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DTH Chapter 30 – Suntao of Brightsun

DTH Chapter 30 – Suntao of Brightsun
“Greetings to Brother Fung Lie!” Tung Xuan, Lu Feng and Yuezen were all trembling with fear. They were afraid that Fung Lie might kill them as well. They knelt on the ground and bowed to him.
But Fung Lie was not looking at them. He lifted his hand and the Pythogon Grass landed in his palm. A murderous pressure poured out from the grass, attacking Fung Lie, but he paid no attention. With a small wave of his hand, the vicious pressure dissipated. Tung Xuan gasped, as he would have been gravely hurt by the attack from the Pythogon Grass, and yet Fung Lie dealt with it so easily.
The rest of the team led by other true disciples slowly arrived at the entrance of the nest. Seeing Fung Lie, they came up and greeted him one after the other.
The scales of Fung Lie’s horse were moving along with the wind that surrounded them, making its figure even more imposing. Fung Lie looked at Xuanyuan with great satisfaction and said, “Take the Pythogon Grass. It’s my gift for meeting you.”
Then the grass landed onto Xuanyuan’s hand lightly. Tung Xuan, Lu Feng and Yuezen were all burning with jealousy. They spent so much time and sacrificed many disciples to try and get the grass, and it was given to the boy they hated the most.
Xuanyuan gestured gratitude with his hands, “Greetings to Brother Fung Lie. Thank you for your gift.”
Yan Liang and other inner disciples knelt in front of Fung Lie, but Yan Ziyun hesitated. She greeted Fung Lie with a hand gesture, like Xuanyuan.
“Very well. The Tao of martial arts tells us that we should not lose our dignity at any time. If we bend our knee to everyone stronger than us then we will lose our sense of self, then how could we exceed our weak self?” Feng Lie laughed. He moved his hands and pulled from the dragon an elixir the size of a fist, along with the dragon’s spine, and gave them to Xuanyuan.
”This is the elixir of the Rocky Dragon, and the spine was the essence of its strength. They are worth a great fortune. They are my gift for taking you in as an outer disciple of the sect. Xuanyuan, I am impressed by how much you improved in such a short period of time.”
This made even more disciples feel the burning jealousy welling up inside them. The elixir gave practitioners the power close to a grandmaster fighter. Not only that, Xuanyuan was also gifted the essence of the dragon. Xuanyuan breathed in deeply. He could feel the remaining dragon’s scent from the elixir and the spine.
Xuanyuan took the gifts and then walked up to the corpse of Ting Han and confiscated his top rank spiritual instrument, the Moon wheel. He even robbed all the money from the dead man. He was not embarrassed at all by his actions.
“Please give the order, Brother Fung Lie. What should we do next?” Xuanyuan asked.
“I am about to tackle the most powerful Mo warriors, meanwhile, all of you should kill the other creatures and the beasts inside. The more you kill, the more rewards you’ll get. Xuanyuan, test your strength with this. When this is over, I’ll bring you back to the sect. All disciples of the School of Yuehua shall concentrate on destroying the nest of Mo!”
Fung Lie pretended that he didn’t see Xuanyuan’s act of robbing the corpse of his fellow disciple. Then he rode on his dragon scale horse towards the nest. In fact, Feng Lie appreciated Xuanyuan’s thick skin. Practicing Martial arts required a lot of money, so what Xuanyuan did was not repulsive to him, but it was considered shameless by others.
“We shall obey.” The true disciples stood up one by one. Many of them were trying to establish their relationships with Xuanyuan already.
“Brother Xuanyuan, you have a bright future ahead of you. Don’t forget to recommend us to the sect.”
“That’s right, brother Xuanyuan. So talented at such a tender age, surely you’ll be a powerful practitioner in the future. Congratulations…”
“So I’ve heard that our school got a genius disciple who had a breakthrough twice already, and even defeated Sunwen. I see that the rumours were not false.”
“Brother Xuanyuan is such a handsome young man….”
All kinds of compliments were suddenly thrown at him, but Xuanyuan only smiled and climbed on Guxing. He took Yan Ziyun’s arm to help her to climb on as well. Then he said, “Respectful brother and sister disciples, killing the wicked Mo race was our goal today. The more you kill, the better the rewards.”
He then led Guxing and Yan Ziyun to the entrance. Yan Liang, Shi Congyu and Liu Piaoxu followed closely behind, So did nearly a thousand disciples.
From the entrance of the nest, there was nothing to be seen but darkness. The entrance was a thousand metres wide hole, inside a tunnel straight to the underground nest. A thousand disciples running into it made it glitter with incredible light.
The only people left in front of the entrance were Tung Xuan, Lu Feng, Yuezen, Yueteng and a few other inner disciples. They looked miserable.
When facing the dragon, Lu Feng and Yuezen were slightly injured. The fight cost them a great deal, but there was no reward left to be gained.
“What should we do? Fung Lie is protecting him. He is immeasurably powerful. If we touch the boy, we will get killed.”
“Ting Han died in such a viscous way! Fung Lie was too vicious in his attack, we would not be able to defend against him.”
“Someone’s coming.” Tung Xuan, the strongest amongst the group, announced.
Eighteen people were heading their way. They were all spiritual fighters, one of them had even entered the wild realm. Yueteng yelled excitedly. They lost most of their inner disciples, and now there were even more powerful reinforcements.
“Master Sun!”
The man in the lead was the Master of the Brightsun City, Suntao!
“Greetings. I have come because Sunzhi was injured by Xuanyuan, and my nephew was blinded in one eye as well. If I don’t avenge them, then I could not restore my dignity as the master of a city. So I brought all my elite fighters to kill Xuanyuan, as well as the Mo. We shall collect our rewards on the Judgment Stand of the Fighting Dragon together. What do you all think about this plan?”
Yueteng had already sent a message to Suntao beforehand, otherwise Suntao would not dare to state his intention to kill Xuanyuan aloud. They were already on the same side, there was nothing to hide. For Suntao, it would be beneficial to the Brightsun City if he could ally with two king realm fighters. He could kill Xuanyuan before he had a chance to react. 
“Wonderful. With the support from Master Sun, we will be able to kill many Mo creatures and eliminate Xuanyuan.” Yuezen’s face was distorted with hatred. He knew that Xuanyuan was ruthless to his enemies. If he entered the sect, he would definitely kill them when he ascended to a higher status. Only one side could live.
“That right. I already have a plan to kill the boy, without giving excuses to Fung Lie to punish us.” Tung Xuan looked at the reinforcement, and a plan had already formed. He gave out an order, “Let’s go, every Mo warrior can be exchanged into coins. There are also many precious items inside the nest. It’s a great but rare chance for us.”
Under the lead of Tung Xuan, they headed towards the underground.

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