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DTH Chapter 25 – The Young Master of the Yin Family

DTH Chapter 25 – The Young Master of the Yin Family
Fung Lie was extremely powerful. His status to the School of Yuehua was like Yan Ziyun to Moonwaste City. They both belong to a much bigger and much more powerful organization. 
The Head of the School, Huatian, was in the same realm as Fung Lie, but he might not have much advantage when fighting him. It’s because they practiced vastly different techniques, because Fung Lie was supported by The Fighting Dragons Sects.
The entire Land of the East was nine hundred million square miles, and the sect was in control of one third of that land. It was unimaginably powerful.
The hit Yuezen took from Fung Lie had completely crushed his pride. He was humiliated in front of many inner disciples of the school. He glanced at Xuanyuan with hatred and walked away.
But he knew that the ambush against the nest of Mo near the Brightsun City was a great opportunity. If he contributed enough to wipe out the Mo race there, he might be able to practice in the sect. There were many benefits from the sect once you entered it. 
The Fighting Dragons Sect had Judgment Stands set up in all the subordinate schools. On the stand, people were punished for their crimes and mistakes, but rewarded for their achievements and contributions.
Everyone in the School of Yuehua was summoned. All of the true disciples flew out from their chambers. They had all entered the wild realm, and the top three among them had entered the king realm.
Yueteng led the inner disciples he recruited back to the school.
He glared at Yan Ziyun and Xuanyuan, but didn’t say anything. It was clear to everyone that something serious had happened.
The Head and the elders responsible for teaching, guarding medicine and smithing weapons appeared.
Huatian was floating in midair and said slowly, “The nest of this Mo clan is located a few hundred miles away from Brightsun City, one of the subordinate cities of the school. The nest is like an ants nest, there’re many underground tunnels. There will be many fighters from the Mo race dwelling inside, so it will be a difficult battle. Every true disciple shall lead ten inner disciples in the master realm. Do you understand?”
“We shall obey!” ninety nine true disciples and a thousand of the qualified inner disciples replied in unison.
Huatian glanced at Xuanyuan knowingly. He felt strange from the point when Yan Ziyun and Xuanyuan entered the City of Yuehua.
He couldn’t understand where Xuanyuan came from. So he didn’t stop Yuezen when Xuanyuan was bullied. He wanted to examine the boy’s worth. If Xuanyuan was indeed a genius in martial arts, he would surely bring many advantages. Now that he was noticed by Fung Lie from the sect, then he would surely be beneficial to the school, since he’s such a good friend to Yan Ziyun.
Every true disciple had a small group of inner disciples that they were closer to. Yan Ziyun’s family brother, Yan Liang, a handsome and strong man, was a true disciple that she could rely on.  
Yan Liang was among the top ten of the true disciples. He was at the peak of the wild realm, soon he will enter the king realm.
Yan Liang was happy when he approached Xuanyuan, “I was just about to step in and stop Yuezen, but grandmaster Fung Lie was faster. Not bad, boy. My sister, Ziyun, picked the right person.”
He patted on Xuanyuan’s shoulder, then flew down the mountain and landed on a black horse. The horse was even bigger than the bloody-moon horse, with muscles like steel.
Yan Ziyun and Xuanyuan rode Guxing on the way down. He had luckily bought all the instruments to protect from such threats. They were useful immediately.
“First sister, does the sect usually give out precious prizes?” Xuanyuan asked.
“Of course. The sect once gave us a Heaven class technique, but not everyone got the chance to practice it.” Yan Ziyun smiled, “But you are now being observed by the sect. There’s a good chance you might be selected. When you become stronger, don’t you forget your first sister.”
Xuanyuan grinned, “I won’t, but the nest we are heading to is so close to the Brightsun City. I’m afraid they would make trouble for me. It might be dangerous.”
“Don’t worry, you are handpicked by grandmaster Fung Lie. They wouldn’t do anything to you unless they wanted to be destroyed by him.”
“They might use devious tricks if they can’t kill me in broad daylight. I have to be careful no matter what.” Xuanyuan said.
Yan Liang was riding on his dark-moon horse, taking the lead. Xuanyuan and Yan Ziyun were on Guxing following closely behind. Shi Congyu and Liu Piaoxu and another six people, all Yan Ziyun’s trusted disciples, were behind them.
“Five days until we reach Brightsun City. I’ll practice along the way.” Xuanyuan learnt from the “Record of the East” on how long it took to travel between different places, where he should go and where he should avoid. The nest near Brightsun City was a place to avoid.
But he was still excited about it. He was slowly learning about this world. The stronger he became, the closer he would be to Yin Zhenluo. He had his mind set on the Yin Family of the Eastern Dynasty.
He remembered Yin Zhenluo’s face. She was as beautiful as a fairy, her dark hair like a silky waterfall. Her long white dress draping down, accentuating her quiet beauty. He couldn’t forget about her, the woman that he grew to be very fond of.
On their way to the nest, there was a hill nearby. Wu Ming set up a giant mirror on the ground. The mirror was reflecting not the reality, but somewhere distant. A shadow appeared in the mirror. The owner of the shadow was a proud man.
“Young master.” Wu Ming knelt down and bowed to the shadow. He reported everything that happened in this month.
If Yin Zhenluo didn’t stop for a month to train Xuanyuan, Wu Ming and Wu Dong would never have been able to catch up with her. They only found out where she was seven days after she met the boy. Now that she left the boy, they had lost track of her again. He could only tell this to the young master of the Yin family.
“My little sister got herself a useless disciple? She has thought this through. The pearl was my present to her, and she gave it to the boy. Without the pearl, you’ll never be able to find her, but the boy will not be so lucky. He must have some dark secret to be able to kill Wu Dong. Wu Ming, gather a team of assassins and kill the boy. Destroy the spell she put on him, and kill him. The School of Yuehua belongs to the Fighting Dragons Sect. He might give them our family’s secret techniques to promote himself within the sect. I’ve seen too many people like this.” The shadow sounded slightly surprised at first, then calmed down very quickly.
“Young master, I’m afraid this might not be a viable plan. Lady Zhenluo was fond of the boy and the boy doesn’t seem to be the type that would betray her. If the Lady knew about this, it might be more difficult to get her to come home.” Wu Ming said,
“Lady Zhenluo is an expert in strategy. She must have her own reason to give the pearl to Xuanyuan. If Young Master was in a fight with the Lady, you might not be able to defeat her. What’s more important is that Lady Zhenluo trained and led the assassin team of our family.”
The shadow was silent for a while, then said slowly,
“Never mind then. If the boy does not have the slightest amount of talent, kill him. Like Wu Dong, I will treat your family with kindness when you die. You know what you have to do.”
Wu Ming knew this day would come.
“However, if he has a hidden talent. Then protect the boy and bring him back. Don’t worry about what my sister will do. Just do what you see fit.”
Wu Ming bowed to the mirror and said with dignity,
“I shall obey.”

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