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DTH Chapter 26 – Danger everywhere

DTH Chapter 26 – Danger everywhere
Spiritual realm fighters could release their fighter Qi inside their attacks, but they could not fly. So even someone as strong as Yan Ziyun still had to ride on horseback.
Wild realm fighters refined their marrow and immersed them with Qi. When they were totally immersed, flying was possible, but it would drain their fighter Qi very quickly.
King realm fighters refined their five organs. When they finished the process, they were able to draw Qi from the five elements and use it to fly for a long time.

Above the School of Yuehua, three king realm fighters among the true disciples were hovering in the sky and observing the disciples following Yan Liang.
The three of them looked down with coldness. They dedicated their lives to martial arts and achieved the king realm, and yet they were rejected by the sect. The boy, Xuanyuan, had already gained the recognition of Fung Lie. It annoyed them.
“True Brothers, you must get revenge for me and kill the boy. You have been practicing for so many years and you were still rejected by the sect. The boy must have some heaven-class technique or trick, otherwise, how come he has ninety nine bulls of strength when he just entered the master realm? If we could kill him and take away his technique, then we could become even stronger and get recognized by the sect.” Yuezen’s face was not swollen anymore, but the wound couldn’t be healed so easily.
The first true disciple of the School of Yuehua was called Tung Xuan. He was wearing a long blue robe with jade belt. He possessed a full set of top ranking spiritual instruments. He was extremely wealthy.
“Brother Yuezen, he was handpicked by Fung Lie. It won’t be easy to kill him.” Said Tung Xuan who was tempted. Xuanyuan already had ninety nine bulls of strength after his breakthrough, he was obviously talented, otherwise Fung Lie wouldn’t have picked him as an outer disciple of the sect.
“That’s right. Do you have a better plan, brother Yuezen. The boy is protected by Yan Liang. It won’t be easy to kill him and take away his techniques.” Said the second true disciple, Lu Feng. His voice was loud and full of strength, he distilled his lungs to the purist.
“We might not get away from Fung Lie if we do this. Then we will be killed even if we take the technique. Fung Lie has a reputation for having a bad temper.” The third true disciple, Ting Han said. His smile was devious.
Yuezen narrowed his eyes and said,
“That won’t be a problem. The Mo are powerful and numerous in the nest. What if the boy dies inside it? Yan Liang has never been very respectful of you. He might also die inside the nest. Even if our plan becomes known, then we’ll just present the boy’s technique to the sect. I don’t think we’ll be punished then. If Fung Lie isn’t happy with this, we will swear allegiance to him. The four of us must be worth more than Xuanyuan and Fung Lie will see the benefit of bringing us into the sect.”
The top three disciples of the school brightened up from Yuezen’s plan. They all nodded and said, “Very well, brother Yuezen. We shall act according to the plan.”
They descended to the ground and each led a team towards the nest of Mo.
Yuezen was leading Yueteng’s team.
Yueteng was not amused by what he heard. Xuanyuan was only a lowly commoner and yet he was handpicked by Fung Lie to join the Fighting Dragons Sect. Jealousy was burning inside him. It’s like that young boy stole all the good blessings for himself. Yueteng would have enjoyed skinning the brat to ease his hatred.
“Brother Yuezen, what did the first true disciples say?”
“The boy will die. On our way to the nest, you should contact the master of the Brightsun City. We could use some more help. I don’t think the boy will survive with this many people wanting him dead!”
They both suppressed the urge to smile.

Xuanyuan rode steadily on Guxing, he crossed his legs to recite his technique. A large amount of spiritual Qi rushed into his body, through his skin and flesh and into his bones.
From skin to bones, from outside to inside, this technique aimed at refining every single part of the body. When every part of the body was refined, practitioners could break through the realm of humanity and enter the realm of Xian!
However, each realm was a great obstacle to conquer. The rift between the spiritual realm and the wild realm was one of the largest bottlenecks. Many people could only stay within the spiritual realm their whole life.  
Xuanyuan didn’t have to concentrate on the reciting of “The Way to Refine Bones”, it recited itself inside his body. It’s the special ability of the Body of All Creations.
Xuanyuan could sense that his bones seemed alive, breathing in the spiritual Qi. His bones were getting stronger every day. If part of the Qi was not being absorbed by the greedy old bugger, he could’ve grown even faster.
On the first day, Xuanyuan’s strength grew from ninety nine to a hundred and ten, then a hundred and twenty……
On the fifth day, when they arrived at the edge of the nest, his strength surged to a hundred and fifty bulls.
His bones were as strong as steel. He wouldn’t even need to use any tricks to defeat Sunwen if they fought again.
Guxing was also absorbing the spiritual Qi gathered around Xuanyuan. Its strength enhanced by one bull every day. By the time they arrived, the wolf had seventy one bulls of strength. As its body was now becoming stronger, it could soon absorb the remaining Ghost Wolf elixir.

Xuanyuan’s power was growing each and every second. Both Yan Liang and Yan Ziyun were aware of this and were astonished that Xuanyuan could even practice when they were on the road.
But they wouldn’t spill Xuanyuan’s secret. They respected him and kept his secret quiet.
Xuanyuan opened his eyes and saw the green scenery and smelt the damp air.
“We’ve already passed Brightsun City, haven’t we? They didn’t send people over to kill me?” Yan Ziyun laughed at Xuanyuan’s first words after he opened his eyes.
“We came here to crush the Mo race, inside this nest. We were doing Brightsun City a favour, since many people from their city were killed by the Mo. If they dared to attack us, they’d be in serious trouble. Even though they do have powerful characters that could kill my brother, they wouldn’t act rashly.” Yan Ziyun knew that Xuanyuan was scared of encountering a powerful enemy, so she explained patiently.
“I see. They want to kill us when we are inside the nest. Then it’ll be much easier, and they can hold the Mo responsible for our deaths. They are pretty smart.” Xuanyuan smiled.
“You think too much.” Yan Ziyun also smiled, but she was thinking the same thing as Xuanyuan, “Brother Xuanyuan is right. Our enemies will probably try to kill us when we reach the underground. We are in great danger. Even though Xuanyuan, Congyu and Piaoxu are not afraid, but the other inner disciples are not so fearless. They might be shaken by Xuanyuan’s words. I’ll have to teach him the art of keeping his mouth closed.”
Yan Liang glanced at Xuanyuan with an appreciative look. Young people were seldom and as smart as Xuanyuan. After a while, he gave out his order, “The swarm forest is in front of us. There are many poisonous beasts and bugs inside. Stay alert. Let’s go.”

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