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DTH Chapter 35 – The Fourth Level

DTH Chapter 35 – The Fourth Level
Xuanyuan squeezed the elixir into Guxing’s mouth and observed. The wolf swallowed it obligingly. Then a terrifying force boiled inside Guxing’s body and its skin was torn into pieces, instantly blood splashed everywhere. Xuanyuan screamed in panic, “Brother Tung, what’s going on?”
Tung Xuan’s eyes narrowed and he stepped up hurriedly. Qi gathered in his palms and turned into a light as soft as the moonlight, then he quickly pushed it into Guixng.
The wolf’s skin started to heal. Power flowed into every corner of its body and it grew even taller! It was now almost five foot five and three metres in length. The silky smooth fur became spiked like sharp thistles, its teeth were sharpened, its claws grew larger and thrust deep into the dark soil. The sight was both deadly and frightening.
Its strength surged instantly,
One Dragon of strength!
Two Dragons of strength!
Three Dragons of strength!
Six Dragons of strength!
Guxing grew even more powerful than Xuanyuan. When Guxing finally absorbed all the power from the elixir, Tung Xuan was covered in a cold sweat. He used his own Qi to help Guxing absorb the elixir to the limit, and used the Yuehua healing method to cure its wounds, until it reached a full six dragons of strength. There was still half of the elixir left, sealed inside the wolf.
When it was done, Guxing was incredibly excited. The wolf’s eyes revealed a cunning much like its master’s.
“Brother Xuanyuan, you are being very inconsiderate. Guxing is only an ordinary wolf. You could’ve killed it by giving it the entire elixir.” Yan Ziyun lectured Xuanyuan. Since similar thing happened before, she knew that Xuanyuan had done this on purpose. Guxing would not die as long as Tung Xuan was there to control the elixir. Even if he isn’t present, she would also be able to help, but she still needed to pretend to be mad and shocked at Xuanyuan’s actions.
“Sister Ziyun is right.” Tung Xuan was very pale. Controlling the elixir was even more exhausting than killing thousands of white ghouls.
“Ha! Ha! Ha! I didn’t know. Good thing that you’re here. Now everything’s fine. Master Tung, thanks for your help. I’ll surely take care of you in the sect. Follow me, Guxing!” Xuanyuan laughed innocently and humoured Tung Xuan. He thumped forward and with each step he hurried to the fourth level of the nest. Guxing was carrying Yan Ziyun. Behind them, the other true disciples followed.
Tung Xuan was furious, but it didn’t show on his face. He got what he wanted – for Xuanyuan to go to the fourth level.
Xuanyuan, you won’t be able to laugh for much longer.”
Tung Xuan, Lu Feng and Yuezen all showed their evil smiles. They thought that Xuanyuan thought he was invincible, he would think that until he meets the Mo creatures in the next level. They would rip him into pieces.
The fourth level of the nest.
In front of them was a vast plain field and a long and winding river. The long winding river was filled with thick, dark water. The glowing grass was everywhere. It was very similar to the last level, but the air was a lot thicker and more suffocating. 
Xuanyuan, Guxing and Yan Ziyun all took the antidote to detoxify the poison in the air. The other true disciples were all within the wild realm, they could withstand this even without taking an antidote.
The air in level four wouldn’t affect spiritual fighters that much, even if they’ve only recently broken through. Yan Ziyun already possessed six dragons of strength during the selection in Moonwaste City. After the battle, her strength improved to eight dragons.
Her improvement was not a slow one. Now that she was two dragons stronger, with her upper ranking spiritual instrument equipped, and the Moon Wheel, a top ranking spiritual weapon, she could unleash an attack power of eighteen dragons of strength.
When they entered the fourth level of the nest, they felt an even more evil atmosphere on this level. Creatures that exceeded the wild realm were most certainly looming. When a practitioner entered the wild realm, their strength would usually grow to twenty seven dragons. It was an extremely powerful difference in strength. They could leave Xuanyuan badly injured with just a single punch.
Sensing the evil in the air, Tung Xuan, Lu Feng and Yuezen all mustered up their wicked smiles. With a slight jump, the three of them floated mid-air.
The three of them concentrated their fighting Qi together and formed three thousand moonlight swords and aimed at the swarm of white ghouls that were five hundred metres away.
These white ghouls all had at least three dragons of strength. Some of the stronger ones even had eighteen dragons.
Those moonlight swords shredded a hundred white ghouls into tiny pieces. However, this only attracted more ghouls to join the battle.
The screams of the white ghouls echoed through the fourth level, but Xuanyuan wasn’t shaken. He was now at the peak of his strength in the master realm, he needed even more stimulation to enter the spiritual realm.
He leaped upwards and landed on top of some sharp spikes. They were extremely poisonous spikes.
Goosebumps appeared all over his body. His Boots of Floating Clouds had protected his feet from being pierced. If he was wearing a pair of ordinary boots, he would already be dead.
“Be careful, everyone. There are spikes on the ground, they are extremely poisonous!” Xuanyuan warned. Many of them took his advice and avoided stepping directly onto the spikes. They were all equipped with protective equipment, but stepping on poisonous spikes was still very unnerving. It was better to avoid them.
Xuanyuan wielded his sword and cut out a large patch of the glowing grass. The blades of grass floated through the air like fireflies. He used this to distract the ghouls before stepping out and charging into the swarm of white ghouls.
Guxing now possessed the strength of six dragons. Its skin was tough so it could maneuver its way through the spikes with ease. It wouldn’t get hurt even if it stepped onto the spikes. However, Yan Ziyun was worried about Xuanyuan, she urged Guxing forward while saying, ”Guxing, follow Xuanyuan!”
Many of the true disciples were inspired by Xuanyuan’s fearlessness, they all rushed forward to kill their enemy. However, Tung Xuan, Lu Feng and Yuezen stayed out of the fighting and went in a different direction. They excused themselves from the battle,
“We are going to tackle the demons with their strength in the king realm. Be careful!”
The excuse was indeed impeccably thought out. Fung Lie also left with them to fight the most powerful Mo creatures.
Xuanyuan already knew their plan, but he was not afraid. He was going to strengthen himself and become strong in this world. Only by putting himself in the most dangerous situations could he forge himself into a genius with the deepest potential.
His Sword of Swimming Dragons cut a path through the swarm of ghouls, immediately he cut all the white ghouls in front of him, in half.
Xuanyuan’s majestic display attracted even more white ghouls. Six of them, all with six dragons of strength, were headed straight for him.
“Good timing!”
Xuanyuan wasn’t scared. Instead, he swung his sword and suddenly a burst of fire ignited, cutting the white ghoul in the front into small pieces.
The remaining five ghouls thrust their claws towards Xuanyuan. He evaded the attacks by twisting his body. This technique was called “Heavenly Dragon’s Reverse”. It saved him from sustaining mortal injuries by twisting his body away from the attacks. He then swung his sword again and before he had even touched the ground, he had killed another three ghouls. However, his wrist was hurting from the pressure.
These white ghouls were enormously more powerful than him, with a body that could withstand the attack from spiritual fighters with six dragons of strength. They were very strong and their bodies were tough.
If not for the incredible sharpness of his sword, Xuanyuan wouldn’t be able to cut through those ghouls. His body suddenly shuddered, when he was distracted by the pain, two white ghouls had hit him from behind.

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