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DTH Chapter 29 – The Pythogon Grass

DTH Chapter 29 – The Pythogon Grass

A while ago, Tung Xuan, Lu Feng, Ting Han and Yuezen had already found out the whereabouts of Yan Liang’s team. They forced the beasts towards Yan Liang’s direction to create chaos for them, also, to attract more powerful beasts by the smell of blood. But Yan Liang realized their devious plan and headed straight to the nest. They couldn’t do anything now, until they were inside.
On their way to the nest, they found a grass growing on a large rock. It looked like a dragon creature with mixed python blood, so it was called Pythogon Grass. It’s an extremely rare natural treasure.
Like other things, Natural treasures were also divided into seven classes: Yellow, Black, Earth, Tian, Xian, Shen and Tao. The higher the class, the more difficult to grow and when they did grow, they might even possess intelligence and learn to protect themselves and attack enemies. They were usually protected by strong spiritual beasts. They were rare and all had special effects on the body.
The Pythogon Grass, for example, when taken, it would expand a person’s veins and allow them to absorb more Qi. With more Qi gathered, it could be transformed into strength and the person might breakthrough the realms. The grass was even more precious than a king realm elixir!
Tung Xuan, Lu Feng, Ting Han and Yuezen could hardly improve anymore because they had all reached the limit of their potential.
Their strength was comparable to any inner disciple of the Fighting Dragons Sect. However the sect wouldn’t take people who didn’t have the potential for improvement. It’s more beneficial to leave them safeguarding the School of Yuehua.
However, their fate could be changed if they take the Pythogon Grass.
The four of them led their teams towards the rock, but all Natural treasures are protected by spiritual beasts.
The beast guarding it was a Rocky Dragon, with strength comparable to a king realm fighter. Its scales were so tough and strong, they could even defend against attacks from a grandmaster realm righter.
The dragon ruled over this piece of land, and it called upon many beasts immediately. A moment later, the teams led by the best true disciples were in the middle of a blood bath.
The corpses from a few dozen inner disciples from the school and a few hundred beasts were scattered around the rock where the grass was growing. Blood soaked into the soil, tainting it red and filled the air with the scent of blood.
Yan Liang arrived at the scene and saw the true disciples fighting the Rocky Dragon.
The dragon’s torso seemed to be covered with rocks. The four men were struggling to fight with this twelve metre long dragon, but they managed to hurt it even though they were at a disadvantage. The dragon was growling in pain.
Sensing Yan Liang and his team approaching, Yuezen’s face distorted to evilness for a split second, then he quickly pleaded to Yan Liang, “Brother Yan, help us kill the dragon. It’s guarding the Pythogon Grass. That’s a heaven-class treasure. It can expand our veins and aid our cultivation.”
Tung Xuan, Lu Feng and Ting Han understood Yuezen’s hidden motive immediately. The beasts around them killed many of their inner disciples, they could only rely on the dragon to keep Yan Liang occupied and let the beasts kill Xuanyuan. Of course, they would have to kill Yan Liang in the end as well.
“Right, brother Yan, come help us.” Tung Xuan ordered.
Yan Liang hesitated, but Xuanyuan stopped him before he moved and urged, “Don’t go!”
“I am the eldest true disciple of the school. No one can disobey me. Do I have to punish you according to the rules?” Tung Xuan yelled at Xuanyuan.
“Xuanyuan, you’re only an inner disciple. You have no right to intervene in our decision.”
“You are only disciples of the school, while I am an outer disciple of the Fighting Dragon Sect, specially appointed by Brother Fung Lie. You cannot tell me what I can and cannot do.” Xuanyuan looked at them coldly, “Brother Fung Lie ordered us to ambush the nest of Mo, and you are sacrificing the inner disciples for your own greed. You are disobeying and disrespecting Brother Fung Lie’s order!”
They were stunned by Xuanyuan’s words. None of them would expect that he would scold them using Fung Lie’s name. They couldn’t think of any counter argument.
“Natural treasures belong to anyone who is strong enough to take them. Of course we should pick the grass, otherwise, should we let the beasts take it? Even if Brother Fung Lie came here, he wouldn’t be able to resist the temptation.”
“What are you waiting for, brother Yan. Help us. You might be able to breakthrough to the king realm!” Yuezen softened his voice to lure Yan Liang.
Xuanyuan spoke before Yan Liang could open his mouth, “The order from the sect is of utmost importance. Brother Fung Lie ordered us to kill the Mo race and that should be the only goal. Fight for your treasured grass if you wish. I will finish the mission, maybe the reward would be much better than the grass. Let’s go!”
Xuanyuan knew full well it’s a trap. He could see it from their murderous gazes.
“Xuanyuan, stop using Brother Fung Lie to threaten us. You are not officially accepted into the sect yet. You are still our subordinate. Someone as weak as you will die as long as you step into the sect. Why postpone your death? We’ll kill you here and now.” Ting Han was bloodthirsty and driven mad by battle, he was provoked by Xuanyuan. He didn’t dare to offend Fung Lie, but killing Xuanyuan was a piece of cake.
Ting Han wielded his weapon and rushed straight at Xuanyuan. Yan Liang panicked, he was only in the wild realm, he wouldn’t be able to tackle Ting Han.
Suddenly an overwhelming pressure came from above, then a grey wind thrashed into Ting Han’s waist. Blood exploded in all directions – Ting Han was cut in half from his waist.
“Xuanyuan is a disciple of the Fighting Dragon Sect from this day onwards. The sect needs people like him. Who would dare to try and kill him? Come forward now.” A man on a dragon scale horse. The horse stepped forward. It was Fung Lie. Tung Xuan, Lu Feng and Yuezen were horrified.
“Xuanyuan, what you said was correct. You certainly deserve my attention. I’ll take this Pythogon Grass and gift it to you.”
Fung Lie was very good looking, his manner was imposing and regal. His hand gestured a few symbols and the wind Qi gushed out from the ground, blowing Tung Xuan, Lu Feng and Yuezen away. The trees around them were shredded into small pieces.
“Blades of Heavenly Wind!”
The blades of winds cut through the body of the rocky dragon.
Wounds appeared on the impenetrable stone skin of the dragon, blood spilled out from the wounds. The beasts around the dragon were all crushed.
The dragon wanted to escape, but it was too late. Fung Lie raised his finger and the dragon’s head was cut from its body.

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  1. malcolm williams November 27, 2017 at 1:27 am - Reply

    Aint life a little too wasy for the mc, and his rate of improvementis insane

    • Christopher January 17, 2018 at 4:17 pm - Reply

      ah-huh You just happen to find whatever you need to in this novel, even better than video games were you need to spend slight effort to get what you want/need..
      Plus, his character is really bad by all standards, you can be braggy, proud, happy about yourself etc etc…, but everything has limits and this guy is going way overboard.. -Note that this is only my third Chinese LN, I know most of the MC in CLN are like this, but still find it annoying, I might get used to it by the 10-11 novel-
      Also, How is anyone alive in this world? up till now in the story everybody kills everybody for giggles and sometimes not even for giggles, human population should’ve been extinct there decades ago.
      whatever, this novel is fun and the game-like ranks / equipment are good to read, who cares about common sense when reading a web novel?

      • Yume. April 26, 2018 at 5:59 pm - Reply

        Typical in xanxia, everyone’s either jealous of mc and wants him dead, looks down on him as trash and wants him dead or worships him like a god, and women regardless of strength are only there to get married and pump out babies.
        Only thing different in this one that ticks me off a bit is that mc repeatedly refers to himself as a genius, it’s okay if others do it but to call yourself one seems way too arrogant.

  2. Yume. April 26, 2018 at 5:59 pm - Reply

    Typical in xanxia, everyone’s either jealous of mc and wants him dead, looks down on him as trash and wants him dead or worships him like a god, and women regardless of strength are only there to get married and pump out babies.
    Only thing different in this one that ticks me off a bit is that mc repeatedly refers to himself as a genius, it’s okay if others do it but to call yourself one seems way too arrogant.

  3. Yume. April 26, 2018 at 6:00 pm - Reply

    I wish there was a remove/delete/edit comment button, double posted as browser stalled. >_<

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