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DTH Chapter 44 – Massacre

DTH Chapter 44 – Massacre
After he counted everything, Xuanyuan looked up at the Dragon Scale Horse. The horse was explosive like a great fire. It already had the strength of a wild realm fighter, which was even stronger than him. It didn’t take much to take care of it. It only required two strength replenishing pills a day. 
He didn’t waste any time and started to practice. Through the connection between his skin, flesh and bones, Xuanyuan could feel his veins. They were all very flexible yet tough, wrapping around his body like dragons. However, there were many impurities trapped inside his veins and the impurities were incredibly dense.
The greedy old bugger revealed his schadenfreude, “Hahaha, the Body of All Creation can absorb everything in the universe, but it also contains a great deal of impurities. Even though the pythogon grass strengthened your veins, it still left behind the impurity. Work on your veins. When you flush out of the impurity, you’ll be extremely powerful.”
Xuanyuan rolled his eyes at Greed. He absorbed a large amount of the surrounding evil air. The evil air was a type of the Qi in the universe, but it would impair a normal human’s intellect and drive them mad. However, it wouldn’t hurt the Body of All Creation. Xuanyuan recited the Heavenly Dragon’s long strikes and began his practice.
Each punch from the long strikes resembled a dragon’s claw. It contained an immense crushing power. With each attack, Xuanyuan punched out a dragon-shaped white wave. The sound was similar to a dragon’s roar.
Fighting Qi was being refined with his continuous practice and concentrated into his veins. With the help of the Pearl from Yin Zhenluo, the evil Qi transformed into fighting Qi and was absorbed into his body with a speed that was hundred times faster than normal.
Each strike was exhausting. He had to take a strength replenishing pill every eight hours in order to continue his practice.
The veins between his arms were densely packed with impurity. It was being torn apart and refined by the fighting Qi. The process, however, was extremely painful, but Xuanyuan endured. His strength increased with every second.
Three days past. All of his strength replenishing pills were gone and he hadn’t slept during these three days. But at last, he refined all of the impurities within the veins in his arms. His strength quickly enhanced from six dragons to fourteen. His progress was alarmingly quick. Surely, he would be unimaginably powerful when he refined all his veins!
His arms were now full of fighting Qi, and he was able to release his Qi to attack. Even without his weapon, he could still kill anyone in the spiritual realm.
Xuanyuan finished his practice and was breathing heavily when the cocoon of wind finally burst. Fung Lie was completely healed. He stood up with overwhelming energy. Much more powerful than three days ago.
“Very well done, Xuanyuan. You have saved my life. Even though you have ties with the Yin Family, your conduct proved yourself.” Fung Lie complimented. “Let’s go. You’re still too weak to be accepted as an inner disciple in the sect, but I will recommend you. That should be enough.”
Xuanyuan shook his head and said, “Master Fung Lie. I will go to the sect, but please keep my secret. After all, Lady Zhenluo of the Yin Family taught me the technique. She saved my life. I would never betray her trust. I would never give the sect the Yin Family’s secret technique.”
Fung Lie wasn’t angry, but proud, “Good. The old man was blind to not recognize your talent. You should never suspect those you should be loyal to. Xuanyuan, believe me. I won’t reveal your secret.”
“Thank you Brother Fung Lie.” Xuanyuan called him brother immediately after his promise. Both the Yin Family and the Fighting Dragons Sect were not easy places to survive. But he couldn’t go to the Yin Family now that he killed Wu Ming. The Elder Master of the Yin Family would certainly kill him. However, Fung Lie could protect him in the sect. He’s young, talented and powerful. The best option was to follow him. Xuanyuan already had a plan.
“Let’s go.” Fung Lie and Xuanyuan rode on the horse and rushed out of the nest.
Xuanyuan sighed silently. If he didn’t pretend to use the ‘Light of the Heavenly Dragon’ given by Yin Zhenluo, Fung Lie would definitely be suspicious about how he killed Wu Ming, someone so much more powerful than him. He wouldn’t be able to answer it. Fung Lie didn’t ask and Xuanyuan didn’t say.
It only took the Dragon Scale Horse a few moments to leave the nest with the help of the wind Qi. They had almost reached the outer edge of the forest.
Suddenly a wolf howled, Fung Lie stopped and looked down. There was a woman on a silver wolf outside of the forest. They were looking up to the sky.
Xuanyuan said hurriedly, “Brother Fung Lie, I’ll need to bring Guxing with me.”
Fung Lie knew that Xuanyuan was very attached to his friends. So he let him go down to the ground and took out a token. The token was filled with powerful magic.
“This is the ‘True Token of Fighting Dragon’, representing the true disciples of the Sect. With this, you’re protected in all the cities under the command of the sect. I will go back first. Come to the sect immediately when you are done taking care of all your business. Do you understand?”
He rode in the direction of the sect immediately after he gave Xuanyuan the token, without waiting for a response.
“You’ve waited here for three days?” Xuanyuan was speechless to see Yan Ziyun. He was touched. This was the first time someone was waiting for him.
Her eyes were slightly red. She nodded and smiled, “Yes, it’s good to see that you’ve come back safe and sound. We’ll go to Moonsky City together. This is the last time I’ll be able to see you.”
She sounded a bit bitter. Xuanyuan knew that Yan Ziyun would miss him. He said, “I’ll come back to visit you when I’m in the sect.”
Then Xuanyuan jumped on Guxing with Yan Ziyun. The two of them headed to Moonsky City.
Guxing already reached the strength of a spiritual realm fighter so it was very fast. It could run a total of five thousand miles a day.
After half a day of travelling, suddenly, a woman ran out into the middle of the road and collapsed, blocking their way. The woman was wearing the clothes of the inner disciples of the school, with blood stains all over her body. Yan Ziyun recognized the woman.
She jumped off Guxing immediately and fed Liu Piaoxu a healing pill. Liu Piaoxu was already a powerful spiritual fighter. Normal people wouldn’t be able to hurt her.
“Piaoxu, what happened?”
A bit of colour came back to Liu Piaoxu’s face after taking the pill. She sighed with relief when she saw Yan Ziyun. She whispered, “First sister, go to the Shi village immediately. Congyu executed Yuejue, so the Master of Moonwaste City brought elite fighters to the village to take revenge. They wanted to massacre all the people there. Congyu helped me escape. Many people were killed. I didn’t think I would make it. First sister. Please go and save Congyu. He will definitely survive…”
Liu Piaoxu couldn’t stop her tears. She was engaged to Shi Congyu. They were soon to be married. They must have gone back to the Shi village en route to Moonsky City. What they didn’t expect was the Master of Moonwaste City leading a team of twelve spiritual realm fighters to commit a massacre!
Shi Congyu was probably already dead. Xuanyuan was shocked to know something like this happened. He was trembling with fury. Suddenly, a cocky laugh came their way,
“Let’s see how far you can run!”

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