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DTH Chapter 47 – Total Victory

DTH Chapter 47 – Total Victory
Yuehong heard the man’s final warning and knew that there were only two people attacking them. He was unsettled, Moonwaste City was only a small town on the outskirts of the area controlled by the School of Yuehua. It’d be easy for the school to destroy the whole city.
One of the reasons Yuehong came to massacre the Shi village was to avenge his son’s death, another was for the secret of Shi village, told to him by his late father. He only dared to come after the death of the last village master.
If he could take the secret of Shi village, Moonwaste City could become much more powerful than the school and establish its own school independently. He didn’t want to be under the school’s control forever, so he took the risk. 
Yuehong was leading four of his men. His face was dark with dismay.
“They are all dead. If they escaped and went back to the school, my city would be in big trouble.”
“They must have gone back. Master, the village master is missing, and we’ve been discovered by the people from the School of Yuehua. What should we do now?”
“Check their bodies first. Perhaps there are some wounds made by special techniques. We’ll learn what we can from the bodies.” Yuehong ordered. One of his men then took the mysterious dagger from the dead man’s body.
“A dagger like this can pierce through his armour? It seems like the enemy is very strong.”
When he finished, a mysterious power started to gain control of his body. His eyes turned dull shortly before the life returned to his eyes. Greed had devoured the man’s soul, memories, and taken over his body.
Everyone was an experienced practitioner. They all sensed that something was wrong.
“Yuexian, what happened?”
Yuexian turned his head and smirked, “Nothing. I know where they are hiding. Follow me!”
He pointed at the stone house opposite to the one Xuanyuan and Yan Ziyun was hiding with the dagger and went straight towards that direction.
Xuanyuan knew that this was the greedy old bugger’s doing. They ran to the house opposite them, turning their backs to face Xuanyuan. They now had a much better chance to eliminate them. Xuanyuan was thirsty for their blood, he growled lowly, “Let’s do it!”
He concentrated his fighting Qi into his Sword of Swimming Dragons, while Yan Ziyun concentrated hers into the Moonwheel. Both the weapons were extremely deadly.
They rushed out of the stone house at the same time.
“Heavenly Dragon’s Pearl!”
“Moonwheel cut!”
Yuehong reacted immediately, as wild fighters were much quicker. He evaded Xuanyuan and Yan Ziyun’s attacks instantly, but the rest of the men were not as lucky. One of them was killed by Xuanyuan’s sword, piercing through his back. Another was cut in half from waist by the Moonwheel.
Everything happened in an instant. Xuanyuan and Yan Ziyun killed with deadly precision. With the help of their weapons, they killed two men with seventeen dragons of strength with ease.
Yuehong was not happy. He grew even more unhappy when he saw the silver wolf that appeared behind Xuanyuan and Yan Ziyun. The wolf was carrying the dead body of Liu Piaoxu and Shi Congyu’s head, as it slowly approached. Shi Congyu died with his eyes wide open, as if he was watching everything. It was creeping Yuehong out.
Yuexian, the man controlled by Greed pointed at Xuanyuan with the dagger and yelled, “The two of you come and meet your death! Yuedu, take that sword, it’s a top rank spiritual instrument!”
The other uninjured man was ecstatic when he pulled Xuanyuan’s Sword of Swimming Dragons from the corpse. He felt his strength was enhanced with the sword in his hands. He felt that he could probably defeat Yuehong with it.
“You, Yan Ziyun. You ordered the death of my son. You’ll die today. Shi Congyu and all the people of Shi village all died because of you. You will now have the chance to join them.” Yuehong recognized Yan Ziyun, and he guessed the identities of Xuanyuan and the wolf.
“Yuehong, you bastard. Your son tortured and killed many innocent people. His death was justified by the law, but your massacre of all these people was not. You are the one who’s going to die today.” Yan Ziyun was furious. Shi Congyu and Liu Piaoxu were her closest and most accomplished younger brother and sister disciples in the school. Of course she would be angry.
“No matter what you say, you’ll die here! Yuexian, Yuedu, go!” Yuehong injected his Sword of Moonwaste with fighting Qi. He had the strength of thirty-two dragons. Each dragon of strength applied to the sword was like a dragon wailing. Both Xuanyuan and Yan Ziyun would not have a chance to defeat him. 
Yuedu picked up Xuanyuan’s sword and smiled grotesquely,
“Master, Yan Ziyun’s got a very good body. Don’t kill her, just immobilize her. I’ll have a taste of the inner disciples of the School of Yuehua!”
Yuehong and Yuedu ran towards Xuanyuan and Yan Ziyun. Only Yuexian remained in his place. They were moving too fast. Xuanyuan and Yan Ziyun could only retreat. Until Xuanyuan said,
“Ziyun, now!”
A paper talisman flew out of Yan Ziyun’s long sleeve and she started chanting.
With a bang, the talisman exploded and everything within a ten metre radius instantly burst into flames with a shocking explosion. Yuehong and Yuedu were within that range. The heat wave blasted through the air and even Xuanyuan was finding it hard to breathe. He felt like his whole body was boiling. He laughed,
“Hahaha…Right on target!”
A fighting Qi burst out from the fire. Yuehong retreated with unstable steps. He was covered with blood and looked furious.
Yuedu was not lucky enough to leave the explosion and all that was left was pieces of flesh and the Sword of Swimming Dragons. Even the coins he carried were destroyed.
“How dare you!” Yuehong’s eyes were burning with fire. The talisman was made by a wild realm fighter, someone even stronger than Yuehong. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been hurt so badly.
He then took a healing pill. Slowly, the blood stopped pouring from his wounds. Xuanyuan and Yan Ziyun could feel that his bones were trembling.
“You’ll learn today the real strength of a wild realm fighter! I don’t believe you have any more talismans left. You will both die today!”
Wild fighters refined their bone marrow, which was responsible for producing blood. Yuehong lost a lot of blood from the explosion, but he was making new blood! Normal people would die from the blood loss, but someone who has refined their bone marrow could replenish their blood quickly during a fight. If they were in a life or death situation, they could even stimulate their blood with fighting Qi and kill their enemy by sacrificing their own life.
Yuexian, who hadn’t moved until now, moved up to Yuehong and asked, “Master, are you all right?”
Yuehong’s attention was on Xuanyuan, but he felt lucky that Yuexian didn’t rush in, otherwise he would have died and left Yuehong alone in the fight!
“Fine, I’m going to kill them!” He screamed and ran while releasing his fighting Qi through his sword.
But at this point, Yuehong felt something in his back and heard an unknown voice in his mind,
“Not if I kill you first.”
It was Greed talking directly inside Yuehong’s mind. Yuehong froze immediately.
He felt the dagger cutting through his heart and all his life essence slipped away in an instant.
Both Yuehong and Yuexian collapsed onto the ground. Their bodies were empty shells. The dagger quietly laid on the ground like a normal dagger. No one would even notice it.

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