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DTH Chapter 33 – The Sword of Swimming Dragons Revealed

DTH Chapter 33 – The Sword of Swimming Dragons Revealed
The third level was a vast plain field, with a river flowing as far as the eye could see. There were still many Mo plants growing everywhere, but the light of the glowing grass was a lot brighter.
The evil air was much thicker on that level. Many of the inner disciples were unable to withstand it. So all the true disciples ordered them to go back to the school and collect their rewards from the Judgment Stand, because they wouldn’t be able to fight any longer in this air. They would only be a burden to the rest of the team.
Four hundred people were sent back. Those who left behind were at least at the peak of the master realm with more than ninety bulls strength. They would become spiritual fighters eventually.
This level had a particularly spooky feeling. Danger was looming everywhere. Xuanyuan’s voice echoed, “Everyone! You’ve been through enough battles of life and death, and your potential has been pushed beyond its limit, many of you have gained the potential to enter the spiritual realm. If you don’t have the determination to move forward or if you are content to stay in the master realm. You should leave now. Are you going to leave? Or are you going to stay and fight?”
Xuanyuan’s voice was encouraging to the disciples who yearned for strength. If the speech came from another person’s mouth, the disciples would have held them in contempt, but they trusted Xuanyuan. Xuanyuan dared to straighten his back and look someone like Fung Lie in the eye. He was handpicked by Fung Lie. They believed in him.
“STAY. AND. FIGHT!” Their chanting was deafening. They were excited by the two bloody battles they had gone through. None of them were willing to stop with their current strength, or they wouldn’t have chosen the path of martial arts.
“Great! Let’s move forward!” Xuanyuan suddenly became the leader of the School of Yuehua, making Tung Xuan and Lu Feng very uncomfortable.
“We’ll keep him happy for a little while longer. When we reach level four and five, he will have plenty of reasons to cry, when he is faced with his own death!”
“It’ll all go according to plan. When we are deep inside the nest, even Brother Tung Xuan and Lu Feng would be fighting a tough battle, let alone this clown. He’s only recently entered the master realm. No matter how strong he is, he’ll die here. He won’t be so cocky for much longer.” Yuezen thought.
The other disciples were encouraged by Xuanyuan and marched forward like an unstoppable waterfall.
“Hahaha, well said, young master Xuanyuan. You will surely have a bright future in the sect. We are all willing to serve you when you’re there.” Lu Feng was continuing to lick Xuanyuan’s boots, so they would not be accused of killing him afterwards.
“That’s right. When this is over, we would love to have the honor of serving you in the sect.” Yueteng was doing the same thing.
Yan Ziyun was giggling very hard, and she whispered in a quiet voice, “Be careful, brother Xuanyuan. They are plotting something.”
Xuanyuan grabbed Yan Ziyun’s waist, but didn’t answer. Instead, he laughed loudly,
“No problem, Yueteng. I’ll take you as my servant. So you can come with me to the sect.”
Xuanyuan suddenly saw white everywhere in his field of vision. He tried to make sense of what he was looking at and his heart was racing.
There was a swarm of white ghouls. They were marching in a formation of squares, and there was at least a hundred of them in each square. Each of the ghouls had at least one dragon strength, some of them had two or even three dragons of strength.
Xuanyuan took a deep, worrisome breath. Ten thousand white ghouls and all of them are so powerful. The remaining disciples were all well equipped with high quality armour and weapons. They could probably defeat the ghouls, but it seemed like it would be a difficult and bloody battle.
But they had come so far, there’s no going back now. He jumped off Guxing and looked towards Yan Ziyun, “Ziyun, stay with Guxing and protect him. If he’s left alone, he’ll die.”
Then he turned around and shouted, “Everyone! Come with me!”
”This time, Xuanyuan didn’t use his dagger, because the greedy bugger had said to him, “Don’t let the others sense my power, use the Sword of Swimming Dragons. I can still absorb the ghoul essence.”
He took out his Swimming Dragons sword and a blue light shone from the blade. A dragon roar could be heard. Tung Xuan, Lu Feng and Yuezen who were floating in mid-air narrowed their eyes.
“Top ranked spiritual instrument!”
Xuanyuan had such a powerful weapon! The sword he had was even better than their own weapons of the same rank. A weapon that powerful was almost sentient. It could one day become an earth class instrument!
Some of the instruments could only stay as a top ranking spiritual instrument, because of the constraints in materials. But some of them were made of high quality materials, so even they didn’t start out as a top ranking one, it was able to grow!
It was like elixirs, some of the beasts had them, some didn’t. Those who had elixirs would have greater potential for growth!
Tung Xuan, Lu Feng and Yuezen were lusting after the sword. It was made from the bones of swimming dragons and cost at least three hundred thousand master coins. If they put some effort into improving it, it’ll become a lower ranking earth class instrument. Then it’ll worth a million master coins!
Xuanyuan ran into the swarm of white ghouls. He encouraged all the inner disciples to follow his charge.
“Heavenly Dragon Descent!”
He twisted his wrists and jumped into the air. The sword in his hand was like a dragon descending from the sky. The sword cut off the heads of three white ghouls with a single stroke.
He stood in the middle of the swarm and was spinning like whipping top. He used the technique “Heavenly Dragon’s Fury” from the “Bone-crushing Fist of Heavenly Dragon” and replaced the fist with his sword. A dozen white ghouls were cut in half by the waist from his sword.
He was like a bloodthirsty dragon as he wielded his sword once again,
“Dragon of the Flying Clouds!”
The overwhelming strength came through from Xuanyuan’s skin, flesh and bones to the sword, a few ghouls were killed with each attack.
But before he could react, six other ghouls had surrounded him. Their claws were like sharp knives, pointing at Xuanyuan. Their eyes only knew blood!

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  1. malcolm williams November 27, 2017 at 2:06 am - Reply

    …now he’s a God of War

    • Christopher January 17, 2018 at 7:35 pm - Reply

      I remember one like that, and it will be like this most probably,
      *About to finish his nemesis*
      MC: “I’m the god of war!”
      *Roof falling….*
      MC: Guh, No! ~ loses weapons, and get killed “as usual” – and get revived “as usual too”-
      that’s pathetic, at least let his status and respect among his “peers” develop in an acceptable speed… regardless of how strong and weak he is, How can the older students get motivated by some punk who joined a week ago (counting the 5-day road trip)?

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