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DTH Chapter 46 – The Talisman of Explosion

DTH Chapter 46 – The Talisman of Explosion
The Centre of Shi Village was a large square for people to gather, play, sing and dance. It was a happy place, but it had turned into a bloody murder scene with many headless bodies and heads scattered around. Those who survived were frozen in grief. Some were screaming, some wailing, some were just numb.
A middle-age man stood in the middle. He looked similar to Yuejue. His face was a combination of femininity and cruelty, like a serpent. Your heart would skip a beat in fear if you laid eyes on him.
He was the father of Yuejue, Yuehong, a wild realm fighter. Like father, like son. They were both sadistic. The poor villagers were unable to fight against him. 
Yuehong was upset about losing a spiritual realm fighter to Shi Congyu and Liu Piaoxu.
He already gathered the best of the Yue clan to cleanse the entire village. The loss of a powerful fighter was not part of the plan. So he chopped off Shi Congyu’s head to frighten the rest of the villagers.
Less than fifty villagers were left alive. They were all shivering in the middle of the square. Yuehong was holding a top rank spiritual instrument, “Moonwaste knife”, an antique weapon he inherited from the previous masters of Moonwaste City, and announced it in all directions.
“Master Shilong of the Shi village, stop hiding and come out. As long as you give me what I want, I’ll let everyone go. So many of your villagers died because of Shi Congyu, do you want me to kill the rest?”
His voice travelled far, but there was no response. He was starting to lose his temper. He wielded his knife and his fighting Qi cut off ten villager’s heads, followed by ten streams of blood.
The rest of the villagers screamed at once.
“Master Yue, please, let us go. We know that Shi Congyu killed your son, but you killed him already. Don’t kill us.”
“Master Yue, we are innocent. Please…”
“Stop begging him! The fact that Congyu killed his son was only an excuse to come here and steal our treasure. We can’t let such scum take it, even if we have to die. This is the order from our ancestors!”
“Master Shi, don’t come out. Keep the village’s secret hidden. It’s our duty to our forefathers!”
“Yes, cut the bullshit, just kill us!”
“As you wish.” Yuehong was irritated. He killed the villagers who wouldn’t yield.
“Shilong, I’m going to kill them all! You’re going to let that happen? That’s something your ancestors wouldn’t like.”
At this time, he heard Xuanyuan’s laugh, “Liu Piaoxu sent us a message before she died. We knew that Yuehong led a team of twelve spiritual fighters to slaughter the village. Do you really think they only sent the two of us? Fellow true disciples, let’s fight!”
Yuehong immediately froze in terror. He only had four spiritual fighters left with him. They each had around sixteen to eighteen dragons of strength. They wouldn’t be able to fight against the true disciples from the school.
“Finish all of them and leave this place. We can’t let the people from the school know this.” All the fighters released their fighting Qi at once and slaughtered everyone who was left alive.
Blood tainted the square and filled the air around it.
Xuanyuan pierced the heart of one of the spiritual fighters who then onto the ground, dead. He was killed instantly.
Another one didn’t have enough time to react and was killed by Yan Ziyun’s Moonwheel. They finally realized they were tricked by Xuanyuan!
Xuanyuan used the move “Heavenly Dragon Descends” with his mysterious dagger. He learned the secret refining technique’s of the Yin Family and refined his skin, flesh and bones. He was almost like a heavenly dragon himself and that terrified his enemies. The other fighter felt the pressure and shielded himself with his sword, but his defense was broken immediately. His body was slashed by the dagger, which then sucked him dry of his life essence.
Xuanyuan’s incredible speed intimidated the remaining fighter. Facing the attacks from Yan Ziyun, he didn’t dare to take any strikes from her. Xuanyuan was quickly approaching, which scared the man. He yelled in fear, “Master, come quickly! They only have two people. They were bluffing! Come kill them. Otherwise Moonwaste City…”
He was a man with fourteen dragons of strength after all – his voice travelled loud and fast. Xuanyuan held his sword tightly and used “Heavenly Dragon’s Pearl” again. A second later, the man’s torso was nailed to the ground with his sword.
Yan Ziyun was behind him with three money bags in her hands. Xuanyuan also robbed a big bag of money from the dead spiritual fighters. He put the bags inside his own fighting ring and gave Yan Ziyun her brother’s old ring,
“See what’s inside Brother Liang’s ring that we might be able to use. We are running out of time. If what Piaoxu said was true, Yuehong brought twelve men with him, that means they still have six men left. With our strength, we can’t win a head on fight. We’ll have to trick them.”
The voice of Greed rang inside his head, “Xuanyuan boy, stick the dagger in one of the corpses, I can use the technique “Soul Devour” and control the body. Then you can trick them for a while.”
Xuanyuan swore at Greed in his mind, “This greedy old bugger, why didn’t you tell me earlier?” But he still followed Greed’s instruction and used the dagger to stab into a dead body. Then he dragged Yan Ziyun and hid inside a nearby stone house.
Yan Ziyun looked into the ring and discovered a paper talisman. Her eyes brightened. She explained softly, “There’s a powerful talisman. It targets a huge area, even if it can’t kill, it can hurt a wild fighter badly.”
Xuanyuan was clueless, he asked, “What’s a talisman? It doesn’t matter if it can’t kill, we just need to stall them.”
“You still don’t know much about this world, huh? There’s not only alchemists, smiths, coin minters and gemmologists, there’s also talisman writers. They use their fighting Qi to write markings onto talismans. Talismans are consumable goods, they can only last for a few uses. The one that brother Liang left behind is called “Talisman of Explosion”. It’s made by a talisman writer who can command fire. It’s incredibly powerful.”
Yan Ziyun tried to explain in a few short sentences. Then she added, ”Those who can command fighter fire, fighter gold, fighter earth, fighter water, fighter wood, fighter lightning and fighter wind can also write them, maybe even more destructive and deadly talismans.”
Xuanyuan nodded. Now he knew more about this world. He’d already seen fighter fire. Even the shadow of the fire could injure someone like Fung Lie. You could imagine how powerful it was and the other types were surely just as terrifying.
“They are here. Hide your power!” Xuanyuan sensed that Yuehong with four other spiritual fighters were approaching.

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