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DTH Chapter 39 – The Death of Yan Liang

DTH Chapter 39 – The Death of Yan Liang
Yan Liang’s face lost its colour. He shouted, “You would dare to kill your brother from the same school?” He took the Sword of Moonbeam from his sheath. Wild Qi was pouring into the tip of the sword. He pointed it towards Lu Feng.
Two brilliant moonbeams crashed into each other. Everyone could clearly feel that Lu Feng was twice as strong of Yan Liang. The Qi surrounding them was terrifying. The people within ten metres radius were thrown backwards. Xuanyuan stared at them intently in a grimace of regret – he was too weak to be of any help.
Yan Liang’s blood essence was burning and in an instant he shouted, “Blood Moon Sacrifice!”
The silver moonbeam surrounding Yan Liang turned blood red, radiating murderous intentions, and the intent was directed towards Lu Feng. Lu Feng was petrified as he screamed, “You’ve gone mad, Yan Liang!”
Lu Feng’s sword couldn’t withstand the explosion of Qi from Yan Liang’s side and burst into pieces. He couldn’t pull back his right hand in time and his entire arm was reduced to dust.
Yan Ziyun screamed in terror, “Brother, no!!!”
Yan Liang’s handsome and lean figure was now covered in blood. He smiled at Yan Ziyun, and then collapsed onto the ground, leaving a sword that was covered with blood on the ground next to him.
Yan Liang was dead. The other disciples grimaced. They knew that this would be the end of them if they disobeyed Tung Xuan and Lu Feng, just like what had happened to Yan Liang. Tung Xuan was happy to see the reactions of the other disciple, but Lu Feng was furious, because he had lost one of his arms.
“Damn it, Yan Liang. Damn…” Lu Feng cursed
Lu Feng raised his left arm and summoned an overwhelmingly powerful Qi towards the dead body of Yan Liang. Yan Ziyun wanted to run to her brother’s side, but was stopped by Xuanyuan. They couldn’t do anything to stop Yan Liang’s body from being crushed into a bloody pulp.
Xuanyuan was angry. He screamed in his mind to Greed,
“Greed! Can’t you do anything? Can’t you kill them? You’ve devoured so much life essence; there must be something you can do!”
“It’s not that easy. You must learn to deal with situations like this, if you are to become the great devouring emperor. The world is not perfect. Sooner or later, someone will give their life for you. Don’t worry, you will get through this.” Greed’s voice was completely deprived of emotion, “The previous devouring emperor waged a war against the other kings and emperors. Even I was injured during that war. The life essence of these Mo creatures didn’t help much with my recovery. Well, there is someone who is lurking in the dark. I’ll see how long they continue to watch.”
Xuanyuan was startled. Who could that be?
Lu Feng came down from the air and picked up Yan Liang’s sword and robbed him of his ring. He stared at Yan Ziyun cruelly, “You will be buried along with your brother. All of your Yan family will die for destroying my arm! Yueteng, aren’t you the one who’s always fancied Yan Ziyun? Would you dare to do her in front of all these people?”
Yueteng, who was standing behind Yuezen, grew very excited. His mind’s full of obscene thoughts as he said, “Of Course!”
Yan Ziyun became extremely pale. The other true disciples were heartless. None of them stood up for her. Xuanyuan’s face darkened. He yelled at Lu Feng,
“Kill me if that is your goal. Let Yan Ziyun go.”
“Oh? Sure. We could let her go, if you fight against Sunli. If you win, she will be free. If you lose…how about you kill your own wolf? I’ve heard that you grew up with it. How would it feel to kill your friend?”
Lu Feng knew Xuanyuan’s weakness, and forced him into this dilemma. To fight was the only way out.
Yan Ziyun shivered and looked at Xuanyuan. Sunli was a fighter with eighteen dragons of strength. Even if there were eighteen hundred wild bulls pulling him, he could not be moved. Xuanyuan only had six dragons; there was no way he could win.
But there was no choice so Xuanyuan replied,
“Deal. I’ll fight.”
Lu Feng’s face was distorted with evilness, “We’ll play with you. Don’t think that you can run away. You’re just as weak as an insect before us. We are simply like cats chasing mice. Before we kill you, we want to play with you properly!”
Xuanyuan didn’t reply to that. He just turned to Yan Ziyun and said, “Trust me!”
Yan Ziyun contained her uneasiness and nodded, “I trust you!”
Her words invoked a few chuckles from the crowd. Yueteng was horny and thrust his crotch in an obscene gesture, “First Sister, You’ll enjoy what I have planned later.”
Suntao didn’t think that Tung Xuan and Lu Feng would be so cruel to their fellow disciples. Brightsun City was dragged into this chaos and could no longer wash their hands clean of this crime, so he decided to get as much out of this as possible, “I know Xuanyuan has a heaven class technique. I would like a share in his technique as well. In return, my city will send the two of you many beautiful girls and lots of money each year. How does that sound, do we have a deal?”
Suntao was a cunning merchant. The offer he gave was irresistible. Both Tung Xuan and Lu Feng were tempted. They needed lots of money to practice martial arts. For Lu Feng, if he could get more money, he could buy better medicine which would allow him to slowly regenerate his arm.
Tung Xuan had decided it was better to spare Suntao’s life. Letting Suntao live and having an extra income was the best solution. It was a beneficial transaction.
“All right. We’ll do that.”
Suntao was relieved when he heard the two king realm fighters’ answer. Heaven class techniques were not for sale even with all his wealth. It would be perfect if he could get his hands on it. He turned to his older brother, Sunli, and said, “Brother, take care of the boy.”
Sunli smiled crookedly, “Don’t worry. I’ll leave him an arm so he can slaughter his own wolf.”
The fight began instantly. Sunli was extremely fast. He picked up his sword of Brightsun and thrust directly toward Xuanyuan’s head. The overwhelming strength almost suffocated Xuanyuan. He felt like all the air was sucked from his lungs. Sunli’s attack contained a burning sensation which made it difficult for Xuanyuan to protect himself.
Xuanyuan held the Sword of Swimming Dragons in his right hand and picked up another lower rank instrument with his left. The sword he used was the standard sword that was given to all inner disciples. He threw it directly towards Sunli’s eyes. His aim was incredibly precise, but Sunli didn’t evade, instead he used his weapon to block the sword and shattered the sword on impact.
“Child’s play”
However, Sunli was slowed down by the attack and Xuanyuan exploited that opportunity to retreat away. He was wearing his Boots of Floating Clouds, jumping seventy metres with each bound. He was very fast.
However, Sunli was faster than him. He was after all a top spiritual realm fighter; he had already refined every inch of his veins and could release fighting Qi as he pleased. He could jump a hundred metres with a single leap. His powerful leap even left two deep indentations in the ground.
Yueteng smirked at Yan Ziyun while Xuanyuan ran away, “First sister, your little lover boy left you with the wolf. He has abandoned you!”
Yan Ziyun paid no heed. She knew Xuanyuan did everything for a reason. She just continued to look on.
Deep inside the nest was darkness with the swarm of white ghouls scattered everywhere. Xuanyuan tried to run towards the more powerful groups of white ghouls.
Suntao sensed there’s something wrong, he said, “Cunning kid. He’s running to where the Mo are dwelling! He’s playing tricks!”
Tung Xuan shrugged and said, “Who cares, Fung Lie won’t have any excuse if he gets killed by the Mo.”
He would rather that be the result, so Fung Lie wouldn’t intervene.
Sunli laughed when he had almost caught up to Xuanyuan, “There is use in running away!”
Just as he said this, Xuanyuan suddenly turned around and did a very complicated manoeuvre called “Heavenly Dragon Surging into the Sky”; this attack was aimed directly at Sunli’s chest.
This was a Heaven class technique that he used. Sunli was suppressed by the imposing power of the heavenly dragon. It was like Xuanyuan had become a real dragon.
The Sword of Swimming Dragons let out a small cry and revealed its devastating power. Sunli was scared, because Xuanyuan was planning to kill him by sacrificing his own life.
Sunli immediately defended himself using his Sword of Brightsun and dispersed the power of Xuanyuan’s attack. He managed to loosen Xuanyuan’s grip from the sword, causing him to drop it, and it pushed him back a few metres, into a few weaker white ghouls.
“Hahaha, how are you going to fight me without your sword?” The most frightening thing about Xuanyuan was his sword. Now Sunli had nothing to fear.
Yan Ziyun was drowning in icy coldness. She shivered. Xuanyuan was planning to unleash a kamikaze attack, but it was impossible now.
Was this really the end?

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