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DTH Chapter 251: 9500

DTH Chapter 251: 9500
  Inside Xuanyuan’s mind.
  Xuanyuan’s soul, which had five colors, was revolving. The five souls and Xuanyuan fused together. He was looking at the incredible Asura king in an ice-cold way.
  Xuanyuan knew that he already mastered the Asura technique, it had fused together with his five-colored Qi and his strength had reached that of 9500 wyverns.
  9500, in his sect they were able to reach that level. That was a symbol. It made people shiver. Even Mo Chou’s body with a thousand souls had only had the strength of 2500 wyverns. Other ordinary disciples only had the strength of 500 wyverns and that was already quite good. Apart from Xuanyuan whose strength was insane, it was very difficult for other people to reach the strength of 9500 wyverns.
  “I wouldn’t have thought that a human being would be able to practice my Asura technique to that point. It’s not easy. What pure dragon memories. Not easy.” said the Asura King. It wasn’t the same as those who had come before and who had been slaughtered. In his eyes, one could see that he had murderous intentions yet they didn’t lack wisdom.
  “So what? You’re just trying to make me feel comfortable. Die!” Shouted Xuanyuan furiously. Xuanyuan’s soul penetrated into the five souls and turned into a gigantic five-colored roulette which moved towards the Asura King at full speed.
  The Asura King’s face suddenly changed and then he burst into a frantic laughter. He pointed at Xuanyuan and said:
  “Look, what are your loved ones doing? “
  Xuanyuan’s heart stopped for a second. The surroundings suddenly changed. A big bed appeared, on the bed, there was Xuanyuan’s beautiful master. Yin Zhen Luo was completely naked and was being recklessly lashed by Hai Ya.
  “Haha, Xuanyuan, you would have never thought that I would take control over such a proud woman as Yin Zhen Luo. She’s my slave now. I told you before, you can’t defeat me.” said Hai Ya seemingly very proud of his success while laughing loudly.
  “Xuanyuan, you can’t defeat Hai Ya, give up. You will never be as good as him.” said Yin Zhen Luo as her face flushed.
  Xuanyuan was furious. He smiled coldly and said:
  “It’s an illusion. You’re still strying to make me feel confused. Break! “
  His five souls turned into five roulettes and moved straight towards Yin Zhen Luo and Hai Ya. Yin Zhen Luo looked desperate and said:
  “Xuanyuan, do you really want to kill me? I’ve taught you so much, would requite kindness with enmity? “
  “Little boy, you really want to die!” shouted Hai Ya furiously. His claws moved straight to the roulette and without hesitation, the Asura King was extremely cruel. He was using Yin Zhen Luo for whom Yuan had affection and Hai Ya whom he didn’t like to test his determination. Of course, he couldn’t be fooled.
  In a flash, the five reciprocal elements constituting the five souls – the “celestial black golden phoenix”, the “celestial naga”, the “celestial blue sky waters”, the “red fire lotus”, the “Vajra Buddha soil” – condensed into five gigantic roulettes. They looked majestic, brutal and ominous. Yin Zhen Luo and Hai Ya’s silhouettes were collapsing under those forces and in the end, they broke apart.
  But even that way, Xuanyuan still felt sad, even though he knew it was fake. Xuanyuan cared about Yin Zhen Luo and profoundly despised Hai Ya. He couldn’t forgive the Asura King for using them.
  At that moment, the surroundings changed. A myriad of flowers and a grassland appeared. A pure and innocent looking girl was jumping on the grass like a fairy.
  When Xuanyuan saw her, his heart twitched. The girl turned to him and looked pleasantly surprised:
  “Xuanyuan, you finally came back to see me.” ”
  Xuanyuan was surprised and smiled:
  “Yes, I told you I would come back to see you. Come and give me a hug! ”
  That girl was Mo Chou. Mo Chou looked at Xuanyuan, she looked very happy, however, she immediately broke apart under the pressure of the five huge roulettes.
  “Xuanyuan, you’re so cruel. People who have the ten thousand bodies are the evilest ones. In your heart, there exists neither the sky nor the earth, a mother nor a father, you shouldn’t live in this world!” said the Asura King.
  “Hmph, since I know it’s all fake, why would I be influenced?” said Xuanyuan while smiling in an ice-cold way. Behind him, the five elements turned around aggressively.
  “You mara-robbers can only control illusions, that’s all. My heart is vast, my determination is like iron, I can kill anything that obstruct my path. No matter what your illusions look like, they can’t prevent me from moving forwards, I’ll just kill them one after the other. ”
  shouted Xuanyuan furiously. He released a deadly Qi, all the grass and flowers in the surroundings disappeared in a flash and the Asura King appeared in front of Xuanyuan.
  “Since you know it’s all fake, why do you get angry? You have already let darkness invade your heart. Could it be that you are not aware anymore?” said the Asura King while smiling.
  “It’s a joke. You just want to fool me. You know better whether I am self-aware or not, so why do you need to talk so much? Die!” shouted Xuanyuan extremely loudly. His souls turned into a five-colored phoenix wind. He then shouted aggressively:
  “64,000 celestial destroying swords! ”
  The feathers entered the five souls and moved towards the Asura King. Each five-colored feather contained a terrifying amount of determination.
  The Asura King raised his gigantic battle-ax but kept retreating. Xuanyuan transformed again and turned into five gigantic roulettes. The Asura King was feeling oppressed and suddenly his battle-ax broke apart. His thick skin crackled and broke, his entire body was disappearing. It turned into determination and Xuanyuan directly absorbed it all. Xuanyuan could sense that his strength had increased a lot.
  When Xuanyuan opened his eyes again, the blood pond was boiling. Droplets were flowing all over his body as if he had become a dragon, a dragon was rising to the skies.
  Xuanyuan didn’t know how long he had stayed but after he absorbed all the dragon blood, other people had the impression that he had become an ancient dragon. It was astonishing.
  This time, he had reached a very high level. Xuanyuan’s blood, flesh and muscles had become harder. With that strength, he was able to rival with five class fighters (五品斗帝, don’t know you translated that? I need a bilingual glossary, I can figure out only by checking your monolingual glossary). Those who had dragon blood couldn’t be despised!
  “Alright, alright, very good. Your determination and willpower are incredible. You won’t let others influence you. You have an indomitable determination. Very good.” said the ancient dragon while releasing a broad amount of determination.
  “Back then, you killed the celestial dragon mountain. Your ten thousand bodies surpassed him. He mind wasn’t that pure. He didn’t have an indomitable determination. You’re not like him. If I’m not mistaken, you must have received his instructions. You two are exactly the same but your devouring skill is not the same, that’s all. ”
  “Indeed.” said Xuanyuan while smiling.
  “Alright, since you already managed to refine the blood, I will teach you the “great immortal whole boden dragon skill!” said the ancient dragon while smiling.
  In Xuanyuan’s mind, a picture with some words appeared. It was a gigantic dragon. From its tail to its head, there were some special points. It was extremely mysterious. Xuanyuan suddenly remembered the sensation he had had on the dragon mountain, his heart beat faster. In a flash, he understood everything, but not that deep.
  A dragon with a human head appeared in the pond and the dragon’s voice spread in the atmosphere:
  That is a sediment of my heart. It established a link between dragon blood vessels and the world and accumulated at the bottom of the blood pond. It has been refined for many years. You can have it. ”
  “Thank you very much, Master.” said Xuanyuan while taking the “dragon head source” and putting it in his ring.
  A short time after, a pearl containing something appeared in front of Xuanyuan, it was the dragon’s internal alchemy. It gave Xuanyuan a thick and warm feeling. He didn’t doubt that it was the strength of the dragon’s internal alchemy.
  “That’s my internal alchey. It will allow you to practice the “great immortal whole boden dragon skill” and use a hundred forms of it. It can be swallowed. When the time comes it will be a battle between you and me.” said the dragon while smiling.
  “I can’t wait.” replied Xuanyuan while closing his eyes and breathing deeply. As far as he is concerned, ten thousand years was a long time. Fighting from morning to evening had allowed him to obtain the source, he was already happy about that. After breaking through to the Imperial Realm, he would be able to practice its hundred forms.
  After Xuanyuan underwent that experience, Yiyi was in Xuanyuan’s arms and his eyes were twinkling. He seemed extremely happy. He was emitting some yiyiyi sounds. Nobody knew how beneficial the whole thing had been for Yiyi.
  Xuanyuan looked at the pig-headed emperor and Qian Duo Duo. They were sitting on the ground and they looked bored. They looked like they had been waiting for a very long time. When they saw Xuanyuan, they looked pleasantly surprised though.
  “Little boy, how are you feeling? Can you feel that you’ve become much stronger?” asked the pig-headed emperor.
  “Yes, absolutely. I now have the strength of 9,500 wyverns.” said Xuanyuan while smiling.
  “Haha, I told you. You were right to listen to me. Let’s hurry up and find the dragon source now.” said the pig-headed emperor looking proud and happy. He didn’t want to suffer from the lightning attacks anymore.
  “No need. I already have it. Time to leave.” said Xuanyuan standing above the blood pond. There was still blood in the blood pond. Xuanyuan grabbed a jade bowl and filled it with blood and gave it to the pig-headed emperor. The pig-headed emperor’s eyes twinkled and he said happily:
  “Little you, you’re generous. I knew you would give me some. Haha….”
  “I’m not giving it to you. I want to carry it. We have to be cautious. A tthe most crucial moment, that blood is much more powerful than an ordinary medicine.” said Xuanyuan while smiling. The pig-headed emperor looked furious:
  “Argh, you insolent little boy! You dare make fun of me! ”
  “You’re the one who thinks your love is reciprocated…”
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