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DTH Chapter 251: 9500

Edited: Nico Natsuki
Chapter 251: 9500

  Inside Xuanyuan’s mind, the Five Elements Roulette started revolving, fusing together with Xuanyuan. He glared at the Asura king, a steely look in his eyes.

  Xuanyuan knew that he had already mastered the Asura Blood Technique. Currently, his strength had risen to 9500 dragons.

  Even in the Fighting Dragons Sect, very few practitioners were able to achieve this level. Being able to achieve this level of strength itself was a status symbol, etching fear into people’s heart. Even Mochou, with her Body of a Thousand Spirits, only had the strength of 2500 dragons. Other ordinary disciples only reached a strength of 500 dragons. This itself was considered to be quite good. Apart from Xuanyuan, who’s body type allowed him to display this insane strength, it was very difficult for other people to reach the strength of 9500 dragons.

  “I never would have thought that a human would be able to practice my Asura Blood Technique to this level. It’s fraught with danger. Furthermore, you possess such dense, pure dragon energy.” said the Asura King. Unlike the previous iterations of the Asura, this one was clearly far superior. His eyes gleamed with wisdom and murderous intentions.

  “So what? You’re just trying to make me put down my guard. Die!” Shouted Xuanyuan furiously. Xuanyuan combined his soul with the Five Element Roulette, creating a gigantic five-colored roulette that hurtled towards the Asura King at full speed.

  The Asura King’s face suddenly changed, and he burst into laughter. He gestured at Xuanyuan and said, “Look, this is what the one you admire is engaging in at the moment. “

  Xuanyuan’s heart stopped for a second. The surroundings suddenly changed. A big bed appeared out of nowhere. On the bed lay Yin Zhenluo, stark naked and being dominated by Haiya.

  “Haha, Xuanyuan, you never would have imagined that I could dominate and control a woman as proud and powerful as Yin Zhenluo. She’s now my slave. I told you before, and I’m telling you again; you can’t defeat me.” declared Haiya proudly, seemingly confident in his success.

  “Xuanyuan, you can’t defeat Haiya, give up. You will never be as good as him.” said Yin Zhenluo, her face flushed red with embarrassment and defeat.

  Xuanyuan was furious. He smiled coldly and said, “It’s just an illusion. You’re still trying to make me feel confused. Break!“

  Hsi Five Element Roulette flew towards Yin Zhenluo and Haiya, seeking to destroy them. Yin Zhenluo screamed in desperation, “Xuanyuan, do you really want to kill me? I’ve taught you so much, are you going to repay my kindness with enmity? “

  “Little boy, you really want to die!” shouted Haiya furiously. He swiped at the Five Element Roulette.

The Asura King was truly extremely cruel. He used both Yin Zhenluo, for whom Xuanyuan held great affection and respect, and Haiya, who he hated, in order to test Xuanyuan’s willpower. Xuanyuan saw through his pathetic attempt to manipulate him and was not taken in by the illusion.


  In a flash, the Five Element Roulette, created by the five fighting spirits he had refined, collapsed onto the illusion, breaking it apart. Despite knowing that all he saw was an illusion, Xuanyuan still felt sad. He couldn’t forgive the Asura King for using them to try and manipulate him.


  Once again, his surroundings changed. A grassfield filled with flowers appeared in front of him. A pure, fairy-like girl was prancing around on the grass.

  When Xuanyuan saw her, his heart twitched. The girl turned to him and looked pleasantly surprised, “Xuanyuan, you finally came back to see me.” 

  Xuanyuan was surprised and smiled, “I promised I would come back to see you. Come and give me a hug! ”

  That girl was Mochou. Mochou happily looked at Xuanyuan, however the Five Element Roulette immediately collapsed onto her, crushing her.

  “Xuanyuan,you are ruthless and cruel. People who have the Body of All Creation are truly evil. You feel nothing, you hold nothing dear to your heart. Neither heaven or the earth, nor filial piety, nothing moves your heart. You should cease to exist!” said the Asura King.

  “Hmph, since I know it’s all an illusion, why would I be influenced?” said Xuanyuan, an ice-cold look in his eyes. Behind him, the Five Elements Roulette spun aggressively.

  “You can only control illusions, that’s the extent of your power. My heart is vast, my determination endless. I will destroy anything that obstructs my path. No matter what illusions you dredge up to influence me, they can’t prevent me from moving forwards. I’ll just destroy them one after the other.” shouted Xuanyuan furiously. He released a deadly Qi, destroying the grassfield. The Asura King appeared in front of Xuanyuan.

  “Since you know it’s all fake, why do you get angry? You have already let darkness invade your heart. Could it be that you are not aware of it?” said the Asura King, slyly smiling.

  “You just want to fool me. You should know better than that now, you can’t move me. Why do you bother talking so much? Die!” shouted Xuanyuan aggressively. He summoned the power of the Dark Phoenix of Gold alongside the Five Element Roulette, and shouted, “Sixty Four Thousand Deicide Blades!”

  The feathers combined with the five elements and rushed the Asura King. Each five-colored feather contained a terrifying amount of willpower.

  The Asura King raised his gigantic battle-ax, and took a few steps back to defend himself. Xuanyuan noticed this and did not let up. The Asura King was feeling overpowered, when suddenly his battle-axe broke apart. His thick skin cracked and broke, his entire body disintegrating. He turned into essence, which was then absorbed by Xuanyuan. Upon consuming the essence of the Asura king, Xuanyuan could sense that his strength had one again increased drastically.

  When Xuanyuan opened his eyes again, the blood pond was boiling. Xuanyuan didn’t know how long he had stayed in the but after he absorbed all the dragon blood, other people had the impression that he had become an ancient dragon. The change was awe-inspiring.

  Thanks to the dragon’s blood, his strength had skyrocketed. Xuanyuan’s blood, flesh and muscles had all become far tougher. His strength rivaled that of top tier experts of the Grandmaster realm. People who had dragon blood couldn’t be compared with!

  “Excellent. Your determination and willpower are incredible.  You aren’t influenced by others’ opinions of you. I’m impressed.” said the ancient dragon while releasing a broad amount of determination.

  “Back then, you far surpassed the Devouring Emperor. Your cultivation of the Body of All Creation far surpasses the strength possessed by the Devouring Emperor. Furthermore, the Devouring Emperor did not have the same level of determination as you. His mind was not as pure as yours is. While you both practice the same skill, the two of you are like the Sun and Moon. Despite following the same path, the way your skills have developed are vastly different. ”

  “Indeed.” said Xuanyuan while smiling.

  “Alright, since you have already managed to refine the blood, I will teach you the ‘Peerless Heavenly Dragon Body Technique’.” said the ancient dragon.

  In Xuanyuan’s mind, an inscribed image appeared. It looked like a mysterious, enormous dragon. Several points on its body seemed to harbour special energies. Xuanyuan suddenly recalled the sensation he experienced on the dragon mountain. With a flash of inspiration, he felt as if he understood the technique in some detail. However, he still did not understand the intricacies of the technique.

  Suddenly, something appeared in the pond, accompanied by the dragon’s voice

  ”That is the Source Energy of the Dragon’s Heart you have been seeking. A link between the dragon blood vessels and the world has been established after years of refining, and it has collected at the bottom of the pond of blood.”

  “Thank you very much, Master.” said Xuanyuan, safely placing the Source Energy of the Dragon’s Heart into his ring.

  Shortly after, a pearl appeared in front of Xuanyuan. It contained the dragon’s Hidden Alchemy Technique. The pearl gave off a dense,warm feeling. He realised that it was the strength of the dragon’s HIdden Alchemy Technique.

  “That’s my essence. It contains both the Hidden Alchemy technique and the Peerless Heavenly Dragon Body Technique. You can swallow the pearl in order to gain access to the knowledge. Remember, when the time comes, you and I will battle for the control of your body.” reminded the dragon.

  “I can’t wait.” replied Xuanyuan, closing his eyes and breathing deeply. As far as he was concerned, ten thousand years was a long time to prepare. After fighting from morning to evening, he had finally obtained the source. That itself was cause for celebration. Once he broke through to the Imperial Realm, he would be able to fully comprehend the Peerless Heavenly Dragon Body Technique, and practice all hundred forms.

  All this time, Yiyi was just spectating. He seemed happy for Xuanyuan after the entire experience. Nobody still understood how Yiyi benefited from the experience.

  Xuanyuan looked at the pig-headed emperor and Qian Duo Duo. They were sitting on the ground and they looked bored, as if they had been waiting for a long time. When they saw Xuanyuan, they looked pleasantly surprised though.

  “Little boy, how are you feeling? Can you feel that you’ve become much stronger?” asked the pig-headed emperor.

  “Yes, absolutely. I now have the strength of 9,500 dragons.” revealed Xuanyuan happily.

  “Haha, I told you. You were right to listen to me. Let’s hurry up and find the Source Energy of the Dragon’s Heart.” said the pig-headed emperor looking proud and happy. He didn’t want to suffer from the lightning attacks anymore.

  “No need. I already have it. It’s time for us to leave.” said Xuanyuan, standing above the blood pond. The blood pond was still not exhausted; there was still some blood remaining. Xuayuan collected some of the blood in a jade bowl and gave it to the pig-headed emperor. The pig-headed emperor’s eyes twinkled and he said happily, “Little boy, I knew you wouldn’t be so selfish. Haha….”

  “I’m not giving it to you. I want to keep it for the future. We must remain cautious. The blood could be the difference between life and death at a crucial moment.” said Xuanyuan. The pig-headed emperor looked furious, “Argh, you insolent little boy! You dare make fun of me! ”

  “You’re the one who thinks your love is reciprocated…”

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