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DTH Chapter 34 – The Elixir of the Beast Spirit

DTH Chapter 34 – The Elixir of the Beast Spirit
What was Xuanyuan wearing? The Armour of Floating Clouds and underneath the armour, he was wearing the Dragon Scale Armour. The protection they gave him was superb. Not to mention that Xuanyuan was now a master realm fighter. His skin, flesh, and bones were all refined. Even his naked body was as tough as steel.
He felt a slight pain from the strength of six white ghouls attacking him at the same time. It’s like when a bullet hits someone wearing a bullet proof vest. The next moment, Xuanyuan had already attacked with his Sword of Swimming Dragons and cut off all their heads in a single swoop.
Tung Xuan, Lu Feng, Yuezen and Yueteng were all stunned by how fierce Xuanyuan was. The boy was a lot more powerful than they had anticipated. It seemed like they won’t be able to implement their plan on this level of the nest. They had to kill him in the next one.
The ceiling of the nest was lit by the glow from all of the attacks. To kill these white ghouls, Tung Xuan and Lu Feng didn’t need to use any special skills. They could easily destroy them with pure strength.
Other disciples from the School of Yuehua had also rushed into the swarm of white ghouls to fight.
The battle had exploded into a full scale war.
Xuanyuan was unstoppable. If there was any Xian present, they would see that the life essence from the dead ghouls was being absorbed and devoured by a mysterious force. It was like a black hole that was never satisfied.
A dozen white ghouls charged toward Xuanyuan from behind.
He swung his arms in a full circle and used the move “Heavenly Dragon’s Tail” to slice off their legs. They could no longer walk and could only crawl across the ground. Their screams were deafening.
A ghoul with two dragons of strength approached Xuanyuan, its hand was holding a white ball of Qi, ready to kill him.
The enemies he’d faced so far were all ghouls with one dragon of strength. Now that he felt like his strength was growing and transforming him into a more powerful being, Xuanyuan laughed,
“Good timing! Heavenly Dragon’s Pearl!”
Xuanyuan twisted his wrist and threw his sword towards the ghoul. The sword flew from his hand with a loud bang and pierced straight through the ghoul, the sword’s power pierced through three other white ghouls before it finally came to a stop. Xuanyuan was already there and grabbed the sword’s handle once again.
He saw a disciple being ripped open by a white ghoul with three dragons of strength, and the essence of life was immediately devoured by the creature. The creature was feeding on human strength to replenish its own. Three other disciples were surrounding it with their weapons in hand. But their attacks merely put a few shallow dents on the ghoul’s body and only made it even more angry. It ripped another disciple into pieces.
“Damn it!” Xuanyuan yelled. Jumping with the power of his boots, he landed in front of the corpse and with a single strike he killed it.
Xuanyuan was like a dragon descending swiftly from heaven and cutting the ghoul in half from head to toe.
“Thank you, young master Xuanyuan!”
Every single one of the disciples were fighting with their lives on the line. Dead bodies accumulated on the ground, with the glow of the grass turning red from the blood.
But the swarm of ghouls kept rushing towards them, continuing the battle.
Every time he killed with his sword, every time he used the techniques of the Heavenly Dragon, Xuanyuan could feel that his skin, flesh and bones were becoming even more synchronized. The spiritual Qi coming from every corner of the universe was being refined into pure fighting Qi and absorbed into his bones. His strength was constantly increasing with each minute he spent on the battlefield, and it didn’t stop until he reached a hundred and ninety nine bulls of strength. He could sense that he had finally reached the limit of his strength in the master realm. He now had to sense of his veins and start to refine them so he could finally step into the spiritual realm!
The fight lasted for sixteen hours. He took off his blood soaked clothes and wiped the blood from his face. He took a deep breath, his body was exhausted so he quickly took a replenishing pill. The pill restored his strength. A warm sensation flowed along his muscles and bones, the power then finally reached his pores before leaving his body. He felt energized again.
Many of the inner disciples had pushed themselves and fought until the end. All their strength was exhausted. They sat on the ground and they were all breathing unevenly. Not everyone had the money to buy strength replenishing pills.
This battle reduced the four hundred disciples into less than eighty. But the remaining elites had all entered the spiritual realm. The biggest barrier to breakthrough was a mental one. From the bloodbath, they tested their determination and potential to become stronger.
Tung Xuan and Lu Feng flew casually in mid-air. They gave their one hundred and fifty elixirs from the white ghouls to Xuanyuan,
“Young master, these are the souvenirs we’ve got from the battle on the third level. Please be so kind as to accept them.”
Xuanyuan laughed happily, “Of course, of course. Don’t worry, I won’t ditch you once I’m in the sect. When I get a decent position, I’ll surely help you get in.”
After humouring them. Xuanyuan turned to the disciples sitting on the ground and said seriously,
“Don’t follow us to the fourth level. Your biggest gain was to breakthrough into the spiritual realm. Just turn back. All of the true disciples, follow me to the fourth level!”
No one objected. The fourth level would be much more dangerous. Those inner disciples wouldn’t be able to fight another battle like that.
“Right then, Xuanyuan my lad. We’re going back. Look after our first sister.” Shi Congyu and Liu Piaoxu fared better than the other disciples, but they were also exhausted. They could only gather the strength to straighten their backs and walk with their heads held high.
“No problem, little brother Congyu and little sister Piaoxu. Be careful on your way back.” Xuanyuan grinned as he teased them.
“Hahaha….” Shi Congyu laughed and led the inner disciples back to the second level of the nest.
Xuanyuan glanced at the true disciples and said regretfully,
“Well, it seems like we’re the only ones left. I don’t get many chances to fight like this, but I’m afraid I should probably go back as well.”
Tung Xuan, Lu Feng, Yuezen and Yueteng were shocked to hear this. Was this kid toying with them?
Tung Xuan composed himself quickly, “Young master Xuanyuan, You fought so well with your excellent weapon. Why would you go back?’
“We will protect you and help you kill the creatures. So you can get a nice head start in the Sect.” Lu Feng said hurriedly, like he was worried for Xuanyuan’s future prospects in the Sect, like he wouldn’t be able to provide them any advantages.
Xuanyuan shrugged and pointed at Guxing,
“Guxing grew up with me. I’ll never part with my wolf, but the evil air in the third level is poisonous for it. It only has ninety nine bulls of strength, if not for Ziyun’s protection, it wouldn’t have made it. I won’t leave Guxing for anything.”
Tung Xuan saw the problem, “Does that mean you’d come with us if Guxing’s strength was enhanced? Otherwise, you won’t go to the fourth level?”
Xuanyuan nodded. Tung Xuan and Lu Feng shared a long glance at each other. Their heart ached for all the elixirs they gave him. They couldn’t let him slip away at this point. Too much had already been invested in their plan, but they did have an elixir of the beast spirit. It could enhance the wolf’s strength several levels, but this elixir was a grade four spiritual class elixir. It cost a hundred thousand master coins.
“Screw it. All the instruments that the boy owns are worth more than a hundred thousand coins!” Tung Xuan heavily sighed and gave Xuanyuan the elixir,
“Young master Xuanyuan, this is the elixir of the beast spirit, I’ve had this for many years. It’s a grade four elixir, it is extremely difficult to make. It’s a special pill for beasts, it’s able to help them enter the spiritual realm. Give it to your wolf.”
Xuanyuan looked at him with ‘gratitude’ and thanked him ‘sincerely’,
“Thank you, brother Tung. I won’t forget your kindness!”
He snatched the elixir from Tung Xuan and put it into Guxing’s mouth quickly, like he was afraid that Tung Xuan would change his mind.
Tung Xuan’s heart was bleeding. Even to him, a hundred thousand master coins was still a lot of money.
“Xuanyuan, I’ll kill you. I’ll take back tenfold of what you’ve taken from me!” He thought to himself.

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