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DTH Chapter 252: Mysterious Person

Edited: Nico Natsuki
Chapter 252: Mysterious Person


  “Argh….” the pig-headed emperor was furious but he slowly turned around, “You got the source already? What happened? ”

  “I already sorted everything out with the ancient dragon.” said Xuanyuan explaining what happened.

  The pig-headed emperor stood up, baring his fangs. At that moment, his eyes started twinkling, “That old dragon is generous, and his mind has been weakened. If you want to defeat him, the opportunities are numerous, but it’s still risky. As you said, we have plenty of time to consider how to beat the old dragon. What we need to think about now is how to escape the dragon mountain. There are many restrictions outside. Even though I have already recovered my strength to that of a level 6 emperor, it’s still impossible for me to take you out. ”

  “Don’t worry. I can leave the dragon mountain without your help.” replied Xuanyuan snarkily.

  “Argh, you despise me, don’t you?” growled the pig-headed emperor.

  “The dragon mountains have several dragon veins. All the restrictions are created by using dragon power. Now that I have learnt the dragon’s Hidden Alchemy, I am not subject to those restrictions.” said Xuanyuan while smiling.

  The pig-headed emperor’s eyes were filled with greed upon hearing this. He gazed at the treasures lying around the area. “You mean you can take treasures from the dragon mountain without the dragon preventing you from leaving?! What are we waiting for? Help me gather those treasures. Even if I didn’t get the Medicine of the Black Dragon, I can still gain some treasures. I don’t want to leave empty-handed after coming all the way here.”

  Xuanyuan rolled his eyes and said, “Piggy, are you coming or not? If you want to stay back and collect those treasures, do it yourself. I’ll leave you behind.” said Xuanyuan condescendingly. On the inside though, even Xuanyuan was reluctant to leave. However, he had already received several unexpected gifts. It would be immoral to completely loot the area.

  “You! You obtained so much, while I was stuck here waiting for you to finish absorbing the blood. You really are cheap!” said the pig-headed emperor angrily.

  Xuanyuan rolled his eyes, clearly annoyed now, and said, “It’s none of my business.”

 Qian Doudou didn’t say anything the whole time, and was just observing the situation. She was looking at Yiyi sitting on Xuanyuan’s shoulder. It appeared that Yiyi had finally warmed up to her, and wasn;t as terrified of her as before, making her feel much better. 

  When she heard Xuanyuan and the pig-headed emperor argue, she came back to her senses and laughed, “Xuan Xuan, show me what the Source Energy of the Dragon’s Heart looks like.”

  Xuanyuan nodded and took it out. The Source Energy of the dragon’s Heart gave out a dense fighting Qi. Inhaling just a single breath could revitalise a person at the brink of exhaustion, while enhancing one’s concentration. When one looked at the source, you could see several small dragons intertwining. It was truly mesmerising to look at. 

  “I wouldn’t have thought that there would be dragons inside. That explains its name. Thank you, Xuan Xuan.” smiled Qian Doudou. She was satisfied with just a single glance at the source, unlike the greedy pig-emperor who still craved the several treasures present. The pig-headed emperor immediately tried to grab it but Xuanyuan kicked him away. Putting away the source into his ring, he said, “You think you can have it? Piss off! ”

  “Argh, you little boy. You don’t know what gratitude is. I’ve been waiting outside, while you were absorbing the dragon’s blood. Even then you don’t want to show me the Source Energy of the Dragon’s Heart.” shouted the pig-headed emperor, greedily eyeing the ring. Clearly he was devising a plot to  steal it.

  “Bullshit. The dragon Qi here is extremely beneficial for development. When you first arrived, you were at the peak of the fourth emperor level. Now look at you. You are now at the peak of the sixth emperor level. Are you still not satisfied? You’re an ungrateful scum. Even as an egg, you consumed so much energy just to form your golden suns. Do you seriously expect to get all the energy you want every time?” scolded Xuanyuan.

  “Xuan Xuan is right. Even though we have just been here for a few days, even I leveled up. I managed to progress much faster here.” said Qian Duo Duo, satisfied with her growth.

  “You’re easily satisfied, little girl…” said the pig-headed emperor. He didn’t say anything anymore. Indeed, he had also benefited a lot from that trip.

  Despite his growth, he was still jealous of the numerous benefits that Xuanyuan had received from the trip, far more than him. He had even managed to absorb the dragon blood, and was now at the top of the Emperor realm. One more step and he would break through to the Immortal realm.

  “Enough nonsense.” said Xuanyuan, pointedly looking at the pig-headed emperor. He then turned to Yiyi and said, “Alright, Yiyi, let’s go. Take us out of here.”

  Yiyi looked at him strangely, “Yiyi…”

  Xuanyuan had the feeling that Yiyi didn’t want them to leave. Xuanyuan smiled at Yiyi and said, “If you want, you can come with us.”

  Yiyi’s eyes started twinkling with excitement. He was ecstatic and couldn’t control his excitement. He nodded over and over again saying, “Yiyiyiyi!”

  Suddenly Yiyi looked dispirited, and shook his head in disappointment


  Xuanyuan knew that Yiyi’s bloodline was incredible, and he needed to stay back and absorb the dragon’s blood. Xuanyuan smiled and comforted him, “Yiyi, don’t worry. There will be many more opportunities for us to meet again. I will come back to see you. Otherwise, you can come out and meet me whenever you want. ”

  While talking, Xuanyuan was transferring some of his Qi into Yiyi’s body. That way, Yiyi would be able to find him and keep track of him.

  “Yiyi!” Yiyi seemed extremely happy. He made some hand gestures, causing light to condense into a portal in the air. The portal immediately dissipated.

  Yiyi looked extremely annoyed at what happened. He jumped off Xuanyuan’s shoulder in frustration, amusing everybody.

  “Yiyiyiyiyi!” Yiyi released Qi and once again made hand gestures while chanting something. This time, the light managed to completely condense to form a golden portal. Xuanyuan and the others stepped into the portal, and were transported outside the dragon mountain.

  As they exited, Xuanyuan felt as if they were in the middle of a tornado. It seemed as if something containing a strong, pure energy existed close by.

  The pig-headed emperor had sharp eyes. He spotted a human-sized tree in the distance. It seemed to absorb something through its leaves. When he saw the tree, his heart started pounding and he exclaimed, “That’s the Black Dragon’s Medicinal Tree! Hurry up, we need to obtain it!”

  At the same time, he stretched his hand out, black claws appearing at the end of his arms. The claws seemed to contain an explosive force.

 The Black Dragon’s Medicinal Tree did not expect to be attacked by Yiyi’s companions. Noticing the hostile intent of the pig-headed emperor, the tree immediately fled to the depths of the dragon mountain. Before the tree managed to escape, the pig-headed emperor had managed to grab three of its leaves. Each leaf contained energy that could even affect the heavens and earth. The leaf was truly a rare treasure.

  “Ah, how unlucky! I only grabbed three leaves!” said the pig-headed emperor, stomping his feet angrily.

  “How could I have let it escape… Damn it, if only I had my former strength…”

  Yiyi was furious at the pig-headed emperor.

  “Yiyi, yiyiyiyi”

  “Piggy, how dare you go so far!” Xuanyuan was livid at the pig-headed emperor. 

  At that moment, a terrifying Qi suddenly invaded the atmosphere, causing Xuanyuan to feel worried and scared. He knew that the actions of the pig-headed emperor had brought forth this calamity onto them.

  “You infidel! You have the audacity to touch the tree?! Are you courting death?!” A human-like figure approached them. They could feel the unbridled rage emanating from his body.

  Xuanyuan felt as if his body was tearing itself apart in his presence. Not even Qian Doudou could escape the man’s power. Only the pig-headed emperor seemed to be unaffected.

  Yiyi jumped onto that person’s body. He patted his own chest, and pointed towards Xuanyuan and Qian Doudou, trying to explain that they helped him.


  “Ha! That explains how you grew stronger since I last saw you! Not bad.”

 Yiyi then furiously glared at the pig-headed emperor, screeching and pointing at him.

  “Yiyi, yiyi, yiyiyiyi!”

  “I know. Don’t worry. I won’t punish them.” he said, looking at Xuanyuan and Qian Doudou. The two of them suddenly felt the oppressing presence disappear, and they relaxed 

The man then looked at the pig-headed emperor, deep in thought. He then said, “So it’s you! ”

  “I never would have thought you survived being attacked by the Devouring Sword.” The pig-headed emperor didn’t seem afraid of the man, he just looked him in the eyes.

  “Haha, it truly was one of the most deadly battles of my life. I barely escaped with my life. When I heard he had been ambushed by a group of experts, I rushed to save him. Unfortunately, I was too late. He had already died by then. I didn’t think you would have survived the ambush. As a sign of my regret, please keep those three leaves.” Saying that, the mysterious man left with Yiyi.

  Xuanyuan and Qian Doudou were confused by the events that had just transpired. The pig-headed emperor ignored their questioning looks, put the three leaves away, and just said, “Let’s go. ”


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