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DTH Chapter 37 – Danger Descended

DTH Chapter 37 – Danger Descended
Before, when Xuanyuan entered a higher realm, his body was almost crushed even though he was wearing his cloud iron armour, but now he exceeded the strength of bulls and stepped into the realm of dragons, his strength in attacking and defending were enhanced exponentially.
“This kid got a breakthrough, how’s that even possible? We all entered the spiritual realm with just one dragon of strength, and he already has five!” Yuezen gasped lowly. Xuanyuan’s potential was terrifying, five times more powerful than other spiritual fighters who had just entered the realm.
“That must be because he practices a special technique. The technique should be a heaven class technique. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able achieve this.” Unlike Yuezen, Lu Feng was excited. Even though Xuanyuan was frighteningly talented, he was still an ant when compared with his strength.
“Or it could be a Xian class technique.” Tung Xuan said coldly. He surprised the other two men. They wondered how a boy managed to get his hands on such a powerful technique. 
“Wait, look at what he’s doing!” Yuezen noticed Xuanyuan left the swarm and closed his eyes. He seemed to be reciting something.
With his eyes closed, Xuanyuan was sensing every part of his body. His skin and pores were like dragon scales that were sucking in the Qi from the atmosphere. His muscles were like little dragons tangled together. His bones were emanating a powerful dragon’s scent and were as hard as steel.
Through all of that, he was sensing his veins. Spiritual fighters refined their spiritual veins which filled their whole body with fighter Qi, building a foundation for the next realm, wild realm. 
Only when all the veins were refined, could practitioners insert Qi into their bone marrow using their veins. When the energy within the bone marrow was stimulated, the strength of practitioners would be enhanced to a completely new level!
Marrow produced the blood, which circulated through the body. Only when all the bone marrow was refined, could the blood be heated inside the body. In turn, the five organs could be sensed using that heat. When that happened, practitioners would enter the king realm!
When the five organs were completely refined. The five elements would be activated and practitioners would enter the grandmaster realm. Grandmasters refined their blood to connect their blood with the five elements, this would allow them to increase their strength to the highest limit. If they were using a high level technique, the power of their refining would be increased, and so their body would be refined to a higher level. When they entered the imperial realm, they could use the powerful blood Qi to stimulate the hidden acupuncture points in their own bodies.
Every realm refined a different part of the body. Forcing the practitioners to sense every change and sensation within their bodies. Everything within the body was tightly connected.
Xuanyuan was extremely satisfied with his progress. He took out the pythogon grass, the gift from Fung Lie. It’s now the best time for him to use it.
“The power of the grass can merge with the hidden spiritual veins in your body and force them to reveal themselves. Then you only need to recite the heavenly dragon techniques to progress. The devouring technique is always active and is absorbing the evil Qi in the nest, turning it into nutrition that can help refine your spiritual veins.” The greedy old bugger said, his tone showed that he was pleased with Xuanyuan’s rapid growth.
“Heavens, the boy is going to consume the pythogon grass.” Lu Feng was suppressing the urge to snatch the grass from Xuanyuan.
“Nevermind that. The technique he possesses could be Heaven, or even Xian class. It’s much more valuable than the grass. I know what the boy wants to do. He wants to stimulate his body to advance using life threatening battles. Challenging himself in a bloodbath will only lead to a dead end because Suntao should be here soon.” Tung Xuan’s words calmed Lu Feng. They were flying in mid-air and had a clear view of the situation. Suntao, a wild realm fighter, was leading an elite team of assassins, all of them were spiritual realm fighters. They were approaching Xuanyuan from another part of the nest. All they needed to do was to wait.
Xuanyuan swallowed the grass under the envious gazes from the men hovering above and from many of the other true disciples.
He felt like a gigantic tree had suddenly taken root inside his body. All his hidden spiritual veins were instantly revealed.
Normally, spiritual veins were hidden deep inside the body. They would only be revealed one by one under constant stimulation from the connection with the rest of his body. It was a gruesome and lengthy process to refine one’s veins, but with the aid of the grass, Xuanyuan’s spiritual veins revealed themselves in an instant.
The moment he gulped down the grass, he could sense that his veins were connected with the rest of his body, providing it with strength.
Spiritual Qi from the universe was being absorbed into his skin, then his flesh, then his bones and finally it was stored inside his veins. His veins in turn connected with his entire body, providing it with strength. 
The grass was working its magic and transforming Xuanyuan’s veins. He felt incredible bursts of energy in his body.
“Aha! You have tons of impurities inside your body which are blocking your veins. The grass’ own impurity is also stuck inside your veins now. You’ve got to use fighting Qi to force the impurity from your body. The process will not be easy.” The greedy old bugger observed the veins and laughed. Xuanyuan was irritated.
But the grass was incredibly effective and had already revealed all of his veins. His strength increased by leaps and bounds. Another shadow of a dragon appeared behind him. He now had six dragons of strength.
He recited the Heavenly Dragon’s Long Strike to stimulate his body, turning spiritual Qi into fighting Qi. His veins slowly started to absorb the Qi and circulate it.
Xuanyuan started to move on his tiptoes, he was avoiding the spikes on the ground. He leaped into the air and rushed towards an even stronger swarm of white ghouls. Each of the ghouls in this crowd had at least five dragons of strength, the most powerful had ten dragons of strength.
He was floating in mid-air, a trail of white waves were trailing behind him, he resembled a Heavenly Dragon descending from the sky as he attacked the white ghouls.
Yan Ziyun was startled by Xuanyuan’s leap. He could now jump over seventy metres in an instant. He was already a few hundred metres away from them, with numerous white ghouls separating them. She would no longer be able to save him from danger.
So she shouted over to Yan Liang,
“Brother Liang, go find Xuanyuan. We can’t leave him alone.”
He nodded. He was impressed with Xuanyuan’s bravery, but he was too young and rash. He could not become too proud because of his strength. Eventually, he might make a mistake and then his life would be over in an instant.
Yan Ziyun was riding on Guxing’s back. The two of them worked together and killed all enemies in their way. Yan Liang was a wild realm fighter, so none of the ghouls could hurt him. He slowly approached Xuanyuan through the swarm.
Xuanyuan didn’t know how worried Yan Ziyun and Yan Liang were. He was practicing complicated techniques with his sword and killed three ghouls with a single slash. Then he used the move “Heavenly Fury”, his sword started striking in all directions. Ten white ghouls, each with six dragons of strength, were cut in half. It had become so easy for him to deal with the ghouls.
“Haha, wonderful! What a great fight!”
A white ghoul with nine dragons of strength clashed against his sword. He felt an intense pain in his wrist and almost dropped his sword from the impact. He quickly regained control of his sword and directly attacked towards the white ghoul.
This move had attracted the attention of Suntao. On their way here, a dozen white ghouls with eighteen dragons of strength, and a wild class demon had reduced the elite group of eighteen down to twelve.
“The boy hasn’t noticed us, go kill him, quick!” Suntao sliced the white ghoul that was charging at him in half with his Sword of Brightsun. The smell of burnt flesh invaded the atmosphere.
The twelve assassins all had at least ten dragons of strength, the best among them had the strength of eighteen dragons. They were all wielding a Sword of Brightsun, which burned with fiery Qi. They headed straight towards Xuanyuan.

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