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DTH Chapter 42 – Princess of Mo

DTH Chapter 42 – Princess of Mo
The entrance of level five was on a tall platform. The atmosphere was surrounded by an intense evil Qi. Xuanyuan was the first to approach the edge of the platform and was the first to be shocked by the sight. Yan Ziyun, Guxing, and all the remaining true disciples followed.

Blood tainted the ground and created rivers. Body parts were scattered everywhere.

Uncountable demons were now dead and their bodies littered the entire landscape. Among them were some Yaksha, a Mo creature they’ve yet to encounter. Yaksha were extremely powerful, as strong as a king realm fighter.

Far from where they stood, Fung Lie was on his horse fighting with a man holding an axe. There was no apparent winner in the confrontation.

Fighting Qi of black and grey crashed against each other. Fung Lie was holding a long spear called “Wind Spirit”. It was an upper ranked earth class instrument. Combined with Fung Lie’s own martial arts technique, the spear was intimidating and deadly.

Wu Ming was surprised to see Fung Lie, a true disciple of the Fighting Dragons Sect in this location. Even though he was only ranked thirty third amongst all the true disciples, he was the youngest. He was also the favourite of many elders in the Sect. Wu Ming knew that the School of Yuehua was under Fung Lie’s “Order of Fighting Dragon” to cleanse the nest. It was public information, that’s how he was able to find Xuanyuan.

Numerous thoughts flashed through Wu Ming’s mind. Even though he was a servant of the Yin Family, he didn’t practice the Yin Family’s technique. His identity was classified so Fung Lie wouldn’t know his real identity. Perhaps there was something he could do.

The tall man with an axe was forced back by Fung Lie’s attacks. Behind the man, there were ten figures in black capes. They were all Mo creatures, Ghosts, capable of reciting techniques that used their fighting Qi to summon other creatures.

The Ghosts were surrounding an altar full of mysterious markings. They turned their fighting Qi into beams of lights which shot towards the altar.

“Guizhan, you all have to die today. How dare to slaughter my fellow humans while I’m on patrol. I’ll kill you all.” Fung Lie’s voice was overbearing. He wielded his two-metre long Wind Spirit spear, his hair flowing with his movements. His handsome face was filled with killing intent and annoyance. He looked extremely formidable.

“You know full well we can’t control all of the Mo creatures with low intelligence. If we really want to kill your people, there would be a lot more people dead. Your people have come here to kill us, all the time. Fung Lie, don’t push it.” Replied Guizhan as he coughed up blood, he looked like a strong, huge man.

“How could a Mo creature be trusted? You don’t stay in your own territory, but come to our territories. You are definitely plotting something. Don’t think that I don’t know you’re stalling!” Fung Lie wouldn’t give the creature time to relax. He again wielded his spear. His horse gave out a loud huff and a string of fire was shot out from its nostrils, which combining with Fung Lie’s wind, that was sent rushing towards Guizhan.

Guizhan poured all of his black fighting Qi into his axe to defend against Fung Lie’s attack. At this moment, a blood red light shot out from the altar and the Ghosts howled,

“The sacrifice of blood and flesh calls for the shadow! The Eldest Princess has descended!”

From the tall platform, Xuanyuan could see that numerous demons and yakshas started to burn. Their blood and flesh formed into a stream which bore into the ground, leaving many powerful and tempting elixirs behind. Xuanyuan beamed and ordered Wu Ming, “Quick, grab all those elixirs for me. They’re all worth lots of money.”

Wu Ming was speechless. These elixirs were valuable indeed, even he wouldn’t even leave them behind, but even though he was the one doing the work, they all belonged to Xuanyuan. A swirl of Qi circled in Wu Ming’s palm and sucked all of the elixirs in towards them. There were a hundred and twenty wild class demon elixirs, and eight king class yaksha elixirs. It was worth a fortune.

Feeling the disturbance of fighting Qi, Fung Lie turned around to see Xuanyuan leading the disciples from the school. He ordered hastily, “Xuanyuan, get out of here, leave the nest. You’ve accomplished your mission. You can’t survive down here.”

Xuanyuan slowly put all the elixirs inside his ring and said, “Ziyun, take Guxing and the rest of the disciples out of here. I’m protected by Wu Ming, I’ll be safe. I want to see what will happen.”

Yan Ziyun jumped up onto Guxing. She didn’t try to convince Xuanyuan to leave with them. She knew he wouldn’t do anything that he’s uncertain of.

“Retreat!” She ordered.

All the true disciples were wild realm fighters, but even so, they wouldn’t be able to defend themselves here. Wu Ming, on the other hand, was a king realm fighter. He could protect Xuanyuan, especially with such a distance between them and the fight.

The altar was shaking. An incredibly suppressing atmosphere oozed out from the altar, Xuanyuan and Wu Ming could also feel it spreading through the air.

“Imperial realm fighter. It’s the pressure from Imperial realm fighter!” Wu Ming said lowly and hoarsely. “Go. If we don’t go now, we won’t stand a chance. Even if it’s just the shadow of an imperial fighter, I won’t be able to defend you.”

Xuanyuan waved his hand, urging Wu Ming to calm down. He concentrated on what was happening.

“What are you so scared of? Master Fung Lie hasn’t run yet. We are so far away. We’ll be fine.” He said.

Many magical symbols gathered in the middle of the altar. Then a blood red beam turned into the silhouette of a woman. The woman had bright red makeup and fiery long hair dancing by her side. Her face was delicate, seductive and sultry. Her snow white bosom supported a black magical lotus. Her long legs lightly rested in mid air.

A wave of seductive power spread in every direction. Wu Ming wasn’t affected by it, but Xuanyuan was. His mind was filled with illusions of beautiful women who were naked before him. He was extremely tempted.

Luckily, his jade pendent shook and exploded into powder, it injected a clear stream of clarity into his mind. His head cleared up immediately. Xuanyuan was shocked, “What was that witchcraft?”

Fung Lie was still sitting tightly on his horse. He showed no emotions in front of the sight. His voice was cold,

“The Eldest Princess, Shitan of the Mo Dynasty. You’ve reached the Imperial realm, but how can you defeat me with just your shadow?”

An adorable girl walked out from behind Shitan. She looked like a porcelain doll, she was very tiny. However, the black robe wrapped around her body indicated that she had a perfect female figure.

“Elder sister, so many Mo warriors died. How sad.” Her voice was childish and soothing, making it hard to imagine her as an enemy.

“Shiguan, lend me your fire.” From the shadow of the girl called Shiguan, a fire sparked from her chest and entered into Shitan’s body.

“The youngest princess, Shiguan. She’s a grandmaster alchemist, with the body of all alchemy! She can control many kinds of fire!” Fung Lie’s calmness vanished. He kicked lightly on his horse and released fighting Qi from his entire body. The horse ran towards the entrance immediately.

“Fung Lie, you overstepped the boundary. I’ve only just entered the realm of Imperial fighter, but my shadow is enough if I want to destroy you.” Shitan’s face was cold. She spread her fingers and five strands of fire shot towards Fung Lie.

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