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DTH Chapter 36 – Breakthrough! Spiritual Realm!

DTH Chapter 36 – Breakthrough! Spiritual Realm!
His armour dispersed a quarter of the strength from the attacks, but even so, Xuanyuan’s body was twisting in pain underneath his armour and his Qi was boiling beneath his skin.
He wouldn’t be able to take any more hits like that. The ghouls’ six dragons of strength was unbearable.
He had yet to enter the spiritual realm, and couldn’t release his fighting Qi to enhance his attacks. He had only been using his muscle strength to fight. All his pores were closed to keep the Qi inside his body, but if he got injured, his Qi would leak out and his strength would be reduced. The move “Heavenly Dragon Reverse” prevented his neck from being pierced and his head from being crushed. 
Even though his body was still in agony, he used another technique “Angry Fist of Heavenly Dragon” while still using his sword instead of a fist. Two of the white ghouls were destroyed instantly.
The situation, however, wasn’t getting any better. Over thirty white ghouls turned their heads and looked at Xuanyuan. They all had at least six dragons of strength, the strongest had eight dragons of strength.
“Brother Xuanyuan, look out!”
Yan Ziyun’s Moon Wheel flew down from the sky. With one strike, she killed six enemies. The ghouls were divided into two groups, twelve of them aiming at Yan Ziyun, twelve of them at Xuanyuan. Among them, Xuanyuan needed to fight against one ghoul with seven dragons and one with eight dragons.
Yan’s support relieved a little of Xuanyuan’s burden. However, it was still difficult for him to defend against all the enemies.
The strongest ghoul had claws that were sharper than Guxing’s and it continued to aim towards Xuanyuan’s chest. The claws were so sharp, you could hear the air being cut open with each swipe.
Xuanyuan didn’t dare to fight with it directly, so he quickly turned using the force of “Heavenly Dragon’s Tail” to spin his body and his legs while resembling the powerful tail of a dragon, kicked the ghoul’s chest. It successfully diverted the attack to the side, and pushed the ghoul to the ground. At the same time, Xuanyuan thrust the sword into the eye of the white ghoul.
The ghoul with seven dragons was killed instantly as the sword pierced through its eye and into the brain. Again, Xuanyuan used the move “Heavenly Dragon Reverse” to evade the incoming attacks from nine other white ghouls. People around him who saw this thought that he seemed like a dragon twisting itself as it flew through the air. One of the ghouls managed to reach Xuanyuan’s chest with its claws. He felt a slight pain, but he was not hurt. He wielded his sword again and when the sword came down, another stream of blood exploded into the air.
These white ghouls were not intelligent and could not practice special techniques. This was an advantage to the other disciples and especially to Xuanyuan, otherwise he would’ve been long dead.
The ghouls that were dodged had all struck against the ground with their claws. Many of the black stones on the ground were crushed into dust, revealing the power from their attacks.
The other nine ghouls all had the strength of six dragons. The first strike when he ran into the swarm had not affected the more powerful ghouls, so Xuanyuan needed to attack them separately. He was calm as a sleeping child, quietly observing their movements. In an instant, he started his attack and his sword swung down using a technique from ‘The Five Taloned Dragon’. It resulted in twelve arms being immediately cut from the attacking ghouls. The pressure he faced was slightly lifted.
The six armless ghouls screamed. Without their claws, they couldn’t threaten Xuanyuan any longer unless they moved close enough to bite him, but that wouldn’t be an easy task. 
However, the remaining three ghouls, including one with eight dragons of strength, were aiming directly for Xuanyuan’s head. There was nowhere to go and the attacks would snap his neck with the impact. 
His mind went blank from the impending danger and Xuanyuan suddenly felt his skin, flesh and bones were starting to tremble, stimulating his mind. He could now see the numerous veins inside his body and how they were clearly connected with the skin, flesh and bones.
There was a loud bang from inside Xuanyuan’s body.
An energy suddenly surged from within Xuanyuan’s body and was absorbed into his limbs.
Faint shadows resembling dragons started to appear behind him. There was one, two, three, four, five of them appeared one by one.
Xuanyuan broke through into the next realm thanks to his body sensing the life threatening danger.
He could feel the transformation of his energy. Just like what Yin Zhenluo said, the strength of bulls was a simple one. It was just simple brute strength. The strength of dragons was based upon unity and connection with the energy inside the body. This new found power concentrated all his strength and made it even more explosive.
Even when facing the force of a hundred jin attack, if the force was spread out evenly, it wouldn’t inflict much damage. But if that same one hundred jin of force was condensed into a single point, the force could pierce through a body with ease. The Sword of Swimming Dragons was able to help guide the strength of Xuanyuan’s powerful strikes.
He could now maneuver his sword with more ease and elegance than before, this made his strikes much more powerful. Injuring his wrist from cutting down three ghouls at once would no longer be an issue.
The moment he entered the spiritual realm, he felt that the ghouls had suddenly become much slower. That’s because his body had been transformed to a higher level. With his increased strength, he grabbed one of the armless ghouls with a single hand and threw it out towards other ghouls, then he thrust his sword towards the most powerful ghoul.
“Heavenly Dragon’s Pearl!”
The sword cut through the air. Since Xuanyuan was much more powerful now, his attack was much more dangerous. The ghoul with eight dragons of strength felt the danger contained in the strike, but it had no time to react. Xuanyuan’s sword thrust into its heart and killed it.
As he pulled the sword out from the ghouls heart, he swung it behind him at other ghouls and instantly killed them as well.
Xuanyuan’s breakthrough surprised Tung Xuan, Lu Feng and Yuezen. But they didn’t have the leisure to care about it. They didn’t think Xuanyuan would be able to escape from there alive even if he was now a spiritual realm fighter. The plan they had set into motion should reveal itself soon. The other group should be arriving soon.
In Xuanyuan’s mind, the greedy old bugger was howling with bloodthirst and excitement.
“Kill, kill, kill, kiiiiiiiiill…….Wonderful! Kill more! I haven’t felt so good in a long time!”
Xuanyuan ignored Greed. In his mind the, ‘Heavenly Dragon’s Burning Veins’ suddenly appeared with detailed information.
He was stunned. He recalled the last thing Yin Zhenluo did before she left. Her finger pointed between his eyebrows – she was actually putting all of the techniques inside his mind.
Yin Zhenluo expected great things from him, so she left him with all the secret techniques of her family. The techniques would slowly be revealed to him as he entered each realm. He was very touched by Yin Zhenluo’s kindness.
“Heavenly Dragon’s Burning Veins” was part of a technique called ‘The Heavenly Dragon’s Long Strike’.
The moment he started reciting the “Long Strike”, he could feel the major veins in his arms were sucking the Qi from the air and absorbing the Qi into his body. He held his sword out, ready to strike again. This time, he would practice cultivating while fighting. He would test the limits of his body!

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