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DTH Chapter 45 – Bluff

DTH Chapter 45 – Bluff
Yan Ziyun collected the evidence prior to Yuejue’s execution. The executioner was Shi Congyu. Xuanyuan was thrown off guard by how much pain he caused Shi Congyu and his village. He felt sick to the stomach. Shi Congyu and all the villagers died because of him.
The man who followed Liu Piaoxu was a spiritual fighter from Moonwaste City named Yuehung. His strength was on par with Xuanyuan at twelve dragons of strength. He was a forty year old, evil-looking man. He obviously had ideas about a pretty woman like Liu Piaoxu. His face lit up even more when he saw Yan Ziyun.
“Well, well, well…Another beauty. We can all stay here tonight and play.” Yuehung licked his lips and picked up his upper rank spiritual instrument, Moonblade. It was extremely sharp.
The stare that Yan Ziyun gave him was filled with murderous intent,  but Xuanyuan was faster. Xuanyuan took out his Sword of Swimming Dragons from his waist. He stepped forward and twisted his body, like a dragon ready to kill.
Xuanyuan recited the Yin family’s Heaven class technique and flew towards Yuehung like a dragon. Yuehung felt like he was suffocating. The Moonblade released his fighting Qi towards Xuanyuan.
Xuanyuan immediately used the move “Heavenly Dragon Reverse” to evade the attack. Then he slashed out with his sword. With one strike, Yuehung’s torso was cut in two, before he could even react.
Xuanyuan didn’t even turn to look at the body, he said to Yan Ziyun, “Bring Piaoxu, we are going to the village!”
Yan Ziyun knew that Xuanyuan was furious. She could feel his intense anger. His anger could burst out at anytime.
She carried Liu Piaoxu and climbed on Guxing. Guxing grew very strong, carrying three people with ease.
“Guxing, go!” It moved at once.
Within 15 minutes, Xuanyuan and Yan Ziyun arrived at Shi village.
The village was built completely from stone. All the stones were cut into strange shapes, but they were good for making comfortable houses.
There wasn’t any protection for the village, only a large stone tablet with the name of the village written elegantly on it.
A head was placed on the stone tablet. The head of Shi Congyu.
A strong ache exploded in Xuanyuan’s heart. Yan Ziyun was trembling violently. Liu Piaoxu became extremely pale, she coughed up several mouthfuls of blood and died. She was gravely injured already and couldn’t survive the shock.
Yan Ziyun held her disciple sister’s body close, with teary eyes. Then she jumped off Guxing and put the body next to the stone tablet gently.
“Ziyun, we should go in. They haven’t left yet.” The Body of All Creation had incredible sensory ability. Xuanyuan could sense all the movements within a two thousand mile radius.
Yan Ziyun wanted to kill whoever did this to her brother and sister. She held the Moonwheel in one hand, the Moonbeam Sword in another and slowly entered the village.
On the outskirts of the village, there were two spiritual fighters with fourteen dragons of strength on guard. They were there to prevent anyone from escaping.
The moment Xuanyuan, Yan Ziyun and Guxing stepped in, they were stopped by the guards.
“There she is. Yan Ziyun from the School of Yuehua. Shi Congyu and Liu Piaoxu worked for her. Kill her. We can’t let her go. Otherwise, we’ll be punished.” One of them yelled. He took the sword from his waist. A bright light was released from the blade straight towards Yan Ziyun.
Yan Ziyun’s eyes were red with fury. Her fighting Qi concentrated on the moonwheel and she threw it straight towards the man. The power of an upper rank spiritual instrument was not to be underestimated. It cut through the air with a deafening noise, destroyed the incoming attack and sliced towards the enemy.
He quickly took out another weapon, however, it couldn’t defend against the moonwheel either and shattered into pieces on impact. Half of his body was wounded from the shattered pieces of his weapon, and he was thrown back several meters.
He screamed out, but Yan Ziyun was ruthless. The Moonbeam Sword she was holding released a moonbeam and cut the injured man into small chunks of flesh. Yan Ziyun was unmoved by all of this.
Xuanyuan was fighting the other man at the same time. His sword released the strength of fourteen dragons. The man saw that Xuanyuan was just as strong as he was and quickly summoned the strength of fourteen dragons. He was planning to kill Xuanyuan, but Xuanyuan was using the secret technique of Yin Family, “Heavenly Dragon’s Pearl” with his sword. The sword transformed into a golden shadow of a dragon which shocked the man. The next moment, his heart was already pierced.
Xuanyuan noticed there wasn’t any fighting ring on either of them. Fighting rings were expensive. A single ring without anything stored inside would cost a hundred thousand master coins. These two men only had upper rank spiritual instruments as weapons, their armour was merely ordinary sacred instruments, they couldn’t afford higher ranked equipment.
But Xuanyuan never failed to steal from his victims. He easily found two bags of coins on their bodies. He estimated the total at around four thousand spiritual coins. They’d probably saved for a long time, but it all belonged to Xuanyuan now.
He turned to Guxing, “Guxing, go and help bury the bodies of Sister Piaoxu and Brother Congyu, and bring me their sword. I’ll have their spirits with me while I avenge them.”
The wolf growled lowly and turned around.
Quickly another four spiritual fighters, all with fourteen dragons of strength, arrived. The screaming from the fight drew their attention.
“They are from the school! Yan Ziyun!” One of the men became extremely cautious.
“The boy and his wolf. You’re the one who made trouble in Moonwaste City.”
“You will all die today.” Xuanyuan pointed his sword towards one of the men. He was fearless.
“We are the elite of the Yue Family. There’re only the two of you. You won’t be able to make it past us.” They all grabbed their weapons.
Xuanyuan laughed like he heard something funny.
“Liu Piaoxu sent us a message before she died. We knew that Yuehong led a team of twelve spiritual fighters to slaughter the village. Do you really think they only sent the two of us? Fellow true disciples, let’s fight!”
Xuanyuan’s laugh intimidated the men. True disciples of the School of Yuehua were all beyond the spiritual realm. The Yue clan would surely be exterminated. Looking at Xuanyuan, he didn’t seem to be afraid at all.
Xuanyuan knew his bluff was successful, and quickly used “Heavenly Dragon’s Pearl” again. Yan Ziyun knew how cunning Xuanyuan was and she concentrated her fighting Qi, ready to kill!
The men finally realized that Xuanyuan was bluffing, but it was already too late.

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