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DTH Chapter 38 – Dilemma

DTH Chapter 38 – Dilemma
With the techniques of the Heavenly Dragon, Xuanyuan charged through the swarm of white ghouls while launching deadly strikes.
The Sword of Swimming Dragons cut a path through the ghouls. The sword was cutting through anything that stood in his path, but he realized that his own strength was still too weak.
He could even kill white ghouls with eighteen bulls of strength. The trick was to strike them before they could touch him. However, if he lost his sword, he would no longer be a threat to the swarm, even though white ghouls didn’t practice martial arts, they were very strong. 
Entering the spiritual realm, Xuanyuan’s five senses became more sensitive and his pace was much faster. Combined with the techniques of the Heavenly Dragon from the Yin Family, his strength was comparable to the top ranked spiritual realm fighters. Even if he couldn’t kill the white ghouls, escaping from them would still be easy.
He had just killed another six ghouls when he suddenly felt a fiery sensation rushing towards him. He raised his guard immediately and his eyes narrowed.
The fiery power burnt all the white ghouls around it. They couldn’t even fight back. Xuanyuan knew that this power was from another practitioner. Someone had come to kill him.
With an explosion, a fiery fighting Qi burnt all the surrounding objects. Dozens of white ghouls were burnt into ashes. Xuanyuan was forced to take a few steps backwards. He finally saw the thirteen men approaching. They all held a long sword burning with fiery Qi; they were all looking at Xuanyuan with murderous gazes.
No doubt, their target was him. He continued to fight the swarm of white ghouls around him while staring at the uninvited guests.
“You are Xuanyuan, aren’t you?” Suntao stepped forward, asking coldly.
“That’s right.” He was slightly distressed. He didn’t recognize the people in the group. They were not from the School of Yuehua.
“Weren’t you within the master realm? How did you improve so quickly in such a short time?” Suntao was in the wild realm, he could clearly sense that Xuanyuan was now a fighter with six dragons of strength.
Even if you combined six hundred bulls of strength and attacked Xuanyuan, it wouldn’t be able to move him no matter how they attacked. That’s how powerful six dragons of strength truly were. If he released his fighting Qi when punching, he could negate the defense of a top ranking sacred instrument. 
It was extremely difficult to achieve six dragons of strength. The elite team of Suntao only achieved this level after thirty years of harsh training. Xuanyuan improved at such alarming speeds, this was an obvious clue that he owned a Heaven class technique.
Xuanyuan smiled cruelly and released his Qi. The power of a Heaven class technique gave out a threatening pressure to the spiritual fighters opposing Xuanyuan.
“You are all from Brightsun City?”
“What a clever boy. Today is the day of your death.” Suntao was about to kill him when one of the spiritual fighters interrupted him. The man was the strongest in the group of twelve assassins. He had eighteen dragons of strength. He was called Sunli.
“Brother Tao, let me handle this. He was the one who blinded my son’s eye. I’m going to gouge his eyes out, cut out his tongue, and cripple his limbs. Then you can take his life.” Sunli walked towards Xuanyuan and released his eighteen dragons of strength. The power was three times the strength that Xuanyuan possessed and he was not like the dumb Mo creatures that were not able to use techniques. Xuanyuan was not able to fight him and win.
“No problem, brother.” Sunli was the elder of the two, but he was not as powerful as Suntao, but Suntao could understand his brother’s hatred towards Xuanyuan.
“What will be your last words before I cut out your tongue?” Said Sunli as he pointed his sword towards Xuanyuan.
Xuanyuan’s face was red with anger. He took a deep breath and screamed, “Master Tung, Master Lu, and Master Yuezen, Help me!”
The assassins laughed. They all knew how talented this Xuanyuan was, but he was still a coward.
Suntao said, “We should let you know – They are the one who called us here to kill you. You will surely die today.”
Suntao was a wild realm fighter. His voice could travel great distances. The three evil true disciples’ faces darkened when they heard him openly announce their plan, “What a useless scum, he has exposed us.”
“What should we do? Suntao wants us to share the blame as well.” Yuezen understood Suntao’s plan immediately. He announced that information on purpose, so the blame would not only be his.
“If he really wants to drag us down with him. Of course we’ll oblige.” Tung Xuan snorted.
“No, we can’t! We’ll be blackmailed by him once this is over. There’re so many disciples from our school who heard that. We can’t kill them all!” Lu Feng disagreed.
“You misunderstood me. Our plan is already exposed. We’ll act according to the plan and kill Xuanyuan then take his technique. Suntao will also die here. We’ll kill all the disciples here who can’t be trusted, Yan Liang and Yan Ziyun. If they can keep a secret, we’ll spare them.
“Good plan.” Yuezen and Lu Feng said at the same time. The three of them descended from the sky and hovered above Xuanyuan. Many white ghouls were being shredded into pieces from the Qi they released. The other Mo creatures didn’t dare approach them. The more powerful the creatures were, the keener their senses were. They would avoid people that felt dangerous to them. The field was cleared within a two hundred metre radius of the group. Only dead ghouls remained.
Xuanyuan didn’t expect them to be so straightforward and clear with their intentions. He wondered if this was going to be the end for him. He looked at Tung Xuan, Lu Feng and Yuezen with contempt and said, “So this was your plan, to lure me here and let the Sun family kill me and force them to deal with Master Fung Lie’s wrath. How cruel.”
Suntao shuddered when he heard that. He glared at Tung Xuan but didn’t clearly show his emotions.
“You are the enemy of Brightsun City! Don’t try and pit us against each other. They only helped to let us know where to find you.” Suntao couldn’t guess what Tung Xuan and Lu Feng were thinking, but if they decided to kill him, he wouldn’t be able to survive. So he would have to let everyone here know that Tung Xuan was the master mind behind killing Xuanyuan.
“Master Sun, please don’t accuse us of something we didn’t do. You are the only person who wants to kill Xuanyuan; we were never on your side.” Tung Xuan smiled coldly.
Suntao’s face stiffened, but he laughed, “Well, the boy is going to die for sure. Who would even care if he’s dead? He’s only been a disciple for a single day. Why would other disciples want to get on your wrong side by siding with this boy?”
Suntao’s voice was very loud. Many disciples were fighting Mo creatures. They were shocked to hear that, but turned their concentration back onto the enemies, pretending that they didn’t hear anything.
But Yan Liang and Yan Ziyun had finally reached Xuanyuan’s side. Yan Liang looked at Tung Xuan and Lu Feng, who were floating in mid-air. Only these two people were strong enough to kill him. Yuezen was no threat.
“First True Brother, Second True Brother, what are you doing. Xuanyuan was admitted into the sect by Master Fung Lie. Are you going to let the school of Yuehua suffer Fung Lie’s fury?” Yan Liang shouted.
Yuezen smiled slyly, “Brother Yan, what would you do if we kill Xuanyuan?”
Yan Liang pointed to the fifth level of the nest and announced, “I would have to report to Master Fung Lie so he will come and punish all of you.”
Lu Feng narrowed his eyes. He took out his top-ranking spiritual instrument, The Sword of Moonbeam, which was releasing a brutal Qi. He pointed it at Yan Liang and said, “Then you shall die first.”

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