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DTH Chapter 40 – Servant and Master

DTH Chapter 40 – Servant and Master

Sunli laughed. He brandished his Sword of Brightsun and closed the distance between him and Xuanyuan.
In this urgent situation, Xuanyuan grabbed two white ghouls near him and threw them towards Sunli. The ghouls were a lot bigger than normal people, so they blocked Xuanyuan from Sunli’s vision.
Then he quickly went for the dagger strapped to his waist, and concentrated a small amount of fighting Qi onto it. He thrust forward using “Heavenly Dragon’s Pearl”, which drained all his remaining strength.
Sunli released the fiery Qi with his sword and cut the white ghouls into four separate pieces. This time, he had underestimated the power of Xuanyuan’s final attack. He quickly tried to block the dagger using his sword as he did with the other attacks. However, the dagger pierced through the sword and straight into Sunli’s chest. Everyone witnessing the scene was in shock.
A mysterious power was released when the dagger entered Sunli’s chest and it sucked out all his life essence. Nothing seemed to be different on the outside, but the life essence of Sunli was completely drained.
Xuanyuan ran up and pulled his dagger from Sunli’s chest and picked up the Sword of Swimming Dragons on the ground. He pointed the sword towards Tung Xuan, Lu Feng, Suntao and Yuezen while smirking, “You, lost. Release Yan Ziyun.”
Finally, everyone realized that Sunli had lost. He was dead!
Yan Ziyun was over the moon. She was riding on Guxing and ran to Xuanyuan’s side. She knew that Xuanyuan had a plan, but the ability to defeat a man with the strength of eighteen dragons while only having the strength of six dragons himself, was close to a miracle.
Guxing was also very cocky. It raised its head and snarled contemptuously at Tung Xuan and Lu Feng, who were hovering in mid-air.
“So what? Xuanyuan, do you realize that we are the ones who make the rules; you are going to lose no matter what you do. Do you understand?” Tung Xuan smiled coldly.
“That’s right. We are the cat, you are the mouse. We only want to see you struggle, but you are a pretty good mouse.” Yuezen added.
“Sunli is too weak.” Lu Feng glanced at the dead body, then turned to Xuanyuan and smiled, “Who do you think you are? Ordering us to release her? I will let Yueteng rape her right here, right now. Let’s see what you can do about it.”
Xuanyuan’s face darkened, while Yan Ziyun grew even paler. Xuanyuan had already anticipated this possibility.
Lu Feng then dragged Yan Ziyun away. Even though he lost one arm, Xuanyuan and Yan Ziyun still weren’t able to do anything against him.
Then a bright light burst forth in front of everyone. Lu Feng had already been slashed into two halves; his organs neatly fell into a pile on the ground.
An old man shakily walked up to Xuanyuan and knelt with one knee, “My name is Wu Ming, a servant to the eldest master. He has ordered me to protect you. Young master Xuanyuan did not disappoint Lady Zhenluo, for breaking through the realms at such a formidable pace. An incredible genius indeed.”
Behind the old man were ten people. They were all clearly assassins. All of them were among the strongest wild realm fighters. Xuanyuan was quite taken back by their cold aura. It was a pure murderous feeling. Each of their gazes was like a sharp knife, ready to bring forth death. He was also stunned by what the old man said. Then he recalled his conversation with the old man that he killed in the tree house. He suddenly realized something,
“He looked just the old man from the tree house! He must be from the Yin Family. The eldest master? Ah, should be master Zhenluo’s older brother. I knew it. He must have been the person following me in the dark. No wonder that greedy old bugger said wanted to see how long he would wait. Yan Liang wouldn’t have died if he had come forward sooner. He was testing me.”
Xuanyuan understood the situation immediately. His composure went through a hundred and eighty degree transformation. He looked at Tung Xuan, Yuezen and Suntao and announced slowly and coldly, “Good. Now, kill them. All of them. Wait, no, don’t kill all of them. Just cut off their legs and destroy their cultivation. Then throw them to the ghouls. Remember to take all of their money before you toss away the bodies. Don’t waste anything.”
The men in mid-air were shocked. Wu Ming nodded with a straight face, he said, “I shall obey.”
He stood up and a black mirror appeared behind him, giving out a scary atmosphere. Xuanyuan stood behind Wu Ming and felt that Wu Ming’s breath as sharp as a blade. His torso was withered, but he was full of vitality from the five elements. His heartbeat was like a strong drum. He was extremely powerful.
Tung Xuan was pale from the overwhelming power coming from Wu Ming. He was among the peak of king realm fighters. Tung screamed,
“Who are you?”
Wu Ming didn’t answer. With a single signal, the ten assassins behind him moved instantly. Xuanyuan felt like they were swords that had just been unsheathed, ready to kill. It filled Xuanyuan with an icy coldness.
Xuanyuan was not the only one who was stunned. Tung Xuan, a modestly accomplished king realm fighter, was shaking. He knew that these people were top level assassins. They would do anything, even give up their lives, in order to kill their target.
They rushed forward like a terrifying storm. All the white ghouls that were in their way were minced into pulp.
In a few seconds, they had already rushed forward over hundred metres, and the heads of the men in Sun family were already rolling across the floor. A few moments later, there were a total of seventeen headless bodies on the ground. Xuanyuan’s bloodthirst was increased as he looked on. 
“Very nice. Don’t kill the rest. Just take their legs. Wu Ming, do it now!”
Wu Ming didn’t dare to contradict Xuanyuan’s order. A bright light shot from the black mirror towards Tung Xuan’s lower body.
“Lower class earth instrument.”
Tung Xuan screamed. There’s no time to react. The difference in power between a top rank spiritual instrument and a lower rank earth instrument was tenfold. This mirror was called “Black Death”. It was almost a middle class earth instrument. It was clearly not a fair fight.
The violent fighting Qi from Wu Ming was absorbed by the mirror. A black light was shot towards Tung Xuan’s legs like a laser.
Tung Xuan screamed loudly as he fell from the sky. Blood was pouring from his mouth. He was gravely injured.
The ten assassins moved instantly. Yuezen, Yueteng and Suntao’s legs were all cut off and they fell heavily onto the ground. Shaking and screaming in pain.
Horror. Even though they were in the same realm, some were even more powerful, but they couldn’t even stop the assassins removing their legs. The assassins were born from battle and murder. Their will to kill shook even the strongest men.
The other true disciples didn’t expect that the situation would change so dramatically and so quickly. It was too late to regret the past. They could only hope that Xuanyuan wouldn’t blame them for not getting involved. Luckily, one of them had joined Tung Xuan in mocking Xuanyuan. They only needed to stay silent and mind their own business.
The true disciples of the school continued to pretend nothing was happening and continued their fights against the white ghouls. Xuanyuan didn’t say anything. His attention was on the assassins. He couldn’t see any of the assassins’ faces. They stood up straight, eyes cold and clear. Xuanyuan took a deep breath. It’s time. He walked up and asked,
“Wu Ming, are these the best assassins of the Yin family?”

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