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DTH Chapter 43 – The Trick

DTH Chapter 43 – The Trick
Fung Lie noticed Xuanyuan and the old man hadn’t left yet so he waved his hand to bring them out with a strong swirl of wind.
Five strands of fire slashed through the air with mind numbing noise. Goosebumps crept up all over Xuanyuan’s body, while the fire directly hit Fung Lie and burnt through his armour. Fung Lie was obviously shaken but he recited his technique once again and using that strength he brought the three of them back to level four.
Seeing that Fung Lie escaped, Guizhan, shouted with frustration, “He ran away, I’ll get him!”
But just when he tried to step out, he coughed three times, each cough released more blood from his mouth.
Shitan said coldly, “Don’t. Fung Lie was hurt, but you won’t survive if he put his all into killing you. Their ambush killed many of our creatures. Open the gateways to the other nests and get some new blood. You are not going into the human realm to kill the humans any time soon. Fung Lie didn’t destroy level five so we can keep the connections with the other nests safe. We might not have such good fortune next time. There shall be a great war between Mo and human, but now is not the time.”
Guizhan bowed at Shitan’s words, and slowly dragged his injured body back when Shiguan’s soothing voice rang in his ears, “Take care of your wounds. Everything in its own time.”
Guizhan bowed again, “Thank you for your graciousness, Princess.”
Shitan glanced at her younger sister and sighed. They then disappeared into thin air.
Under Fung Lie’s protection, Xuanyuan and Wu Ming escaped safely. Fung Lie fell off his horse and there were five finger-sized wounds on his body. The skin surrounding the wounds was still burning. He then spat out a mouthful of black blood. In order to contain the fire that was rampaging inside his body, he immediately sat in cross-legged position.
“It’s Sura Fire. It’s ranked thirty-sixth of fighter’s fire. Lucky it was only a shadow. Otherwise, I’d be long dead.”
Xuanyuan took out two water based healing pills and gave them to Fung Lie. Since water suppressed fire, it helped a lot with the wound even though it was only a grade four medicine. Fung Lie looked to Xuanyuan appreciatively.
“Is this place safe, master Fung Lie? They won’t follow us?” Xuanyuan asked.
“Don’t worry. They summoned the shadows from the altar. Those evil women cannot hurt us once we leave the range of the altar and Guizhan is badly injured. He won’t come out either. I need the two of you to shield me while I’m healing my wounds. My healing method cannot be disturbed, or I’ll have to start again, and the fire will spread. I have to force the Sura fire out of my body immediately.” Fung Lie instructed them. Then he began healing. Swirls of wind created by fighting Qi was surrounding him.
He took the pills from Xuanyuan and also added some of his own. They started the healing process, but he needed time to recover.
“Young master, do you know that master Fung Lie is from the Fighting Dragons Sect?” Wu Ming suddenly asked.
Xuanyuan’s heart jumped. He recalled the grudges between the Yin Family and the sect. He replied only after a few moments of consideration.
“Of course. What about it?”
“Our Yin Family is part of the Eastern Dynasty, the enemy of the sect. Fung Lie is one of the best disciples of the sect. If we seize the opportunity and bring back his head to the Yin Family, Elder master will appreciate it.” Wu Ming said heavily.
Fung Lie was shocked, “Xuanyuan was from the Yin Family of the Eastern Dynasty? Damn it!”
“How dare you? Master Fung Lie is my mentor. I will not kill him. Get out!” Xuanyuan’s face darkened. He was angered by Wu Ming’s methods, he even sacrificed Yan Liang to test him. He was not loyal to Xuanyuan, he is only truly loyal to the Yin Family. First, Wu Dong came to kill him, now, this Wu Ming came to protect him. All of this sounded too flimsy.
Wu Ming grew angry at Xuanyuan’s words. He was being provoked by the boy who killed Wu Dong!
“Then young master won’t kill Fung Lie, is that right? So Elder master was right, you plan to give our secret technique to the sect to promote yourself. If that’s so, I’ll have to kill you.” Wu Ming instantly accused him of something he hadn’t done, leaving Xuanyuan speechless.
“Wu Ming, what a scoundrel you are. If not for Master Fung Lie, you would be dead already and you want to kill him? I know what you’re thinking. You’re afraid that I’ll leak the secret techniques given by Master Zhenluo. So you want to kill me. Well, do it then, no need to find excuses.” Xuanyuan already unsheathed his sword and pointed it towards Wu Ming.
Fung Lie wanted to stop the healing process but then he heard what Xuanyuan said and thought to himself, “So that’s why, the Yin Family was afraid that he would bring the Yin’s Family technique to the sect…”
Wu Ming smirked. With a lightning-fast movement, Xuanyuan was left with no sword and a sore wrist.
“Want to kill me with your strength? What a laughable idea.” Wu Ming turned the Sword of Swimming Dragon towards Fung Lie. Xuanyuan stood in front of him and looked at Wu Ming coldly,
“You’ll have to kill me first.”
At the same time, he was shouting inwardly, “Greedy old bugger, swallow him. These stupid servants of the Yin Family have gone too far.”
“Hahaha, no problem, I can take care of a top ranked king realm fighter now, but we best use sneaky methods.”
Wu Ming said without emotion, “You think you can stop me? Even though Lady Zhenluo put the ‘Light of the Heavenly Dragon’ on you, don’t think that I can’t kill you.”
In fact, Wu Ming didn’t dare harm Xuanyuan, but he was extremely fast. It wouldn’t be a problem to kill Fung Lie, even with Xuanyuan between them. He wielded the sword and aimed at the cocoon formed by wind and Qi.
At this time, Xuanyuan took out his mysterious dagger and used the move “Heavenly Dragon’s Pearl”, thrusting towards Wu Ming.
The old man smiled with contempt, “Your dagger is no doubt very sharp, but I’m wearing a lower ranked earth class armour, you cannot hurt me…”
He couldn’t finish his sentence before a scary force sliced through the armour. The devouring power was unleashed, numerous black threads began to cover Wu Ming.
A clever thought rushed through Xuanyuan’s mind and he shouted excitedly, “Wu Ming, you old man, don’t you dare run away, I have already unleashed my ‘Light of the Heavenly Dragon’!”
Then Greed quickly understood Xuanyuan’s plan and screamed at Wu Ming’s voice, “Damn it, you devious scum. I didn’t think you could use the ‘Light of the Heavenly Dragon’ that was placed on you. Wait until the Elder Master comes, you’ll surely die. Ahhhh….. my body….”
When Greed finished, there was nothing left of Wu Ming other than a fighting ring, with twice the space of Wu Dong’s ring.
Xuanyuan finally relaxed and turned to Fung Lie. “Don’t worry, Master Fung Lie, I’ve already got rid of him.”
“You are indeed a devious scum. Hahahaha…. but this old man is a lot more nutritious than the ghouls.” Greed sounded happy.
Xuanyuan didn’t want to answer. He was now calculating his profits from what he had acquired on this expedition.
252 master class elixirs.
280 spiritual class elixirs.
132 wild class elixirs.
8 king class elixirs.
With only the elixirs, it was a huge windfall already. Xuanyuan was determined to purchase a full set of lower ranking earth class instruments after he collected his rewards from the judgment stand.
From Tung Xuan, Lu Feng, Yuezen, Yueteng and Suntao’s fighting rings, there were 50,000 master coins, and some more spiritual coins. Combining this with his own money, he now had more than 100,000 spiritual coins.
There were even 3,000 wild coins from Tung Xuan and Lu Feng. The strongest true disciples were rich.
And that didn’t count all the spiritual class instruments from them and all of the precious items Xuanyuan didn’t recognize. In a nutshell, Xuanyuan had plenty of money…

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