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DTH Chapter 250: Imperial Battle

Edited:Nico Natsuki
Chapter 250: Imperial Battle


Several mysterious dragon imprints appeared next to the pond of blood. The blood in the pond itself was disturbed, constantly tossing and churning, forming dragon-like shapes. 


Xuanyuan submerged himself into the blood and started absorbing it. His body started acting as a vortex for the Qi, devouring it voraciously. Xuanyuan had the impression that upon completely absorbing the blood, he would obtain the same energy as the ancient dragons, and would drastically increase his strength and lifespan.


“Yiyi…” Yiyi  seemed to want to jump in as well,  but he  was afraid to step into the pond of blood.  


“Boy, what are you doing? Just use your ‘Asura Blood technique’ and absorb all the blood.” urged the pig-headed emperor. He seemed to be using Xuanyuan to understand the strength of the dragon’s blood. 


Xuanyuan nodded and immediately started using the Asura Blood technique to absorb and refine the blood into himself. The dragon blood started merging with his muscles, strengthening them. Xuanyuan expected the process to be extremely painful but surprisingly, it was quite the pleasant experience.


However, the dragon blood entering his body clashed with the Heavenly Dragon Blood he already possessed, slowly overpowering and expelling the Heavenly Dragon Blood. 


Xuanyuan continued to refine his dragon blood using the Asura Blood Technique, but the process was excruciatingly slow, far slower than refining his old blood. Undeterred by the pace he was progressing at, Xuanyuan continued to refine the dragon blood drop by drop.


During the process, Xuanyuan suddenly heard a voice in his head.


“Mortal, you surprisingly dare enter my pond. I admire your audacity. You appear to possess the Body of All Creation, impressive.” A majestic voice boomed, echoing in his head. It was domineering, but at the same time warm and gentle.


Xuanyuan shuddered and said, “You’re the ancient dragon!”


“Indeed. I never thought that a person with the Body of All Creations would absorb my energy and blood before my memories dissipated. Excellent!” The dragon sounded excited at the prospect of obtaining a new body.


“I want to find the Source Energy of the Dragon’s Heart. Master, would it be possible for you to give it to me?”

Despite the strength of the dragon’s mind, Xuanyuan spoke confidently yet respectfully. He was assured that the strength of his own willpower would be able to stand up to that of the dragon. However, the source was still the property of the ancient dragon. He had to show respect to the creator of the source.


Interested in Xuanyuan’s request, the dragon asked, “The Source Energy of the Dragon’s Heart? Tell me, why do you need it?”


“I need it to save someone.” Xuanyuan proceeded to explain the circumstances surrounding their trip to the Land of Darkness and the disease plaguing Yin Zhenluo’s father.


“Therefore, I hope that you can help me. I would be in your debt.”


“I see. I was wondering why my little friend seemed so close to you. You are not afraid of the dragon clan and you possess the ‘Heavenly Dragon Blood’. Surprisingly, there’s someone with the Body of all Creations, five fighting spirits refined into their organs, and a complex background. You have already surpassed many so-called ‘geniuses’ I have met. If you want, I can even transmit my ‘Hidden Alchemy’ and my ‘Peerless Heavenly Dragon Body’ techniques.” said the ancient dragon while laughing.


“What?” Xuanyuan shivered with anticipation and said, “What do you mean?”


“If you can withstand my willpower, you can practice my Hidden Alchemy technique. I can also further help you improve your Body of All Creations. From now on, you and I will share the same body. Are you willing to risk your life?” said the dragon while laughing.


“Master, if you wanted to harm me, you wouldn’t have warned me in advance. I am already injured, and you would easily be able to take over my body if you so pleased. I am curious as to what you would benefit from our partnership?” asked Xuanyuan, curious about the dragon’s motivations.


“Haha, I am an ancient dragon. It would tarnish my honour to do things in an underhanded fashion. I prefer to do things openly and frankly. Furthermore, I can sense that you are righteous. Besides, only by combining our powers can I surpass my old self.” said the ancient dragon while smiling. It appeared that he had taken a liking to Xuanyuan.


“Alright, since you seem to impart all your knowledge to me, I have no reason to decline your gift. I promise that I will never betray your trust, nor tarnish your reputation.” said Xuanyuan, excited at his good fortune.


“Haha, young boy, you sure know how to appeal to others. I can’t wait to witness the day you rise in the world. If someday, you are able to master my powers, you will have to help me do something.” said the ancient dragon.


“Of course.” immediately replied Xuanyuan.


“Aren’t you curious as to what I need you to do?” asked the dragon.


“It is in the future, why should I worry about it now?” replied Xuanyuan calmly.


“You have an indomitable will, little boy. With such a temperament, you deserve my respect. So, go ahead and continue absorbing and refining my blood and energy. You need to keep at it for it to be beneficial.” The dragon’s blood continued to toss and turn tumultuously, as if it sensed its master’s will.


Xuanyuan resumed his meditation again. He knew that his deal with the dragon was a double-edged sword. The only reason the dragon accepted Xuanyuan was because humans who could make it to the heart of the Celestial Dragon Mountain were extremely rare. Despite losing his body, the dragon’s willpower was extremely strong. Xuanyuan’s body, being of a cosmically rare type, would be his ideal body. As such, he wanted to possess Xuanyuan’s body. The outcome would be decided by which of the two had the stronger willpower


Despite the dragon dying long ago, he was still an ancient dragon. His willpower couldn’t possibly be compared to Xuanyuan’s.


Amongst the 37 beasts, celestial beasts were ranked first. While it was easy for Xuanyuan to obtain the power of the dragon, mastering it was a whole other story. It wouldn’t be easy.


Xuanyuan didn’t worry too much about it. He started absorbing the blood of the dragon. He could sense the blood of the dragon becoming one with his body, rapidly increasing his strength.


When the  pig-headed emperor saw that the will of the dragon wasn’t harming Xuanyuan in any way, his eyes twinkled and he laughed, “Let’s not waste that blood! I’m coming too!”


The pig-headed emperor jumped towards the pond, when all of a sudden, a terrifying Qi invaded the atmosphere. The water pot containing the lightning bolt once again struck the pig-headed emperor.


Screaming in pain, he shouted, “Celestial dragon Lightning?!”


“Ah! Impossible! Why can that little boy absorb the dragon blood, but not me? I don’t want to live anymore!” shouted the pig-headed emperor, smoke rising from his charred body


Qian Doudou laughed and said, “Maybe it’s because Xuan Xuan’s body has the Heavenly Dragon.”


The pig-headed emperor calmed down and waited with Qian Doudou.


After a while, the silhouette of an cruel-looking Asura with blue-green scales appeared in Xuanyuan’s mind. Xuanyuan understood that it was time for his willpower and the dragon’s willpower to clash.


The Asura dragon bared its fangs and rushed Xuanyuan. It was several times more powerful than before. Xuanyuan was fearless. His willpower was like a sharp sword and he collided with the Asura. His body suddenly felt very sore, while the Asura broke apart. The Asura started reforming itself. Xuanyuan’s willpower was indomitable, he condensed his energy into a sharp sword once again and clashed with the Asura.


After 36 collisions, the Asura was completely crushed.


Xuanyuan continued to refine and absorb the blood into himself. He could sense that his flesh and muscles had become much stronger. It seemed like his strength was infinite. The appearance of the Asura king after he refined his blood indicated that he had completed his Asura Blood Technique.


In Xuanyuan’s mind, an ferocious Asura with dragon scales appeared, equipped with a battle-axe. His aura was domineering, like that of a king. Everything in the vicinity seemed to pale in comparison to the Asura dragon.


If Xuanyuan wanted to master it, he had to defeat it!

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