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DTH Chapter 49 – The Full Moon Trading Centre

DTH Chapter 49 – The Full Moon Trading Centre
Xuanyuan was completely stunned by the history of Shi village. He asked Greed, “This Emperor of Acquisition, was he powerful?”
“It took the Devouring Emperor lots of time and a great deal of effort to escape the traps set by the Emperor of Acquisition. Even though the Devouring Emperor learnt many stone techniques, his understanding on the subject was far below that of the Emperor of Acquisition. You are lucky to have come across such an item!” Greed didn’t hide his envy.
Xuanyuan took a deep breath and said seriously, “I will not fail you, master Shi!”
Shilong was content. He knew that there were many powerful tricks and secrets in the book, but he had only scratched the surface of it even though he studied it for all of his life. He did not have long left in this world, so he made the best of the situation by giving the book to Xuanyuan.
He put the book onto Xuanyuan’s palms, then formed a few symbols with his hands. A gush of fighting Qi surged from his body and into the ground, summoning nine stones the size of human heads that hovered mid-air.
Xuanyuan couldn’t hide his astonishment and asked loudly, “What’s this?”
“I do not know. The only thing I know about these stones is that there is incredible power dwelling inside them. I couldn’t explore all of their powers. Xuanyuan, remember, do not cut open the stones unless you are powerful enough, otherwise, you’ll bring disaster to the world. These were the last words from our saviour before he left.” Shilong’s eyes went dim. He coughed even more blood. If not for Xuanyuan’s support, he would’ve already collapsed.
“They are the nine stones of magic, Xuanyuan. They were left by the Emperor of Acquisition, with exquisite things inside. Damn, kid, you’re lucky!” Greed yelled inside Xuanyuan’s mind with envy. But he regained his calmness quickly and said, “But that’s not strange at all. The Emperor destroyed the ancient mine, it’s only fair that he compensated the villagers. I wonder what the villagers would think if they knew that their saviour was the one who destroyed their mine? Without the Qi inside the mine, the villagers grew weaker and weaker with each generation.”
“Xuanyuan, kneel down and I’ll take you as my disciple. So the line of Shi Village won’t be completely lost.” The old man mustered up the last of his strength and said.
Xuanyuan looked at the withering old man. Without a word, he knelt down and kowtowed three times. He was meticulous and proper. The old man smiled.
“Good, good… the line of Shi Village will continue through you. I failed my ancestors. This is the least I can do. Xuanyuan, get u……” He collapsed without being able to finish.
The nine stones that were controlled by Shilong’s power, now sank down to the ground. Xuanyuan’s heart sank with them, but he kept silent. Yan Ziyun remained silent as well.
They buried Shilong and kowtowed a few more times. Xuanyuan put the stones inside his ring, then left.
Night fell. The only light twinkling on the road was Guxing’s eyes. The wolf was running very quickly.
“Xuanyuan, what are you going to do next?” Yan Ziyun asked lightly. She sat behind Xuanyuan, holding him tightly with her arms. Her face was resting on his back.
“Go to the Judgment Stand in Moonsky City and get all of Tung Xuan’s wealth from his mansion. Then I’ll leave for the Fighting Dragons Sect.” He didn’t think twice about Yan Ziyun’s embrace. They were exhausted, it was only natural for her to rest against him. He was totally honest with his intentions in the future. He could only get closer to Yin Zhenluo by studying in the sect. They were still worlds apart.
Yan Ziyun sighed. She kept everything to herself. She and Xuanyuan were walking down different paths. They could never be together. Her strength was limited and Xuanyuan was an unreachable star to her.
Yin Zhenluo was also unreachable to Xuanyuan. The only difference was that Xuanyuan never gave up fighting for what he wanted, Yan Ziyun hid her wish deep inside her heart.
The night was quiet when they arrived in Moonsky City.
Moonsky City was one of the main cities under the Cave of Full Moon. The cave controlled by over ten schools, including the School of Yuehua, Xinghua and Rihua.
Moonsky was a magnificent city. The walls surrounding walls were thirty metres high. Made from giant moon coloured stones. The guards were all at least in the warrior realm. There were also a hundred times more people than the City of Yuehua.
Xuanyuan and Yan Ziyun attracted people’s attentions, not only because they were riding a wolf, they were also covered in blood and carried a pungent stench of death.
Yan Ziyun had long stopped embracing Xuanyuan with so many people around. She visited this city a few times already, so she led the way and arrived at the trading centre of Full Moon.
The trading centre monopolized all trade of elixirs, instruments, fighting stones, gems, talismans and precious objects in the city. It was controlled by the Cave of Full Moon and was its main source of income.
The centre was five storeys tall, built from sturdy, well cut stones. At the top of the building, a symbol of full moon was hanging on top.
They came to the entrance of the building. Eight guards were standing on the two sides. They were all in the master realm. Signifying the power of the trading centre to the visitors – even the guards were in the master realm.
The guards stopped them from entering immediately, wrinkling their noses as if they were smelling something foul. One of them said, “Who are you? You cannot enter the centre with your dirty clothes. Both of you smell. Are you trying to cause trouble?”
Xuanyuan and Yan Ziyun finally realized they looked awful from the battle in the nest and Shi Village. They were covered in dried blood and dirt. With all the things that had been troubling them, they didn’t even think of taking a shower. Of course they smelt horrible.
“They look like some random hunters and think they can get into the centre for hunting down a few beasts. Go change your clothes before you come. Stop embarrassing yourself.” Another man mocked.
“Well, can’t we go in and get some new clothes?” Xuanyuan wasn’t provoked. He was used to this kind of attitude during his long career as a beggar in his former life, but Yan Ziyun was not comfortable with it.
“Don’t try to bully us. You can’t stop us from going in.” She said.
“Oh? You are going to force your way into the centre?” A clean-looking handsome man wearing white gown came out.
The guards immediately bowed to him, “Master Fangyuan!”
Xuanyuan was not impressed. “We are customers. Do you want to turn your customers away?” He said.
Fangyuan laughed, “Depends on what kind of customers. Filthy people like you would only disturb our business.”
Yan Ziyun said coldly, “What can you do if we decide to go in?”
“You can try. I’ll have people break your legs.” Fangyuan smiled more obnoxiously. He thought very little of Xuanyuan and Yan Ziyun.
Yan Ziyun took out her Token of Yuehua and smiled angrily, “I am the First Inner Disciple and the future Head of the School of Yuehua. Fullmoon Trading Centre should show some more respect. We bring you a great deal of profit every year!”
Fangyuan and the guards were taken aback. However, they had already offended them, they couldn’t rectify their actions.
“What about it? You two look like filthy beggars. We don’t welcome you inside the centre.” Fangyuan said.
People started to form a circle around them and pointed fingers at Xuanyuan, Yan Ziyun and Guxing as they discussed. They thought the two of them were causing trouble.
Xuanyuan was surprised that Fangyuan refused to show respect even after Yan Ziyun revealed her identity. He said, commandingly, “How dare you? You want the Cave of Full Moon to be punished as well? We were under the order of Master Fung Lie to cleanse the Mo nest and fought in a blood bath and you, the ally of the School of Yuehua and Fighting Dragons Sect, want to deny us access to the trading centre to buy medicine?”
Fangyuan’s face grew even darker when he heard Xuanyuan. Many people knew about Fung Lie’s order. The Cave of Full Moon should have assisted with the attack, but the school was sent instead because they were closer.
“I would like to see who’s going to break our legs. Do you want to insult Master Fung Lie? You’ve been warned!” Then Xuanyuan, Yan Ziyun and Guxing stormed into the trading centre.

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