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DTH Chapter 31 – Aim to Please

DTH Chapter 31 – Aim to Please
They were in the underground part of the nest.
When they first entered, it was pitch black everywhere. But after a while, they realized it was not complete darkness in there.
The grass was as tall as a child, growing densely everywhere, and they were glowing faintly.
Yan Ziyun was sitting on Guxing, pointing at the grass. She smiled, “This is glowing grass. With our eyesight, we can see a few dozen metres ahead with the help of the grass.”
Xuanyuan stared at the interior of the nest. It was like a whole new world. There were solid rocks, dark soils on the ground, streams flowing, tiny hills. There were also countless Mo plants everywhere. Xuanyuan suspected there might also be some be bloodthirsty gazes glaring at them. It was a terrifying atmosphere.
”There are many Mo beasts here. Stay alert. Mo beasts are less intelligent than regular beasts, the only thing they know is to kill and destroy. But if you encounter Mo creatures, such as Suras, Yaksha, Ghosts, and Demons, you should be extra careful. They can start to have a consciousness, though not very intelligent. It’s a good place to train your focus.”
Yan Ziyun was very knowledgeable. She explained patiently to Xuanyuan and Xuanyuan was very attentive. He knew too little about the world. It’s good for him to see it in reality.
In the middle of Yan Ziyun’s lecture, some strange sounds could be heard. One by one, the bloody moon horses collapsed.
Xuanyuan knew something was wrong immediately, he said, “Damn, it’s the evil air in here. Ordinary creatures cannot take it.”
The bloody moon horse was a good and strong breed, but it would not able to survive this environment.
Xuanyuan took out the antidotes he bought. He took one, gave one to Yan Ziyun, and one to Guxing. The wolf regained its strength immediately, it was no longer tired. The antidotes could not only neutralize poisons, they could also prevent the person from getting poisoned. Many plants that made the antidotes grew underground and fed on the evil air in the Mo nest.
The people following them also took out their antidotes.
Suddenly, countless Mo beasts appeared and charged at them.
Wolves, leopards, tigers, lions, bears, snakes, monkeys and even a giant rooster came out. The rooster’s beak was steel sharp, its wings were powerful. It flapped its wings and flew a hundred metres. Its beak pierced through the heart of one of the disciples.
“Mo beasts! Be on guard!” In just an instant, many true disciples revealed their powers. Lightning gathered around them. The beasts were cut down like crops ready to harvest. In a brief instant, blood had spilled everywhere.
Xuanyuan gave Yan Ziyun the Moon Wheel he took from Ting Han’s dead body.
“First sister, take this.”
He then grabbed his dagger and jumped off Guxing. With the Boots of Floating Clouds under his feet, his body was light as a feather. He leaped up to more than ten metres in a single jump, and landed without a sound. He killed a few Mo birds in mid-air. He was impressed by the power of his instruments, “It feels like magic!”
His dagger cut through everything it touched and devoured the power from every creature it touched.
The battle between human and Mo was soon over. That’s because when Tung Xuan, Lu Feng, Yueteng and Yuezen arrived on the battlefield, the power of king realm fighters was able to see and destroy the remaining creatures in the darkness. The methods they used to destroy the Mo were beautiful and fascinating.
Elixirs from the creatures’ corpses flew into the hands of the disciples. There were at least three thousand beasts killed during the battle. Tung Xuan and Lu Feng each got about twenty-five of the elixirs, the rest was taken by other true disciples.
Each of the creatures were as strong as a master realm fighter. Those elixirs could be sold for at least a hundred thousand fighter coins.
Tung Xuan and Lu Feng approached Xuanyuan and grinned, “Brother Xuanyuan, we might have offended you. Please don’t take it personally and take these elixirs as our gifts. When you arrive at the sect, don’t forget to say a few good words about us.”
“Lu Feng, Xuanyuan is officially a disciple of the sect, it’s not appropriate to call him brother. We should call him Young Master Xuanyuan. Young master was a disciple of the School of Yuehua for a brief but important period of time, so please don’t forget about all of the brothers and sisters of the school when you are in the sect.”
”Young Master Xuanyuan, we’ll protect you on this mission. We won’t let you get hurt.”
Xuanyuan smiled happily,
“Forget about our grudges. I didn’t mind that. Do I look like a greedy person to you?” And yet, Xuanyuan still put the elixirs straight into his ring without hesitation while speaking.
“You two useless scum, come up and apologize to the young master. He is very generous and forgiving. You should take him as a role model!” Tung Xuan shouted at Yuezen and Yueteng. They walked up sheepishly. Yuezen’s face was still swollen up like he had been stung by a bee. When he smiled, his face was even more distorted. He gave Xuanyuan a big bag of coins.
“Brother Xuanyuan, here is three thousand spiritual coins. Please take it as an apology and forgive my rudeness the other day.”
Yueteng also smiled to please Xuanyuan and gave him a big bag of coins. He said,
I also have two thousand spiritual coins. Please forgive the argument we had in Moonwaste City.”
Xuanyuan was indeed very pleased with himself, “Nevermind. You all apologized so sincerely, of course I’ll forgive you. But there doesn’t seem enough money here for me to spend.”
The faces of the brothers from the Yue Family twitched when they heard Xuanyuan. They wanted to strangle him but still kept the smiles on their faces,
“Of course, of course, we still have some more. Please take it, Brother Xuanyuan.”
They gave him five thousand additional spiritual coins. Their hearts ached from their loss.
Xuanyuan took all the money without shame. Ten thousand spiritual coins could be exchanged for a hundred thousand master coins. At last, he could get a top ranked spiritual instrument.
He didn’t have any reason to rob Tung Xuan and Lu Feng, since they’ve never really had any disputes or even talked to each other face to face.
Under public scrutiny, the eldest two brothers among all true disciples, and brother Yuezen, apologized to Xuanyuan. It was humiliating to the other true disciples, but they didn’t dwell on it. After all, Xuanyuan was backed by Fung Lie, and will be able to enter the Fighting Dragon Sect. He would enjoy a very bright future.
They were all glad that they didn’t get on the wrong side of Xuanyuan.
“That’s enough. Let the past be the past. Now we shall unite and fight the Mo race. That’s the important thing right now.” Xuanyuan said nonchalantly and jumped onto Guxing. He put his arm around Yan Ziyun’s waist and smiled, “Let’s go down to the second level of the nest!”
Yan Ziyun was uncomfortable and blushed. She wouldn’t have thought a young boy like Xuanyuan might be thinking about her like that. In fact, Xuanyuan didn’t do it on purpose. He was just drunk with excitement and pride.
The army of disciples headed deeper into the nest.

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