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DTH Chapter 28 – Beasts Attack

DTH Chapter 28 – Beasts Attack

“Brother Xuanyuan, why didn’t you rest? Elder Brother wanted us to be prepared for the fights we might face today. Even if you have strength-replenishing pills, your mind will still be exhausted.” Yan Ziyun was worried about him.
He smiled, feeling energetic from the spiritual Qi. He said, “I don’t feel tired. The night’s practice made me even stronger.”
There was no fire through the night, so it’s difficult to see Xuanyuan’s practice with only faint moonlight. But they all felt the suppressive dragon power. The technique Xuanyuan practiced overpowered all the people surrounding him.
They all speculated that the technique he was practicing was of a higher realm than theirs. Probably earth-class, they thought. But only Yan Ziyun knew that he was practicing a heaven-class secret technique of the Yin family. Xuanyuan didn’t tell her the whole truth the other day, but she didn’t blame him. He trusted her with enough information already.
Xuanyuan’s bones were a lot tougher than before. His strength surged from a hundred and fifty to a hundred a seventy two overnight. But ordinary people couldn’t have known that he grew so much.
The Pearl was a tremendous help with his practice. Many people could only improve to a certain point, fighters, warriors, and masters. When they reached the peak of their talents, they would face great obstacles to even improve by one bull of strength. Xuanyuan, on the other hand, improved his strength by twenty two bulls in a single night, this proved that he’s a rare genius of martial arts. But he was not satisfied with the speed of improvement. He still hadn’t used all the Pearl’s power. The Pearl was an earth-class instrument. To use an earth-class instrument to its maximum potential, practitioners needed to insert their own fighting Qi as fuel, but Xuanyuan still lacked the strength to do that.
Yan Liang was amazed and appreciated his sister’s skills at picking talents. He sensed that Xuanyuan was growing every moment. He grew a few inches overnight to five foot five, so he concluded that Xuanyuan had fully refined his bones as a master realm practitioner. Who knew how powerful Xuanyuan could become before stepping into the next realm! But Yan Liang kept his thought to himself, he only said,
“Let’s get on with it.”
They all followed carefully behind Yan Liang, but they moved with great speed towards the centre of the forest.
Xuanyuan, who was riding Guxing, was ravenous. He gave one of the strength-replenishing pills to the wolf and took one himself, but he still felt a deep hunger. So he took another. Then he felt a warm feeling emerging in his limps and torso.
Yan Ziyun was surprised to see that, “Brother Xuanyuan, you took two pills at once!”
Xuanyuan giggled and said, “It wouldn’t hurt to take two, right?”
She sighed,
“I have already entered the spiritual realm, and I still only need one pill a day. Only the spiritualists at their peak would need two of those a day. That means you might already be stronger than me, if we only measure the strength of our bodies.”
Xuanyuan was overjoyed, “Don’t worry, first sister, I won’t bully you.”
He took out his lower rank sword given to him by the school, it didn’t even have a name. He didn’t want to reveal his Sword of Swimming Dragon, unless it was necessary.
After half a day of marching forward, they at last encountered a dozen hostile beasts.
“Enemies! Be on guard!”
The sword in Yan Liang’s hand was called Moonlight, it’s a top ranking spiritual instrument. When he took it out from the sheath, an overwhelming fighting Qi suddenly surrounded him.
Yan Liang gathered all the Qi onto his sword and it formed into thousands of shiny little spikes. He shot all those spikes towards the beasts.
The shiny spikes were tiny like toothpicks, but they left numerous blood marks on the beasts. They howled with pain, with desperate looks in their eyes. They were desperate, they could not see a way to escape. It only took a few moments before they were all killed by Yan Liang. Xuanyuan also butchered one of the panther beasts.
“Skin the beasts, their fur can probably be sold for a decent price.” However, just when the disciples were celebrating, an even bigger herd of beasts could be seen charging towards them.
Yan Liang frowned with dismay, “Something’s wrong. Be careful.”
Within five minutes, they were met with thirty eight master ranked beasts. Luckily, everyone worked as a team. Only a few weaker disciples had gotten hurt, nothing serious though. 
After they finished, Yan Liang felt that this was odd and ordered, “Let’s go!”
They all got back onto their horses and ran deeper into the forest.
Xuanyuan understood why he urged them to run away. The beasts were not initially heading that way to attack them. Someone had provoked them to head towards their group.
The people who wanted to kill him finally acted and now that they knew where he was, their team would only become in danger more and more.
Yan Liang realized it was a deliberate attack instigated by other people. If they stayed where they were to harvest the beasts’ furs, they would eventually be surrounded by more beasts. He might be able to escape unharmed, but the disciples wouldn’t come out unscathed. He couldn’t afford to lose any of the disciples before they reached the nest of Mo.
“Someone did this to us.” Xuanyuan said.
“I know. Those people wouldn’t reveal themselves, but they wanted to kill us using the beasts.” Yan Ziyun concluded. She was being trained as the next Head of the School of Yuehua, she was skilled at analysis. Also, she was ruthless when it came to her enemies.
“We don’t know who’s behind this. The only way out was to go to the nest as soon as possible and join the other brothers and sisters. Then they can’t attack us with so many people around.” A bright light exploded from Yan Liang’s sword, along with fierce fighting Qi, shredding every beast in front of them.
After four hours of running, the forest became more and more desolate and the earth hardened. Not even poisonous plants could survive here, let alone ordinary trees.
However, there were noises and Qi was gathered in front of them. They could smell blood.
They rushed even faster forward. The environment brightened with less and less trees. The sounds grew louder and noisier. There were people screaming, beasts howling. When they finally arrived at the source of the noise, they saw that the disciples were all fighting with numerous beasts. And there was even a beast that reached the king realm.

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