in laughter. It put its claws on its tummy and laughed very loud:


Qian Duo Duo smiled and Xuanyuan’s mouth was twitching. That was the pig-headed emperor’s karma.

“Argh, keep laughing!” he shouted infuriated. His skin smelt like it was roasted and it was burning. Foam was flowing out of his mouth. He looked confused and disoriented. That was clearly the celestial dragon lightning. The pig-headed emperor was having palpitations.

“Yiyiyiyi” Yiyi looked at the pig-headed dragon who was trembling and couldn’t stop laughing.

The pig-headed emperor rolled his eyes, he had no choice, Yiyi was the only one who could guide them so he had to rely on him.

He looked around and there was no restrictionwere no warning signs. There were lots of plants and trees and flowers. The nature was livid.

“There is no restrictionare no warning signs. Could it be that we are in the dragon’s memories? It has to be. We are in the dragon, obviously it doesn’t want us to pick up things in his body. The godly dragon medicine must be inside.” The pig-headed emperor felt dispirited. He kept looking around.

That place had so many treasures and he wasn’t allowed to take them. How pitiful. He wanted to die. It was as if a golden mountain had been in front of a robber but that he was unable to take it, of course it was hard!

Xuanyuan smiled at Yiyi:

“Yiyi, let’s ignore him. Bring us to the source.”

Yiyi smiled and kept walking forwards. Obviously Yiyi hadn’t spent only one or two days there, he was very familiar with the surroundings.

No other accident happened on the way. There was a pure fighting Qi.

The fighting Qi was extremely dense and contained dragon energy. Practicing there took far less time than outside.

The pig-headed emperor was greedy, he couldn’t help it. Xuanyuan felt the same way at that moment when sensing such a pure energy. They both absorbed some and it didn’t attract anything bad so Xuanyuan was relieved.

Yiyi was leading the way. The path in front of them was zigzagging and was dragon-shaped.

There were plants and trees everywhere, the scenery was splendid.

However, apart from Xuanyuan and the others, there were no other living creatures. It was very calm. Nothing was obstructing their way. Nothing could prevent them from walking forwards anyway because they were with Yiyi.

Yiyi was walking confidently. Qian Duo Duo had tears in her eyeswas crying of cuteness because she really liked Yiyi.

Why did Yiyi only get close to Xuanyuan? Each time she thought about that, Qian Duo Duo felt sad. Why did Yiyi only get close to Xuanyuan and not to her?

They walked for a long time and trees were getting rarer and rarer. There was an incredible energy there and some silhouettes were appearing. It seemed like they were greeting Yiyi. Yiyi stopped and greeted them:

“Yiyi, yiyi, yiyiyiyi”

After that, Yiyi continued leading the way and walked forwards. They had left the green and luxuriant nature and were now in a desert which looked ominous.

It wasn’t making them feel at ease but Yiyi didn’t fear that ominous energy.

Yiyi continued walking forwards naturally. Despite that ominous energy, Xuanyuan and the others didn’t stop.

They walked on that road for a long time. There was nothing anymore, maybe because of that ominous energy.

Xuanyuan didn’t know how long they had walked and then Yiyi stopped. There was a pond halfway up in the air.

In the pond, there was an vital energy. It was so powerful that it was suffocative.

“That’s the ancient dragon blood pond. It’s here!” It’s here! If we absorb it, our strength will decuplate.” thought the pig-headed emperor greedily. He was drooling but this time he didn’t dare jump in.

“Dead pig, can you stop talking? If we can find the source, that’s enough. We didn’t come for the rest. Don’t cause troubles.” said Xuanyuan rolling his eyes. He felt like the situation wasn’t that great. They were stuck inside but he was convinced that if they found the source, they would be able to find a way out.

“Argh, what do you understand? That blood dates back to the remote antiquity and belongs to the dragon. It is imperial blood. Each drop is a treasure. If we leave it here, it will be useless and will evaporate. How could you not bathe in it and change your blood?” said the pig-headed emperor firmly.

Xuanyuan was stupefied.

“What? Haven’t you changed your blood already? Why would you change again?”

“Nonsense. This blood is much purer and a million times more powerful. Have a try and you’ll see how you feel in that dragon blood.” said the pig-headed emperor while rolling his eyes.

When Xuanyuan heard the pig-headed emperor, he used his celestial naga trick and suddenly, an explosive force made Xuanyuan’s body shake. He felt as if he had been turning into a mountain, he couldn’t bear it.

Xuanyuan shouted with determination:

“How could I prostrate myself in front of other people? Impossible!”

Xuanyuan gritted his teeth and made that force disperse!

“Now you know? You have the celestial naga skill so it means you have some ancient blood force in you but you’re unable to cause any harm. Even your celestial naga trick is being consumed. I will erase everything I taught you and you will start again from scratch.” said the pig-headed emperor while putting his claws in Xuanyuan’s body. A force spread in his blood and came out. Xuanyuan’s level 7200 wyvern strength fell down to 4900.

Xuanyuan was suffering. He just saw the pig-headed emperor smile slyly and said:

“Not bad, your battle Qi is very pure. You even use the “Asura blood technique” and you helped me break through to the fourth fighting emperor level.”

Xuanyuan almost coughed some blood. His could feel that the blood force he had acquired after such hard practice had been stolen by the pig-headed emperor.

“You damn pig!” shouted Xuanyuan furiously while pointing at the pig-headed emperor.

“Don’t point your fingers at me. I did that for your well being. I want you to become stronger. That Qi was useless for you, it’s better if I use it.” said the pig-headed emperor while smiling happily.

Xuanyuan was helpless. He looked at the pond and the blood strength which was inside.

“Yiyi, yiyiyiyi” Yiyi jumped on Xuanyuan and pointed to the pond while calling.

“Do you want me to bring you inside as well?” asked Xuanyuan.

Yiyi nodded and smiled.

“Yiyi, yiyiyiyi”

“I know why Yiyi likes you now, it’s because it can sense that you have the celestial naga in you. It’s good for the pond so take him with you. He will receive a part of your power too. Go with him, you smartie.” said the pig-headed emperor while rolling his eyes.

“So that’s why… I was wondering why Yiyi wasn’t getting close to me.” Qian Duo Duo was relieved.

Xuanyuan smiled, rose up in the air and appeared next to the pond, he could sense the incredible vitality emerging out of it and making his muscles, blood and flesh shiver.

This was extremely beneficial for the ten thousand bodies transformation!
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      There is no editor for DTH chapters anymore, the next several chapters are going to have several problems, especially referring to names of things.

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      Why does nobody read the posts I make… There is no editor for DTH chapters anymore, the next several chapters are going to have several problems, especially referring to names of things.

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